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Top 60 Best New Year Movies: Part 2


If we take into account that the New Year holidays in 2018-2019 will last from December 30 to January 8 inclusive, that is, as many as 10 days, then, of course, some 20 New Year's films for the whole weekend may not be enough. That is why we have stretched our list to 60 films. And today's top includes the best Christmas movies from 21 to 40.

We remind you that all films in our list are arranged according to the KinoPoisk rating, which is indicated immediately after the year of the film's release.

So, let's continue where we left off ...

21. Noel (2004) 7.0

Who said Paul Walker starred in Fast and the Furious? Here's a delightful example of how he starred in a wonderful Christmas drama that anyone should watch.

The film will prove that Christmas is a time of love, happiness and, of course, miracles. This is the time from which you can expect anything. And in this tape there will be more surprises. The heroine of Penelope Cruz will not only open her eyes to what is happening around her, looking at others and herself with a new look, but will finally understand what she needs to do in order to become truly happy in this life ...

22. Jonathan Toomey's Christmas Miracle (2007) 7.0

A very kind film about Christmas. About how it helps people overcome the cruel twists and turns of fate and returns happiness, hope and faith in everything pure that is around us.

When the terrible news comes to the McDowell family that the head of the family died in the war, Miss McDowell falls into a terrible depression. The inner world of young Thomas, her son, is also crumbling. And only the gloomy type Jonathan Toomey, who came out of nowhere in their land, will help the family survive this grief and return to a full life again.

Although he himself was not going to do anything like that. At least consciously.

23. Hold on Charlie, it's Christmas! (2011) 7.0

A large Duncan family from Denver (Colorado) is going to visit relatives living in Palm Springs (California) at Christmas. Their unlucky adventures begin at the start, when, upon boarding the plane, they are told that the liner is overloaded.

Since then, the family has been split. While some of them fly to California by plane, the other two have to travel halfway across the country by what they have to do in the style of "Plane, train, car".

The film is funny and will surely cheer up all lovers of paintings in the style of "Home Alone". The rest can be offered to move on to the next "lot".

24. On the second day of christmas (1997) 7.0

What miracles do not happen on Christmas. Well, how could a petty fraudster and a shoplifter Trish suspect that her next shoplifting would spill over into ... true love ?!

The film will be of interest to lovers of romantic comedies, in which it is shameful to show women who introduce little children to theft. And this is exactly what Trish did, because they went to work together with a small niece.

And if it were not for the supermarket employee who took pity on them, they would have been sitting in a jail on Christmas. At least, Trish's unlucky aunt - for sure ...

25. New Christmas Tale (1988) 7.0

As it becomes known from this film, Christmas is also a time of miraculous re-education of people. At this time, it is not difficult for magical powers to turn a greedy person into a generous person, a coward into a brave one, and from a curmudgeon businessman with a disgusting character make himself, that neither is, a pleasant person in all respects.

In this tape, magical forces will be engaged in the re-education of just such a disgusting subject - a television tycoon who does not care about others, if only he feels good. And it’s good, as it turns out, he only happens when the others around him feel bad. Moreover, the “worse” everyone is, the “better” he is.

Nothing. This time, the hero of Bill Murray, the tycoon Frank Cross, will experience on his own skin what a person feels when everything "gets worse and worse". After all, otherworldly entities in the person of a hellish dead taxi driver, a fighting fairy and a demon from the future will take seriously his re-education.

26. Holiday Helper (2012) 6.9

How everything is neglected in some families! Who would have thought that some ordinary people dress up a Christmas tree for Christmas just to take a picture next to it, after which they again collect everything in boxes so that, as one boy complained to Santa, "everything does not get dusty" ...

Santa simply could not help but respond to the poor boy's letter and sent an elf to Sarah Van Camp's family, who perfectly knows how to return the lost spirit of Christmas to people.

But the elf Christina never thought that there are such severe and neglected cases ...

27. Santa Claus (1994) 6.9

Everything was good and wonderful in the human world, until the idiot Scott Calvin, who works as a toy seller, accidentally injured the real Santa Claus himself. No, of course, the old man to some extent slipped himself and fell off the roof. But ...

Calvin, who does not understand what is happening, suddenly finds himself in the house of a real Santa at the Pole, where he is talked into taking the place of the main distributor of gifts of all times and peoples during the absence of the real Santa.

Where to go. Scott agrees. But who said it would be so easy and free of side effects?

28. Christmas Chronicles (2018) 6.9

No, the tale will not be about people who have chronic diseases at Christmas. This is a story about two children who wanted to film a live Santa Claus on video and demonstrate to everyone how the delivery of gifts to live happens.

But Santa, who, by the way, was superbly played by Kurt Russell, guessed everything himself. And this time he appeared among people a little earlier, so that Kate and Teddy Pierce could record excellent chronicles of his stay in our world.

But if kids treat Santa's pranks with understanding and joy, how will the police react to them? Won't they put a crazy old man under lock and key?

29. Hello family! (2005) 6.9

When Everett's son Everett brought his bride, Meredith, a flashy maiden on his mind, to the annual traditional celebration of Christmas in the circle of the Stone family, everyone turned against this relationship.

Although for each of the children of the family, life is developing so uselessly and, in places, in an idiotic way, that who else would advise. Will the family manage to find reconciliation on this Christmas night?

The movie is very good. Worth seeing more than a lot of previous pictures. There is a sense in it, and the actors played amazingly.

30. The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017) 6.9

Approximately, everyone knows where the belief about Santa Claus came from, or, as he is called in our case - Grandfather Frost. It was supposedly some kind of ancient saint or something like that who rewarded people for behaving normally and all that.

But who wrapped the celebration of Christmas in the colorful packaging that we all use now? Who sketched the original cliche by which this holiday began to be celebrated all over the world in the future?

The filmmakers claim that it was Charles Dickens. Moreover, they filmed the artistic confirmation that is offered for our viewing on Christmas Eve.

31. 12 Christmas Dates (2011) 6.9

A tale of what happens when you try to sit on two horses at once. Or, chase two hares at the same time. And it always comes out the same. You won't catch a single one, go tear your pants in the crotch. So our heroine lost two men at once. With one she could have a very serious relationship, but she refuses them for the sake of the second, who already, as it turned out, has a lady on the side.

This is how on Christmas Eve all dreams of some people are smashed to smithereens. But ... That is why it is Christmas, to magically give a person the right to fix everything a second time. Although, in the case of our heroine, she will need a lot more chances ...

The film was shot in the style of "Groundhog Day" and was not included in the top films about "time traps" only because it was previously included in the top Christmas films.

But that doesn't make him less interesting, does it?

32. Princess for Christmas (2011) 6.9

Unfortunately, sometimes fate develops in such a way that instead of Christmas fairytale cities, fun and carefree dreams, we get from life some problems, routine and, in addition, two sister kids around our neck. Yes, her sister died, and now Jules is forced to raise her two orphaned children.

But Christmas for that and Christmas, so that, albeit with time, but still fulfill wishes and children's dreams. Therefore, Jules will undoubtedly find himself in his coveted fairyland. We will watch it with pleasure.

33. Christmas Presents (1997) 6.9

The average store clerk in the regular perfume department is doing a slightly unusual job. She has a strange mania to write and send letters of wishes to Santa Claus. But could she even for a second assume that all of them, at one fine moment, would begin to come true? What was the impetus for this, what was the catalyst for this and what it will ultimately result in, we will find out by watching this most interesting film from credits to credits.

We watch a fragment and, at the same time, learn how to sell / buy perfume correctly ...

34. 200 cigarettes (1999) 6.9

Miracles happen at Christmas - a dime a dozen. And the lion's share of them will fall on a youth party, the participants of which will wake up in the morning in the wrong beds and with the wrong personalities with whom they were expected.

Although, what can be expected and deliberately tracked, when on the eve of the holiday everyone drank in full Drabadan ...

35. The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) 6.8

Jim Carrey's antics turned out to be just an excellent Grinch. And although this creature does not belong to our traditional fairy-tale heroes, the kids who were them in 2000 and who have become adults in our time do not think so.

Now this tragic-dramatic green essence is just as revered among domestic modern youth, as Baba-Yozhki, Koshchei and Vodyany were revered in Soviet times. And in general, against the background of the growing interest in Spider-Man and Superman, does anyone else remember them? Hardly. After all, they are not superheroes and comics do not draw on them ...

Therefore, on New Year's Eve we will be content with the green that the new generation of parents became addicted to after the collapse of the USSR.

36. Angel of Christmas (2009) 6.8

Lonely people feel especially approaching Christmas, because at this time loneliness oppresses them with even greater force.

But for Rachel, this Christmas will truly be a wake-up call. An unexpected offer from a neighbor named Nick to work for a charitable organization for some time radically changes the whole life of our heroine!

37. Christmas Again (2014) 6.8

Who would have thought that among the sellers of Christmas trees such sad and unhappy people as our hero Nick can come across. But Christmas will play an excellent magic joke with him too. And who do you think will serve as a gift to him? A passed out unknown girl whom he accidentally stumbles upon in the park next door.

Hmmm, where did the mournful thoughts of his ex-girlfriend who threw him go overnight?

38. Christmas with Holly (2012) 6.8

A romantic New Year love story in a traditional style, filmed with good taste. There is nothing new and special in it. Simply, the meeting of two lonely hearts at Christmas. But why does it look so interesting then?

39. Christmas (2007) 6.8

For several years now, the large Whitfield family has not been able to get together under one roof. But now, on the eve of the next Christmas, it still happens. The organizers of the festival, mommy and her boyfriend, made a lot of effort to bring together every single one of the offspring.

And how great it all starts! Unpacking luggage, decorating home and rooms, pre-holiday bustle. But the real reason why the entire family came together lies elsewhere. In what? We'll watch a movie and find out.

40. This Fun Planet (1973) 6.8

The second part of our pre-New Year's "Marlezon ballet" will have to be finished with a tape of Soviet filmmakers, which does not often appear on our screens due to excessive naivety and pretense. Maybe for the people of that time, the tape was an example of comedic art, but for contemporaries it seems very, very fake.

For the older generation, the feed will certainly be interesting. Moreover, she is not worn down to holes, like the same naive "Sorcerers". Unfortunately, there is no trailer for this masterpiece, but we can organize a fragment.

Apparently, the aliens arriving from deep space are not at all inserted into our Christmas festivities, for the reason that they do not understand anything about them. But when it comes to them that now they just need to have fun, without looking for some deep meaning in what is happening, they appreciate it and give themselves up to the celebration of the New Year with earthlings to the fullest.


But this, as you understand, is not all. On Sunday, we will have a list of New Year's films from 41 to 60, and later the top best New Year cartoons will be released. So, it will be very easy to navigate with us in Christmas pictures this year.

In the meantime, all the best to you, great New Year mood and more cool feature films and TV series!

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