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Top 100 Best Movies About Memory Loss or Amnesia. Part 1


Our next extended top focuses entirely on movies that involve memory loss. If the memory of the main character or any of the significant minor characters in the picture is lost, then it will definitely be included in our list of films about amnesia, if its rating is above 6.0 by KinoPoisk and the tape is not cartoon or anime.

And, absolutely no difference, full, partial, short-term, or some other kind of amnesia fate will send to the hero of the film. In some cases, it may even be Alzheimer's disease - it doesn't matter. The main thing is that the symptom of "memory loss" is present and the picture is good.

Understood? Then you can safely proceed to the first part of our next "Marlezon Ballet".

1. Don't want to forget (2004) 8.02

A very touching story about the strong and selfless love of two young people. South Korean filmmakers know how to shoot dramas, you can't argue with that.


The main character, a girl named Su-jin, began to lose her memory here.

But it was more dumb from this to her boyfriend, who could not find a place for himself because he could not help his wife. It was very touching to watch his ordeals.

2. Overboard (1987) 8.00

The bitchy little thing lost her memory - the millionaire Joanna Staton, when, while on her yacht, drunk as an insole, she tried to reach the wedding ring that rolled over some beams near the side of the wedding ring.


One careless movement - and the angry bitch was overboard. The waves carried her ashore. After taking a gulp of water and forgetting, at the same time, who she was and what she was, Jonana found herself in the hospital, from where she was taken not by a moronic sluggish husband, a fat bag, but by the carpenter Dean Proffit, to whom she was rude the other day and whose carpentry tools she threw into the sea. >

Now she will have to become Dean's wife and raise his four sons. So it goes.

3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) 8.0

This time, Joel lost his memory, as he was bored to hell with the mournful daily routine.


All this monotony got him so much that one fine day he suddenly went in the opposite direction from the right side. He met a cool girl near the shore and started drilling something from the inside.

And how can he gradually remember his first romance with this stranger, who, in fact, turned out to be not a stranger at all!

4. Others (2001) 7.94

Grace, as well as her children, developed even more interesting amnesia in this film. Why interesting? We will not say, because the film will not be interesting to watch.


Let's just say that a huge and most important piece has disappeared from their miraculously preserved memory. And they - that the woman, still waiting for the return of her husband from the war, that her children - for the time being did not even suspect about it.

There is a very unexpected twist in the film. Everyone to watch.

5. Honey in the head (2014) 7.93

Some kids adore moms more than anyone else in the world, some adore dads. Tilda is just crazy about her grandfather.


But, a terrible thing, my beloved grandfather begins to behave more and more inappropriately, one by one forgetting many things and people whom he knew well before.

And then the girl decides to kidnap her grandpa and take him to Italy, to the place where the happiest moments of his life have passed, in the hope that this will help her to recover.

6. Unlucky (1981) 7.93

Here the memory of the daughter of the owner of the billion-dollar company, who went on vacation to Mexico, was knocked out. She was generally distinguished by bad luck, and here she also kissed her head well. This made it possible for local Mexican villains to kidnap her and make her a toy for sex pleasure.


A professional private investigator Kompanu and a nondescript type of Perrin, distinguished by the same clearly pronounced moronic bad luck, were sent to search for his daughter, who had lost her memory. As one of the company's specialists suspected, it was his bad luck that would help find the unlucky daughter of the tycoon.

Oddly enough, he was not wrong.

7. Paris, Texas (1984) 7.89

A man named Travis managed to lose his memories. He began to realize himself humanly only in the hospital, from where his brother took him.


As it turned out, the man's memory was completely erased for four years, during which a lot of bad things happened, which he will have to correct later.

Where has he been all these four years? Interest Ask. But to get an answer you need to watch a movie.

8. Remember (2000) 7.87

Although the film is called "Remember", its main character, Leonard Shelby, did not remember a thing. Moreover, no matter what efforts you put into it.


His recollection worked only for "long distances". He perfectly remembered everything that happened to him over the years until now. But what happened fifteen minutes ago, he completely forgot. And with this short-term amnesia, he was also going to take revenge on the murderers of his wife?

By the way, we still need to find them. And amnesia is not his help here.

9. Bachelor Party in Vegas (2009) 7.86

Friends were so "naughty" at their Vegas bachelor party that the memory of what had happened was completely "silent". And the fact that one of them is missing a tooth is not the main problem at all.


Somehow a strange baby and a tiger got into their hotel room, instead of which the groom disappeared from the room.

Hmm. The investigation of the incident will not be easy ...

10. Judge (2014) 7.84

In this case, a short-term amnesia befell the local judge Palmer. Someone in his car kicked the crap out of ex-inmate Mark Blackwell. At least the judge himself thinks so. Deep down, he knows he didn't do it, but he can't prove anything. And mainly because he can't remember anything.


This is where his lawyer son comes into play, who for a number of reasons, both weighty and far-fetched, a hundred years ago left his father's house. He returned only when his mother died. At the funeral.

And immediately fell under the distribution. He'll have to work hard to unravel the tangle of incomprehensibility and get his dad out of the slammer.

11. The English Patient (1996) 7.84

This is the name of the film for two reasons. First, the plane pilot rescued from the plane crash actually turned out to be an Englishman who was to be treated in Italy. Secondly, he doesn't remember a thing. Neither who he was, nor from where he flew, nor where, nor who was his companion. That is why they called him simply "the English patient".


But when this patient realizes that he is left alone with the nurse, and that he has nothing left to live, his tongue looses, his memory returns to him, and a sentimental story worthy of a bunch of Oscars pours out from there.

Of which, by the way, he received a modest amount. Well, yes, only about nine pieces.

12. Dolores Claiborne (1995) 7.81

Arriving at the scene of her mother's crime at the place of her previous place of residence (yes, such a pun), the young journalist learns a lot not only about her mother.


She remembers a lot of forgotten things about herself and, most importantly, about her pedophile father. Well, whether she will be able to get her mother out of prison is somehow relegated to the background. Although not without it.

Stephen King rules again!

13. A Simple Formality (1993) 7.81

The writer Onof ran through the forest in a thunderstorm, ran until he was in the hands of the police. A very strange beginning, but that is what it is.


And how let the local police commissioner sew the case to our Onof! And so he broke it, and that, and asked tricky questions, and straightforward. As soon as not contrived!

But with Onof it is like water off a duck's back. He does not know who committed the murder in the forest where he ran like an idiot. If only for the simple reason that he doesn't remember anything at all.

14. The Bourne Identity (2002) 7.77

A man woke up in the middle of the ocean (or the sea ?!) with bullet holes in his back on board a foreign boat. Although the man does not remember his nationality. Under his skin, a small object is found, which, when pressed, flashed the code of a bank safe in Zurich on the wall.


Well, that means we’re going there, the man sang to himself, and set off in search of his past in a car of a kind, pretty lady who accidentally turned up under the arm.

As it turned out later, he dragged his poor casual fellow traveler into such spy showdowns with chases, fights and shootings that mommy do not cry!

15. Jacket (2005) 7.76

Jack Starks is an honored Gulf War veteran. But this did not stop him from turning like a cuckoo and thundering into a tag, in which he underwent a strange experimental form of treatment.


In general, to be honest, what is attributed to him, he did not do. And he was far from insanity. But packed in a straitjacket (here - a jacket) and locked in a drawer of a corpse storage cabinet in a morgue, it gains the ability to travel in time.

This gives him the opportunity to understand what is happening, take revenge on the offenders, and find out who set him up so categorically.

16. Remember the beautiful (2001) 7.75

Alzheimer's is an addictive thing. It eats into DNA so that you can't beat it off with a hammer. Therefore, if your mother had Alzheimer's, then you will have it in 50% of cases. And when lightning also hits you (and this is in the forest, among the wet trees! It's just wonderful luck! Or, on the contrary, bad luck!), Alzheimer's starts to progress even faster.


No wonder Natalie took her sick, lightning-struck sister Claire to a center specializing in the treatment of various cases of amnesia. There Claire meets Philip, who is also experiencing memory problems. They start a romance and eventually get married.

But if things get better with Philip, then Claire is already forced to write down all the good things in a notebook so that her best memories are kept at least on paper, so that on occasion they can be recalled simply by reading.

Tough case. But that is what it is.

17. Who am I? (1998) 7.69

Jackie Chan got amnesia while eliminating unwanted bystanders, of which he, in fact, was.


The local natives found the wounded mercenary Jackie, cured him, put him on his feet, but, unfortunately, his memory never returned to him.

One day he notices that some kind of racing competition is taking place nearby. Sitting in one of the cars, he gets to the big world, and there his past catches up with him. And trying, at the same time, to send him to the next world.

I wonder if Jackie will have time to remember who he is, until the developers of the new weapon, the development of which he actually witnessed, did not use it?

18. X-Men (2000) 7.69

Wolverine at first was also sick in the head. Moreover, he was distinguished by quick irritability and inability to control his anger, but he also did not remember anything about his past.


Even if he is a mutant, even if, by the will of nature, long claws began to crawl out of his hands, then why did they suddenly become adamantium? Who gave him such a "filling" of bones and brainwashing?

All this can be learned from the first film in the X-Men franchise. Well, from some of the following - too.

19. Majestic (2001) 7.68

It’s bad for a person to live in a country if he is accused from all sides of betraying this country. He was fired from work (he was a filmmaker), his friends turned away from him. All that remains is to get drunk and crash into smithereens in a car.


But it was precisely "to smithereens" that he failed. But the memory is so good. And how into the hand that the locals mistook him for missing, but returning home to his native village, World War II veteran Luke Trimble. Moreover, even his wife agrees that he is Luke Trimble, her husband.

But the FBI is awake. And you still have to answer before the Congress. Who do you not pretend to be, and whoever the village people think you are.

20. God of Players (1989) 7.67

The notorious gambler, sharper and just a master of card games has everything. He is the king of poker and preference. But how much will your skills be of use if your memory is knocked off overnight?


As you can see from the movie, not very much. Unless, gradually, your memory will return again. But won't what you've gone through change you forever?

Which way? For better or worse?

21. Short Circuit (1986) 7.66

Here the cuckoo moved away from one of the experimental military robots. On one of the regular practice shooting, he had a short circuit, as a result of which he began to become aware of himself and acquired the ability to self-study.


As always happens in such cases in Hollywood films, he falls into the hands of good people. And these good people are now doomed to defend the poor thinking piece of iron from evil-minded warriors.

Will the civilians win this time?

22. Total Recall (1990) 7.65

Doug Quaid just wanted to rest. But ordinary hard workers do not have time to rest in the future, and therefore they simply have to acquire new memories of this rest, which are written into your brain on a special machine. And then remember your vacation and experience it over and over again as much as you like.


But in Quaid's case, something went wrong. The machine for recording memories triggered a process in his brain, thanks to which it dawned on him that he had previously lived a completely different life. Therefore, he began to strive with might and main to get to Mars, where he was pushed by the kind of prompts that he had provided himself earlier.

And once there, he was forced to free the workers from the yoke of an evil and greedy corporation. There was nowhere to go. My eyes got puffy in the process.

23. Mulholland Drive (2001) 7.65

The girl woke up in the hospital after a car accident with complete amnesia. But she survived. And those two types that drove in the car with her - no. Well, fig with them.


The girl takes the name "Rita" and starts life from scratch. But all subsequent pages now and then turn out to be soiled with clinging dirt from a past life.

No. This will not work. She, nevertheless, will have to find out who the two of the car, whom the police call her kidnappers, were.

24. Total Recall (2005) 7.65

No, this is not an Indian rehash of the fantastic blockbuster number 22 with Schwarzenegger in the title role. This is just a life-like, naive and heartbreaking dramatic thriller, which are stamped in batches in India.


Everything is pretty trivial here. There is a successful businessman, there is a car accident that this successful businessman gets into, there is a coma that this successful businessman falls into and, finally, there is amnesia that this successful businessman gets upon awakening.

Do not forget to say that there is also a loving wife, who will make every effort to finally return the memory of her husband and, concurrently, a successful businessman ...

25. Open Your Eyes (1997) 7.59

Handsome Cesar took away a beautiful girl from his friend. For this, fate repaid him a hundredfold - she ruined and disfigured his entire pretty face.


But, oddly enough, at some moments he is handsome again and everything with his face is in openwork. What kind of joke is his memory playing with him? Does he sometimes live in some kind of forgotten memories?

Strange layout. Atypical. Worth appreciating.

26. Thirteenth Floor (1999) 7.57

Here the memory of all the glorious inhabitants of the virtual Los Angeles style of 1937 was knocked out. Although they are absolutely integral personalities and each is comparable to a full-fledged AI, they don’t even remember leaving the city at least in the near past.


And rightly so. Outside the city there is a space that can only be dreamed of in terrible dreams. Nothing to do there.

Although, who told us that our reality is not the fiction of some universal virtual developers?

27. Moon 2112 (2009) 7.57

Sam is on watch at the Lunar Station, and now it's time for his shift. But he did not quite like the replacement. Or rather, I didn't like it at all.


Why? Better to watch a movie. Don't tell me, it will be a spoiler. Let us only hint at the account of the lost memory. Here the main character lost her a huge number of times. And every time I returned to the same place.

Moreover, in a different body. Although also in his own. Unclear? Watch the movie and everything will fall into place.

28. A Man Without a Past (2002) 7.54

A man with high hopes was driving to a big city and, for you, he came. Literally right there they piled on him so much that he glued the fins together in a matter of minutes.

ImageBut, oddly enough, he's back from the dead again. True, in another body and in another place, with a cleaned up and corrected memory, but quite alive and well.

You ask, how did he then know that he was him, if he lost his memory? You will learn this from the movie itself.

29. Resident Evil (2002) 7.53

A beautiful girl wakes up in a beautiful bathroom located in a beautifully decorated mansion. The only thing that is not beautiful here is the girl's complete amnesia. She does not remember who she is, or where, or what she needs here. Tough case.

ImageHaving put on some gear, she starts scouting the area and immediately encounters such by unexpected twists of fate, that mom do not cry. The mansion, it turns out, is underground, is an underground chemical laboratory, from which a terrible virus escaped to the surface, instantly turning people into zombies.

But on closer inspection, Alice (that's exactly what her name is) and she herself turns out to be out of this world ...

30. Oath (2012) 7.51

Everything is good with you and your wife. Love, romance and all that. But suddenly - once, and you find yourself in a car accident (this, as you already understand, is the main reason for all the amnesias that occur in films), after which your wife completely forgets you.


It's clear that the only thing left for you is to win her heart again. Only last time, the alignment took shape in a way that cannot be created now. We'll have to find new approaches.

And it's not a fact that the second time everything will work out too.

31. Danny Chain Dog (2005) 7.51

Danny is a kind brawler on a chain. He loves pianos, plush toys and the ABC book. The only thing he remembers from his past life is that his mother also loved the piano. And that's all. He knows nothing more about the past. As far back as he can remember, he was raised by a greedy and vile businessman who made him beat other people on his whim.


But when the harsh truth about Danny's past returns to him, the businessman will clearly not be in good shape. The entire film will take place in anticipation of when Denny piles on this vile little guy.

And this moment will come. And it will be sweet.

32. Island (2005) 7.51

Some of the workers of a factory for the production of something from time to time begin to notice something amiss in their lives. Well, everything should not happen here, as everything happens. And the fable about the end of the world that happened outside looks somehow ridiculous.


Another individual who is haunted by thoughts full of suspicion is Lincoln Six-Echo. He feels in his gut that all his memories are a lie that was put into his head ... Who? And for what? Probably, having got out, he will learn more about it.

Although, they learned with a friend, having got out into the big world, so much that they barely carried away ...

33. Still Alice (2014) 7.49

Another case of Alzheimer's. Only now he happened to be with the professor of linguistics Alice Howland, who arrived at the conference and, giving a speech, was horrified to notice that she could not remember some words.


But that was just the beginning. Once again, before our eyes, there are shots of terrible forgetting of the names of things, objects, names of relatives, etc. And everything would have been more terrible if not for the support of relatives and friends.

Yes, not everyone is so lucky ...

34. Hancock (2008) 7.45

A superhero with unbridled behavior, Hancock does not remember anything about how he became, in fact, a superhero, and from where he, in fact, fell on the head of earthlings.


And it would be better for him not to touch on this topic. Because, as soon as he begins to remember his past once again, he also remembers his ex-wife. And as soon as he remembers his ex-wife, he immediately wants to be closer to her.

And as soon as he gets closer to her, he suddenly begins to hit on the neck.

35. Unknown (2011) 7.38

The same scheme again. Normal life - car accident - coma - amnesia - abnormal life. Only here can the term “abnormal life” be replaced by the term “absence of life”.


Ask, they say, how is it? The answer is yes like that. Coming out of a coma after the accident, Martin Harris discovers that now Martin Harris is not him, but a different person. And he, excuse me, is nobody. It will be difficult to prove that his memories were not discarded or replaced by some leftists, and that they are personally his memories.

Moreover, real, like his life before the accident, which he was suddenly taken away by some slinger ...


That's all for now. Next week, wait for the sequel, but for now we are forced to say goodbye. All the best to you and, as always, more awesome movies and TV series!

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