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What to see from the films: Exit (2019)


Today, everyone who is still chilling out on self-isolation, but has already spotted so many films that he cannot choose what to watch from the films once again, we recommend that you just once join South Korean cinema and check out the action thriller Exit 2019 release. The Koreans approached the creation of the film with a kind of "diligence" inherent only in them and it turned out, it seems, not bad.

Although, "Korean diligence" is more like overplaying and bad directing in places, but it’s like someone.

Description of the movie "Exit" (2019)

The picture would be worthy of ourtop-100 best films about the apocalypse, if the disaster in it had not been local in nature and the corpses would have been shown a little more. Rather, they were not shown right there at all, although in this case they should have been all the streets littered with. This was done, of course, in order to keep within the framework of the required rating, but it looks like a disaster film from this, not at all like a disaster film. Let's check out the trailer.

We are all accustomed to the fact that in anysuperhero moviethere is a supervillain antagonist and, in fact, a superhero, who must ultimately punish this supervillain in full. This supervillain, as a rule, is either too rich or too smart, and, in most cases, both. Since it is not enough to come up with a sophisticated weapon of mass destruction, you need funds to create it and bring your global villainous plans to life.

In our film, such a supervillain is just present. Only with the superhero the bummer came out, which is why the superhero film "Exit" (2019), of course, is not. The antagonist and evil genius here turned out to be a chemist who was once fired from his job, who, having conceived revenge against his employers, develops a poisonous gaseous substance that is going to be sprayed, for some reason, not at the hacienda of the authorities, but on the city with ordinary inhabitants.


It is not entirely clear where in the film "Exit" (2019) the unemployed chemist found funds to create such a quantity of pesticide, and we are completely silent about a super-fancy truck with fintibober sprayers. But he produced the poison, and, pumping it into a cistern, took it to the city center, where he activated his "super-spray", immediately giving his soul to God.

Such a kind of evil suicidal genius.

And at this time ...

At this moment, on one of the many floors of a high-rise building located in the central part of the year, a banquet is being held on the occasion of the 70th birthday of the head of a large family, to which the protagonist of the movie "Coming Out" belongs - an amateur climber Yong-nam. The deputy manager of the banquet hall is his ex-girlfriend I-chu, and, concurrently, the second main character. Sometime in her youth, she rejected his friendship and, as it turned out, both of them for the next 10 years suffered inconsolably and regretted her decision.

Yeon-nam and I-chu met in a group of climbers. She then, I remember, won the prize as the fastest and most professional athlete. He fell off the track halfway, after which he remained a loser in everything. In his 30s, he never achieved anything. He is unemployed, sitting on the neck of his parents and not representing anything of himself.

And now - a banquet, a meeting with the ex and, it would seem, all the prerequisites to correct the situation. In all likelihood, it is assumed that if he improves relations with I-chu, then everything in his life will "straighten out". But at the end of the banquet, the excitement begins on the street, after which thoughts of love relationships and a happy future fade into the background. A whitish haze spreads along the streets, falling into which people fall, shaking in convulsions, and die.


I-chu drives all relatives back into the building. Having risen to the floor of the banquet hall, they come to the window and see that all the streets of the city are filled with a poisonous fog, which has not yet risen above the second floor. But this is only a matter of time. Soon the poison will reach their windows, and everyone will die a painful death.

After listening to TV, relatives try to climb to the roof, but it was locked. This is where the skills of our protagonist's climber came in handy.

But, as it turned out, climbing the wall of a skyscraper on the roof is only the first of the tests that the hero of the movie "Exit" will face. Rescue helicopters, as is usual in such films, are not enough, and therefore in the end, as can be seen from the trailer, Yeon-namu and I-chu will have to run for a long time to get out of the dangerous poisonous location.

Pros of Exit Movie

The main advantage of the movie "Exit" is a kind of script. Spreading the poisonous chemical around the city and saving from it by means of mountaineering skills looks good. The stuntmen did a good job. Drones are also okay.

In general, despite the disadvantages of the director's work and the naive Korean acting, the film looks with interest.

Cons of painting

Such a situation with the spread of gas throughout the city can develop only if absolute calm reigns over the settlement. In truth, in such cities, drafts are always created between houses, which would instantly scatter all this poisonous gas throughout all quarters and heights.

The situation with the dismissed chemist is not entirely clear. If he had enough money for the resources to create such a quantity of poisonous substance, why would he need a job at all? With that kind of money, you can just hang out in the Canaries all your life.

We are completely silent about idiotic Korean dialogues and fake sobs. They just have to endure to please the main "adventure". I am very glad that the dramatic component is not the main one here.


Anyone who is interested in our proposal about what to watch from the films in another of the days of grueling self-isolation, feel free to follow the link below.

Watch the movie "Exit" (2019) online

Others can look for something suitable for themselves in our section dedicated tothe best films of last year. On this we say goodbye to you until next week. We wish you all good health, great summer mood, the soonest opening of cinemas and, as usual, more films on the Internet!

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