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Top 15 films similar to Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe


Today we decided to devote our list of films to survival on uninhabited islands. Daniel Defoe, publishing his brand new adventure novel at the beginning of the 18th century, hardly suspected what three-story "remakes" of various genre inclinations towards his brainchild would be interpreted in the XX-XXI centuries. But at that time, many people did not suspect anything. In particular, Dafoe himself could not have imagined that someday books would not be "read" but "watched".

But he presented and wrote the story of a man who found himself on a desert island. In our material, we will once again say thank you very much for her and discuss the best films made in the spirit of his immortal "Robinson Crusoe".

And let's start with the undisputed leader in this matter, the film ...

1. Rogue (2000) 8.25

The story of a FedEx postal and courier service inspector-logistician who miraculously survived a plane crash while flying from Memphis to Malaysia will touch anyone's soul. The crash took place over the Pacific Ocean in the Cook archipelago, where such islets, on one of which our poor postman fell, are innumerable. And they were looking for the missing plane for some reason in a completely different place.

So Chuck Noland had to - this was the name of our hero, while away the next four plus years in the company of Wilson's volleyball, with whom he discussed all his pressing problems.

This story came out the most realistic of all. The difference with other versions of "Robinsons Crusoe", first of all, lies in the fact that even the dog did not escape with him. And in this case, the role of Friday was played by an inanimate sports equipment - the already mentioned Wilson volleyball.

In all interpretations of the novel by William Dafoe, the hero managed to remove some belongings from a grounded ship. In the novel, Robinson even had a gun, and hence gunpowder. And other ammunition he needs (means for making fire, a knife, clothes, etc.). Immediately he was content only with the fact that people sent each other in parcels, which were washed out of the cargo compartment of the plane and washed ashore.

In particular, instead of a knife, he used skates for figure skating. He got the knack for fire as ancient people. Well, weapons ...

In general, see for yourself!

2. Signor Robinson (1976) 7.74

Not the first time a parody of a work has a higher rating than the work itself. At a time when the world was just crazy about Italian comedies such as "Fantozzi", "Bluff", etc., director Sergio Corbucci filmed a truly masterpiece (especially for those years) parody of the immortal creation of William Dafoe called "Signor Robinson ".


This signor, being henpecked from henpecked, was so eager to get rid of his annoying and baldhead-eating wife that he prayed to God to get rid of her. Once God heard him. In a ship crash in the middle of oceania, only he survived. And now, when the wife was finally finished, it would have been possible to heal on a grand scale in this island tropical paradise.

Only our signor was not adapted tosurvival in the wild. And he was not in a position to refuse televisions and other benefits of civilization. That is why he made a lot of efforts in order to recreate the life of a civilized person on his island. It was, of course, all just for fun, but still, how nice it is again, for example, to go to the same cinema.

And here, in addition, Friday was drawn, which turned out to be, by the way, a beautiful girl. And although, as befits a real Friday, she was a native, he had never seen a more beautiful creation.

But happiness, as it turned out, has to be fought. And Signora Robinsons - including. And the fight will not be easy for him, which can be verified by watching a short fragment, clicking on the link hidden under the title of the film.

In general, it will be more interesting!

3. Beach (2000) 7.44

Right. Where not to pile up a paradise commune, like on an island where local cartels grow marijuana plantations. At least that's what Alex Garland, who wrote the novel behind this film, thinks.

Living here, not only in symbiosis and peace with virgin nature, but also with plantation guards, you can perfectly smoke, spending your days in spiritual relaxation. Only, what is the meaning of all this existence?

To our hero Richard, the meaning of what is happening began to reach late. And then somehow through the fifth to the tenth. Coming here of his own free will, he had to play by the rules.

But, making sure that these rules are not written for everyone, he decided to partly break them too. For which he paid. But for better or for worse - you decide, gentlemen.

4. Lord of the Flies (1963) 7.31


Indeed, what will happen in such a situation? How will events unfold? According to Golding, who imagines himself to be the most super-duper child psychologist, children will create for themselves something like a commune, only divided into their own castes and in many ways similar to a sect.

There will be their leaders, and their weaklings, and average people, the so-called "swamp". Something remotely this society will look like the hazing of the times of the Soviet army. At least that's what Golding thought.

The book is excellently written, you will not dig into it. It perfectly traces all the psychological threads leading to the culmination end. And in films, the thoughts of people, sometimes, it is possible to convey only by facial expressions, behavior and other cinematic moves, on which the screenwriter and then the director must work excellently.

Films, that this one, that the sequel "Lord of the Flies" (1990) 7.00, came out not very well-developed in this regard. Although, as anyone. In our opinion, the more recent film, nevertheless, came out a little better, although it loses somewhat in its rating. So, it's better to watch it. You won't lose anything.

5. The life and the amazing adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1972) 7.30

Let us be proud, gentlemen, that in the fifth place in the rating of films about life on uninhabited islands is the Soviet, which means, one might say, a domestic masterpiece, with the young Kuravlev in the lead role. Moreover, even his IMDb rating is under seven.


This is the only film in which Robinson rescues not only a dog, but also cats from aboard a wrecked ship. In general, it is our picture that is closest to the original.

The only thing that a sophisticated cinema-goer of today may not like is that the native of Friday has a too ruddy look here. They painted it, of course, it was valid, but he still doesn’t look like a native.

6. Six days, seven nights (1998) 7.22

In this picture, the next victims of the next uninhabited island are the next survivors of the plane crash.


This time, a private plane got into a thunderstorm, on which the mischievous pilot Kevin Harris performed by Harrison Ford tried to transfer the bitchy employee of the glamorous magazine Robin Monroe, performed by Anne Heche, from Makoti Island to Tahiti Island.

The airplane gets into a thunderstorm front, as a result of which Kevin decides to make an emergency landing on the beach spit of one of the islands, which in these places are like peas in a sack. As a result of a hard landing, the plane is no longer able to take off, and now these two with their terrible characters are forced to somehow get along, being alone on a desert island.

And since they are being looked for in a completely different direction (in films, mind you, shipwrecked, plane crash, lost in the jungle and simply missing, they are always looking in completely wrong places, which is necessary, this is an axiom), they will have to cook here long.

And "baking" is further complicated by the fact that a ship suddenly arrives on the island with local bandits, armed to the teeth ...

7. Blue Lagoon (1980) 7.12

Everyone believes that the 1980 film, based on the novel of the same name by the Irish writer Henry De Vere Stackpool, is the first tape with which all subsequent sequels to Blue Lagoons went.

This is actually not the case. The very first film based on this work was the 1923 film. We'll talk more about Blue Lagoon films later in a separate short top.

About the same version, which occupies the highest line in the ranking of all its kind, we can say the following. Yes, she is the best, since at that time she was one of a kind. After the shipwreck, two children, a boy and a girl, of about the same age (something around 10 years old) are left alone on a desert island. In the process, they grow up, fall in love, and ... Of course, where without strawberries.

And in order to give the work a little action, third parties who came to the island were introduced into it, with whom the "local" guy must have problems. And primarily due to the fact that they had their eyes on an interesting semi-wild islander - his companion and beloved.

It's funny that pirates didn't come to the island when the people living on it were still kids. That's right. It wouldn't be interesting either. Let them grow up, learn to copulate, and then we'll throw them adventures. This is where all the writers are.

8. Robinson Crusoe (2002) 7.08

Another interpretation of the famous novel, now performed by French filmmakers. Moreover, the role of Robinson Crusoe himself was entrusted not to someone, but to Pierre Richard himself. And he, I must say, coped with it perfectly.


No, this is not a comedy. Those who expect from Pierre in this film his usual antics and moronic slow-wittedness can cool off. It won't be here. But the picture, nevertheless, is permeated with a share of light humor.

The film is excellent, almost one-on-one in the book. There is also a native cannibal "Friday" rescued by Pierre, who quickly learned French. A separate piece of the picture, and it consists of two series and lasts three and a half hours, is dedicated to how Robinson dares his new friend from eating human flesh. Watching this is both funny and sad.

In general, a kind of presentation, but at the same time, light and relaxed. You can even see it.

9. Island of Hope (2002) 6.96

Here a whole family ends up on an uninhabited island, whose father was sentenced to exile and exile in the recently colonized Australia. The ship on which they were transported, of course, gets into a terrible storm, as a result of which only family members got out to the island, moreover, in almost complete composition and no one has scratches, while everyone else who tried to make legs (or flippers) on rescue boats, together they piled away to hell, so as not to interfere with the arrangement of the family in a new paradise.


The only thing everyone grieves about is that the youngest son also sailed away with those who were fleeing in the boat during the storm. But, as it turned out, he also survived by becoming a pirate. And these pirates, sooner or later, will stumble upon an island where the Robinsons' blissful idyll reigns.

And those live and don’t blow a mustache. We met with a local native fisherman. We have arranged the dwellings "according to the last word" so that they can carry all the tools and everything they need (including gold) from the ship that has landed on the reef. But paradise will not last forever. Sometime, and to them (according to the laws of the genre) should come third parties. And not with good intentions at all.

( now - the captain) Matthew Casey in "Chicago on Fire / Firefighters Chicago" is still a young and green Jesse Spencer.

10. Dear Claudia (1999) 6.75

There is nothing worse than being on the island alone with the girl whom he always loved so much, but to whom he was always afraid to admit it.


At least, at first, this is how the main character seemed to Walter Burton. He, like Tom Hanks' character in Rogue, due out next year, is also a postman, and he also trembled all the time over his letters and parcels, which he transported in a two-seater mail plane. And he had never taken passengers on a flight before. But here - I just could not resist the charm of the charming Claudia.

After the crash, Walter sees a ship sailing to the island every Monday, but he does not tell Claudia about it, because deep down he really hopes to stir up with her. But sooner or later the Girl will find out about it. As he learns that she is secretly dragging bars of gold from the plane that sank during the landing.

And then what starts? We urgently need to watch!

11. Robinson Crusoe (1997) 6.74

This is the original Hollywood Robinson Crusoe, played by the previous James Bond Pierce Brosnan. But no matter how hard they tried in Hollywood, their version could not surpass even the French with Pierre Richard in rating.


Filmed, of course, soundly. Nice and all that, but something is missing. And despite all the charm of Pierce and the fact that the day before the start of filming, the world was announced that it was he who would become the next James Bond, the picture did not break the box office. Although it took three whole years to postproduction, the footage was shot back in 1994.

The movie doesn't really stand out. The same Robinson. Still running around the island. Also with the dog. Although with the tribe and with Friday, in our opinion, too much troubled.

12. Swiss Knife Man (2016) 6.71

The most idiotic of them all, trashy comedic interpretation of Robinson Crusoe. It's not worth dwelling on it too much. Although, briefly outline the situation does not hurt.

Hank finds himself on a deserted island alone, and already wants to commit suicide, when he suddenly sees the corpse of Harry Potter on the shore.

No, of course, this is not Harry Potter himself, but a corpse named Manny, played by actor Daniel Radcliffe, who once played Harry Potter. Hank does not yet know that Harry Potter is a corpse, and, crawling out of the noose, runs as fast as he can to the shore. But seeing that it is still a corpse, he decides to return to a more interesting occupation, that is, to the gallows.

But here, by poking, it turns out that a corpse can fart so that you can swim and rush along the waves on it, like on a jet ski. Which is what Hank did. Riding the dead Harry Potter, he closed his knees and rushed to the neighboring island.

Where, among other things, he found out that the corpse he found on the shore still can't do it!

13. The Shallows (2016) 6.26

The only film that stands out from the entire list and which even remotely resembles "Robinson Crusoe". Rather, it is more akin to Jaws or Deep Blue Sea. But, the sea here is not deep, and no one performs experiments on sharks here. And the events unfold not far from the coastline of the bay on a shallow island, which almost completely sinks under the water every tide.

A lonely surf lover managed to survive on it, who managed to open her leg and attract the attention of a local shark. Now, wounded, she will be in a very difficult situation.

Especially considering that almost no one knows about her whereabouts, the smartphone has remained on the shore, her body is pounding from the temperature and night cold, and a shark who is angry with her is constantly darting around because of something.

14. Island for Three / Survival Sex (2005) 5.83

Billy Zane, it turns out, not only starred in "Titanic". Although, having watched this film, you will once again very much regret that he had not drowned then.


A fire breaks out on a yacht during a pleasure trip on the sea. It is not known for certain whether he did it by chance, or it was conceived by Manuel (one of the team members), only a rag thrown in their hearts on the stove ignited and - on you. At once, everyone was overboard.

As a result, only Manuel and Jennifer, the wife of a rich man who had a rest on a boat, survived and made it to the island. Subsequently, Manuel found on the shore a wounded, but alive, Jack - the richest and, in combination, Jennifer's husband.

And then it began. Manuel has a crush on busty Jennifer. Jack is constantly jealous of her for Manuel. But only Manuel can get food. How to be here?

It looks like a war on the island is inevitable.

15. Gone (2002) 5.82

The only film in which Guy Ritchie directed his wife Madonna. And it was worth it, because the film turned out to be a kind of record holder, only, however, in terms of the number of Golden Raspberries it collected.


For this film, they received a golden raspberry:

  • Guy Ritchie - Worst Director;
  • Madonna - Worst Actress;
  • Adriano Giannini and Madonna - Worst On-Screen Couple;
  • Guy Ritchie & Company Worst Film of the Year;
  • they are for the worst remake of the year.

Almost snatched away, but were nominated for it, Adriano Giannini - for the worst actor and a couple of Lina Werthmuller and Guy Ritchie - for the worst script.

The film is completely predictable and uninteresting. And it was filmed as if Richie specifically tried to either make the audience turn up from Madonna, or so that Madonna would not meddle in the movies anymore. Giannini's hero - Giuzzep, finding himself on a desert island alone with the bitchy Amber (Madonna), took it out on her with might and main. And it would be possible to shoot a movie that is funnier and more romantic, and more interesting. But no, it was necessary to create THIS.

What can I say! Guy Ritchie is a jack of all trades and for all occasions.


On this dull note, let's finish. Next, we have a list of films about survival in the emergency conditions of the Arctic and Antarctic, so while we warm ourselves well under the spring sun, so that later the heat will last for longer. After all, the next top will just be very cold.

In the meantime - bye everyone, and more cool movies and TV series!

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