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Game features that have gone into oblivion


The gaming industry is changing. Trends and mechanics replace each other, leaving only memories behind. Today we are going to talk about game features that have gone into oblivion. About archaisms of the gaming industry, forgotten mechanics and just old traditions of the industry. Some of them bring back fond memories, and some have deservedly disappeared.

Stationary machine gun

Once upon a time, in the early military shooters about the Second World War like Medal of Honor or Call of Duty, a stationary machine gun appeared, from which you had to shoot crowds of opponents. If anyone does not know, the essence is the same everywhere. You sit down at a machine gun / minigun / plasma launcher / gatling and stupidly kill waves of enemies, controlling the mouse for about 5 minutes. And no matter how dynamic the game is, it turns into a shooting gallery.

Game features that are gone

If at first the gamers liked it, after a while the stationary machine gun in games became a stigma and bad taste. If you fired from one of these weapons in games - believe me, you fired from all stationary weapons in any game. Even in the legendary GTA San Andreas there is a level where you need to shoot airplanes from a minigun.

Sexualization in games

We have already touched on this topic in the material about the evolution of female characters in video games, but we will repeat ourselves. Once upon a time, it was a trend among developers to overly sexualize the image of women by dressing them up in spicy outfits. What for? To be used as a way to lure a male audience. Suffice it to recall Rain from Bloodrayne, Lara Croft, Janet from Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines, the main villain of the second part of Sin Episodes, the prototype of which was a Canadian actress from the porn industry [by the way, your partner in this game was also subject to sexual objectification].

Game features that are gone

These heroines were placed on the covers so that gamers of those years were drooling to buy discs with the desire to find these girls from the cover in the game itself.

Today everything has changed, the industry is subject to the modern trend, and it is afraid of scandals. Just compare the appearance of the heroines, for example in Mortal Kombat 9 and in the upcoming eleventh part. Even such mastodons as Japanese developers Dead or Alive, according to the new Sony policy, have significantly reduced this.

Demo versions of games

Generation zero remembers these times as very recent, but in fact, a good ten years have passed and such a thing as a demo version of the game is a thing of the past. The demo version is not alpha or beta tests that game devs like to conduct today, which are unoptimized, unfinished versions of games full of bugs. And a full 20-30 minutes of a finished product that you could play with.

Game features that are gone

Earlier, even before Steam burst into our lives, demo versions of games were on disk complete with a new release, for example, "Igromania". This strategy has been very mutually beneficial. The developer popularizes his game and gives players a taste of the best part, and magazines, as distributors, are in additional demand.

I know that sometimes there are demos today, like the remake of Resident Evil 2, but before they were an obligatory part of any game. It was the impressions from the demo that were decisive in the choice to take or not to take.

This tradition is still alive, but alas, not everywhere.

Resident Evil Style

If you've read our article on Apex Legends Trends and Popularity, then it won't be a secret for you that trends have guided its development throughout the history of the industry. And one of the biggest trends was the style of the first Resident Evil. Funny, but in turn "Reza" borrowed it from Alone In the Dark. In any case, after the success that Capcom's game received, its style began to be copied everywhere, namely: fixed camera, horror and quest component, strong enemies, etc.

Game features that are gone

A similar thing happened in the future with souls-like games, but with the clones of the resident, everything was very bad. What is not a game, then a damn hell with glitches, lack of balance and competent game design of locations. I still have nightmares about The X Files and the Blair Witch Project. It's good that those days are gone, it's a pity that the fashion for trends remained.

Boss helicopter

The boss helicopter continues our list of forgotten features. Today it is more of a meme, but once not a single self-respecting development studio could not but insert a helicopter boss into the game. This was especially true for shooters and third-person action games. The helicopter has always been a colossus in the air, which most often meets you on the roof and starts shooting. You kill him in several phases, and on the last, the helicopter falls into a kind of berserk.

Game features that are gone

The boss was a helicopter even in Half Life 2. In fact [especially today] such a boss is the lack of creativity in creating and artificially stretching the game. Although in many Japanese projects, it is still present today. I will curse the DMC 2 helicopter for the rest of my life.


And here is the next archaism from games. Towers appeared in games not so long ago, but fortunately they quickly disappeared. During the peak of their popularity [somewhere in 2011-2015], in some games they were an obligatory part of the plot, they say, until you climb the tower, you will not complete this or that mission. This trend was originated by Yubisoft as the first Assassin's Creed, and later transferred to the third Far Cry. But if the assassin had an acrobatic component, which made the process look like a puzzle.

Game features that are gone

In the second flagship of the studio, climbing them was very boring. Alas, Far Cry 3 was a very successful game and other developers, inheriting its experience, began to add devilish towers to their projects. Fortunately, they quickly realized that the community did not like it.

Hip Shooting

I first got acquainted with shooting through a scope when I started Brothers in Arms when I was young. By clicking on the right mouse button, my hero realistically brought the sight with the front sight. Then I felt like a real hardcore gamer, not a "dirty casual". It may sound unusual today, but in the very first shooters like Doom, Wolfenstain and subsequent projects, there was only shooting from the hip, or, as it is also called, shooting offhand. You had a scope and you just shot.

Game features that are gone

In our reality, it is also found in games, but has ceased to be the only option, and such shooting is used extremely rarely. It's hard to imagine that today you won't hold down the right mouse button before you start shooting. Some games, such as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Payne, even have an alternative targeting option from the shoulder.

Not that shooting from the hip in games was bad, but it gave way to realism. By the way, if you don't know the difference between realism and realism, we have excellent material for you on this very topic.

In the meantime, these were forgotten features of the gaming industry.

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Author: Jake Pinkman