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Super spoiler. Issue 6: What will please us with the next ”Invasion” of Fyodor Bondarchuk into the world of fantasy


The successes of Fyodor Bondarchuk's fantastic creations, frankly, are not very good. The fact that before the premiere of the film an advertizing campaign, which is terrifying in its high cost, flares up, which literally drives tens of hundreds of thousands of people into cinemas, does not mean that the film came out well. And with such "massive" advertising, the future "New Year" "Invasion" by Fyodor Bondarchuk is doomed in advance to success.

At least, it should unambiguously recapture its budget, despite the fact that it was almost twice the budget of the prequel (the previous one weighed 380 million rubles, this one went by 645 million).

A Brief About "Attraction"

A stupid lonely researcher of the problems of the human race, Haekon, on a super-technological spacecraft that can outrun time and, at the same time, not fall apart, and is unable to withstand a meteor shower, crashes and, having lost the system of camouflage, falls to Earth, from all places on a huge the planet by choosing Moscow (like a finger in the sky!).

By the way, a valiant blunt-nosed aviation led by blunt-nosed military leaders helps him to fall into a residential area and destroy 232 residents of Chertanovo.

Warriors surround the alien ship with a fence and guard the most important in the history of mankind alien technology slipshod, which suggests that our army is blunt-nosed (at least, according to the ideas of the scriptwriters who did not serve one hundred percent in this army ).

Thus, anyone, even some idiot schoolgirl Yulia Lebedeva with her friends, who, by the way, looks in the film not as a schoolgirl, but as an adult woman, can get into the territory of the perimeter, as well as beyond it, since the performer the role of schoolgirl Yulia at that time was 25. In the cordon zone, Yulia meets a wonderful alien who, by the way, saved her life.

Next comes stupid love and the dumbest thriller with the participation of the dumbest gopniks who don't care about the puny army cordon. They unleash a war with alien bots under the most stupid pretext. They don't give a damn about any kind of friendship and cooperation, as well as a peaceful and mutually beneficial coexistence with an alien race, as a result of which the alien, of course, was shot.

And, of course, again at this time he saved his beloved Julia.

In short, before his death, Hackon returned the lost "spare parts", the "engine" of the ship started up, and he safely knocked off our planet, leaving everyone in complete prostration, and forcing stupid Julia to gush with abstruse phrases like: "The truth is that one alien from distant space believed in us more than ourselves. People say that they will not be able to live as before ... I definitely will not be able to ... ".

Of course. After all, the love of her life was shot. But I wonder if people who were sent to the next world by USA aviation, knocking down an alien ship, will be able to live as before?

Special attention should be paid to the powerful of this world, or, more precisely, the stupid leaders of our state, who sent not doctors of sciences to establish contact, but some "underdepute" with a warrior. This is how foreign science fiction lovers who want to watch our film will remember our government.

And we still cry after that that they let us down in their films. Dear, we are lowering ourselves abruptly!

Bondarchuk's "Invasion" promises to be dumber

Like all sequels that were not planned in advance, the script for the sequel to "Attraction" will be many times cooler in its idiotic content. It is clear even from the publicly available information about the film.

Check out the trailer first.

As a result of contact with extraterrestrial technologies, Julia mutates into some kind of "Captain Marvel", endowed with superpowers (well, where can I do without them!). Although, more the main character of the past masterpiece, based on the synopsis, is similar to "Phoenix" from the recent blockbuster about "X-Men". The power that manifests itself in it threatens to destroy all living things.

It is not entirely clear what the leaders of the secret laboratory were going to do about Yulia, in which they "put experiments" on the "experimental". But it is clear what Hackon wants to do.

Yes, yes, an alien in love "according to Santa Barbarovski" survived and is in a hurry to help his beloved, determined to snatch the girl from the tenacious paws of the "researchers".

In short, the mess will still be the same, most likely. We don't think the film is being made just to show us the peace talks.

Conclusion: To go or not to go is the question!

We will not advise. Not everyone agrees with our point of view, someone liked the first film. Therefore - decide for yourself. On our own behalf, let's say that we will go to look at The Invasion by Fyodor Bondarchuk purely out of interest: to what level of idiocy can our today's ignorant-inventors-scriptwriters descend to.

Well, to laugh, of course. Indeed, nothing will cheer up the New Year holidays like the New Year holidays themselves and the idiotic masterpieces of our filmmakers.

All the best to you and more cool movies and TV series!

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Author: Jake Pinkman