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How to reduce image size without loss of quality right in your browser


An exciting topic for designers and developers. There are a lot of different good photos, pictures, vectors, etc. on the Internet. Very often the picture you need weighs indecently a lot, which affects the site loading speed, software performance and much more.

This problem can be solved by reducing the image size or its quality, for example, in Photoshop, but there is time to go to Photoshop or other software.

That is why we have prepared for you a list of the 5 best services that allow you to optimize the size of your images right in your browser.


The best free service for optimizing image weight right in the browser.

Photo TinyJpg Interface

Optimizes without loss of quality and has a fairly good limit on the size of the original image ( 5 MB ), and also allows you to download 20 images at a time. In addition to the web version has its own addon for Wordpress as well as an API for developers, which is incredibly convenient. It does not have a dextop application. There is an opportunity to purchase a PRO account for $ 25 to increase the limit on the size of images to 25 MB and upload more than 20 images at a time.

A convenient and fast service that we use ourselves. Ideal if you don't have the time and desire to deal with subscriptions and choose from compression options. Drag the picture and you're done.


A very powerful paid service

Image Photo

An abundance of options, both image compression and its saving / loading to the service. There is a fairly convenient web version and a client for popular operating systems. For developers there is an API and a plugin for Wordpress. But all this you will not get for free. Free limits are very scarce. 1 MB - 1 file size and no multi-download.

Photo Subscription Pricing

And in the paid subscription, the limits are rather ambiguous. If you want a service for work, then the limit of 500 MB and 2GB may not be enough. So the popular plan seems to be the only viable one.


Web service for compressing images, no file size limit

Photo Optimizilla Interface

The main advantage of this service is that you can upload files of any size and 20 photos at a time.

In my opinion, the quality of compressed files is lower than on TinyJpg or, and in order to get acceptable quality, you have to play with the quality slider.


Online squeeze with good free limit and SVG support

Photo Interface

Large free size limit for 1 file 10 MB. Good quality of a compressed image (only inferior to TinyJpg), the ability to compress SVG and a good interface are the main advantages of this service.

A very good service, and if the quality of the compressed images were somewhat better, it would only be possible to use it.


Great service just for Mac

Photo Interface

Good limits, user-friendly client, API available, but Mac-only client. There is no web version as such. You can only connect their API to your site and it costs money.

The best service for lovers of client software and Mac Os

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Author: Jake Pinkman