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Top 30 best movies about robots and artificial intelligence. Part 1


Welcome to the top of the best robot films according to KinoPoisk. Our list of films today does not include films from the universes of "Avengers", "X-Men", "DC" and other superhero franchises. We will dedicate our own tops to them later. But we covered other masterpieces in full.

We decided to limit the real top to thirty films so that their rating does not fall below the 6.9 mark, behind which there are already explicit third-rate films. And we will start, of course, with the most powerful fantastic blockbuster of all time ...

1. The Matrix (1999) 8.50

Subsequently, the film, directed by the brothers, and now, strange as it may seem, sisters, Wachevski also acquired two sequels. These are The Matrix Reloaded (2003) 7.72 and The Matrix Revolution (2003) 7.59, which, if we decided to include them in our top, would be in 7th and 13th places, respectively.


The future turned out to be fatal for humanity. But only a small number of people who were lucky enough to get out of the oppression of machines know about this. The rest of the human race splashes in special bathrooms, connected to a single power plant. In this world, each person is a battery that powers and enables countless hordes of machines to function.

The consciousness of people from the very birth is in the virtual machine. It turns out that this whole world, where people are born, live, go about their business and die, is a huge virtual universe called the "Matrix".

But all is not lost, because there is a certain group of people who believe that a person is about to be born capable of breaking this very matrix with the power of his mind ...

2. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) 8.31

The film is a continuation of the first film "Terminator" (1984) 7.97, which, if included in our top, would have followed the second part. Both films are worth watching, but the second is definitely better, both in terms of special effects and storyline.


In the first part, a simple waitress named Sarah becomes the target of an assassin robot sent from the future Terminator, programmed to destroy the mother of the resistance leader, who in the future will stick in the wheels of rebellious cars.

In the next part, which comes in second place in our top films about robots, machines, "evolving", send in the past a more advanced model of the Terminator, which arrives in our time after John, the future leader of the resistance, was born. Moreover, he is already a teenager.

And if in the first part from the terminator Sarah Connor was saved by an ordinary soldier, who was sent to the future by John himself in order to protect his mother, who had not yet given birth to him (sounds like some kind of pun, but it is), then in this part, he sent a reprogrammed terminator of a less advanced model to help from the future, similar to the one that chased Sarah for the entire first film.

After three more films from this universe were released, but none were honored to get into our top 30. The direct continuation of the second film is a television series, consisting of two seasons, and called "Terminator: Battle for the Future" (2008-2009), which we will talk about in a separate top of the best TV series about robots and artificial intelligence.

3. Bicentennial Man (1984) 7.98

The movie is worth watching. This is perhaps one of those moments when we can learn humanity not, in fact, from a person, but from a robot.


This is the story of a simple home model, released in the near future, but still at the dawn of the full-scale introduction of robotics into our lives. An ordinary robot - a servant, that is, a piece of iron for the house, like "give, bring, get ready, fuck off", suddenly begins to show non-standard emotions.

Further - more. He falls in love with one of the daughters of the family to which he belongs. And while progress is moving forward, he manages to prove that he is aware of himself, and, in fact, is a person, and make his gradual upgrade as more and more new, close to biological, details are developed.

But that's not the point. The essence here is much deeper, and in order to feel and understand it, you need to watch the entire film in full.

The most interesting thing is that for the film, which is quoted in the ratings at the top lines, Robin Williams almost snatched the Golden Raspberry for the worst male role. How do you like this?

4. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) 7.98

The film was shot by Stanley Kubrick based on the story of Arthur C. Clarke "The Sentinel" and subsequently took on a sequel to "A Space Odyssey 2010" (1984) 6.91, which in our top, if we included it there (and if the top was longer) was would be in 32nd place.


Despite the fact that the film was shot back in 1968, after a kind of "remaster" it looks quite modern. And the problems it touches on cannot be compared with anything that is covered in science fiction films these days.

Yes, this masterpiece can be called "science fiction" without any, while today they prefer to shoot more and more some idiotic fantasy with Supermen flying through the air and Aquamans floating at the speed of a jet.

5. Edge of the Future (2014) 7.94

In this film, robots are aliens who treacherously attacked our planet. The film does not at all tell about what they needed from us, and why they need our mortal "ball", while the universe around is full of the same and, probably, even better.


The picture was shot in the style of "time traps" and is included in our top films in the style of "Groundhog Day". In it, the hero of Tom Cruise, with each of his deaths, over and over again returns to the same time point, and he again has time to change everything for the better side for humanity and help the armed forces of the Earth to cope with the alien invaders. p>

The film was shot on a budget scale and looks great. The actors played quite decently for themselves, and therefore the tape came out spectacular, exciting and interesting. Anyone who has not yet looked, must watch! We guarantee not only science fiction lovers will like it.

6. Artificial Intelligence (2001) 7.91

Spielberg would not be Spielberg if in each of his pictures he inflated one of his next thoughts into a global problem that is not digested and experienced as easily as we would like.


Everything here revolves around the tale of Pinocchio, who really wanted to become a man and was ready for anything for this. Only in this film, Pinocchio is not Pinocchio at all, but a teenage robot thrown out of the house by his human mother.

Poor David (this is the name of the robot, which is superbly played by the now flabby Haley Joel Osment) has to go through fire, water and copper pipes to try to become a real boy. He thinks that then his mother will love him again and let him back into his family.

How everything turned out with Pinocchio - everyone knows from a fairy tale. But will everything go so smoothly in the real life of the future? How everything turned out for the robot David, we learn from the movie.

7. I, Robot (2004) 7.82

Isaac Asimov wrote a whole book about the laws of robotics, and about how robots manage not only to comply with these laws, but also to bypass them. Here, the most important computer brain of the planet went bypassing the laws, installed in the holy of holies of a corporation engaged in the development of robots for the population.


Somehow it seemed to him that people do not take care of themselves at all. And if, according to the law, machines should protect people, then wouldn't it be better to shove all mortal humanity into their apartments? Let them watch TV, sit quietly and the problems with wars all over the Earth will disappear immediately.

The notorious robot-hater, and, in combination, police detective Del Spooner will have to work hard to unravel the tangle stretching from the suicide of the main AI developer to the very, that neither is, a global conspiracy.

8. Batteries not included (1987) 7.68

The film tells about, again, aliens in a kind of "robotic" embodiment. They fly, walk, mutter something, in general, they have every chance to please the inhabitants of the house, prepared, sadly, for demolition.


This house is inhabited by a wide variety of people, but funny aliens are not liked by everyone. And who knows, maybe they, flying, running, frolicking and mischievous, in combination, will also help residents to defend their rights to living space?

9. Blade Runner (1982) 7.68

At one time, the film turned out to be a real breakthrough in the field of science fiction. No, there are no special fancy special effects in it. But the very idea of whether humanoid robots, endowed with artificial intelligence, have the right to live among people?


People are very afraid of their creations and, realizing that, in fact, any artificial person is another immortal, they have limited their "lifespan". They say that the less they live, the less the possibility that they will learn to realize the injustice of the current "way", and therefore the less the possibility that they will start trying to fight the system. But there are still such loners.

A special police department monitors the affairs of such robots. It includes our main character, who is superbly played by Harrison Ford. It is on his shoulders that the hard part will fall to investigate the case of the most notorious rebels - robots out of control and going against the system.

Not so long ago, the film acquired a sequel. Blade Runner 2049 (2017), with a KP of 7.62, would now be in 10th place in our top. But since it is like a free addition to the first film, we decided to leave this place for another picture, just by mentioning it in passing.

The theme continued in the second film. And we hasten to add that in the sequel, fantasy fans will again meet the hero of the last film - Rick Dacard, played by Ford.

10. Short Circuit (1986) 7.64

This comedy-sci-fi film was received by the public so warmly that the specialists urgently had to churn out a sequel to it. It came out two years later under the name "Short Circuit 2", has a rating of KP 7.10 and would now take 26th place in our top films about robots.


The rise in popularity of the first film, in addition to the cool plot, was also due to the fact that the main role in it was played by Steve Guttenberg, who was filming at that time in the insanely popular "Police Academy".

In short, from a military training ground or warehouse, God forbid, memory, in general, the latest development has slipped out from under the nose of the military - a robot endowed with a broad mindset. Although his peculiar mentality did not arise at all due to the thought of programmers. It's just that during the tests, a short circuit occurred in the robot's network, which led to the fact that the robot began to look more like an inexperienced and ignorant, and therefore very inquisitive, teenager, and not like a combat vehicle. Spitting on everything, he dumped from the landfill and went into the people.

About his adventures, the second part was also removed, only it no longer contains Gutenberg, and therefore its rating is noticeably lower. But the film, like the first one, is also worthy of watching and every respect.

11. Robocop (1987) 7.62

There are 4 full-length films about Robocop. These are three paintings from the old franchise:

  • the first is the one in the table of contents;
  • RoboCop 2 (1990) has a rating of 6.87 and would be in 34th place if our list of films about robots was not limited to just thirty films;
  • RoboCop 3 (1992) 5.98, where the role of RoboCop was given to another actor;
  • RoboCop (2014) 6.12 is a relatively fresh sequel (attempt to restart) the franchise, which did not even make it to the success of the second.

Few people know, but in 2001 the Canadians launched a serial project called "Robocop Returns", which failed miserably after the first season. if you decide to laugh.


But the figures in Hollywood do not give up. Shooting of a new sequel to RoboCop is planned for the near future. He was entrusted to shoot such a master of computer graphics as Neil Blockamp. More details about the work of the great, we will not be afraid of this word, the master of cinema, can be found in the special material: "Neil Blockamp about District No. 10". There you can also see all of his recent and not very short films.

The plot of the film itself revolves around a mortally wounded policeman in a shootout, whose brain and some other organs were transplanted into the car, by the way, completely without his consent. Well, and about the exploits that he subsequently performed. Who cares - welcome to view.

12. Living Steel (2011) 7.61

An interesting story about gladiator fights on robots. How do you like this alignment? In the future, humanism prevailed over bloodlust (according to the authors of the story), and all bloody sports such as mixed martial arts, fighting without rules and even boxing were abolished by law. And from now on, athletes have to box among themselves, while controlling robots.


But there are pluses here. Previously, there was no place for youngsters in professional boxing. Now, anyone who has their own “boxing robot” can participate in battles.

The film tells the story of a father (Hugh Jackman) and a son (Dakota Goyo), who are incredibly lucky. They literally fell on their heads from the sky, an old, but very capable robot, which, if shamanized, can very much be released into the ring ...

13. She (2013) 7.59

The hero of Joaquin Phoenix - Theodore could not even imagine that he would ever have an affair ... With artificial intelligence! We are all accustomed to the fact that only a living creature can love, in the full sense of the word. Falling in love with the operating system ... It's something with something.

There were films like "Life Partner" (1994) in the practice of cinematography (by the way, unreasonably deprived of the rating, only 6.4, although the picture calmly pulls at all 7.0) with Bruce Greenwood, in which the love for AI did not end as rosy as we wanted would.

Let's see how the love for the operating system ends this time.

14. Upgrade (2018) 7.56

Here an artificial intelligence chip was implanted in a local guy named Gray, a victim of a gang attack. The robbers attacked him and his wife in the street, broke his spine, and killed his wife.


Some time after what happened in Gray's room, a type appears who claims that if a chip is implanted in him, he can regain control over his paralyzed body. And gaining control over the body means having the opportunity to get even with the bandits!

And now the "new and improved" Gray is on the warpath. The film looks very much like its predecessor, Drive (1997). With a rating of 7.35, he would be in our top at number 17 if the built-in chip of the hero Mark Dacascos had his own intelligence, as is the case with the hero of Logan-Marshall-Green.

15. Transformers (2007) 7.55

It was the first film of the franchise that proved to be the most profitable. A fresh idea, coupled with interesting actors, piled it on the 15th line of the rating of the best science fiction films about robots. Subsequent tapes, and there are already a lot of them, could not boast of such a result. Here is a list of all subsequent films in the franchise:

  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009), CP rating 7.14 - would be in our top at 24th place;
  • Transformers 3: The Dark Side of the Moon (2011), CP rating 6.86 - would be in our top 35 (if the top was longer);
  • Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014), rating 6.09;
  • Transformers: The Last Knight (2017), rating 5.57;
  • Bumblebee (2018) 6.84.

Each of the films is exciting and entertaining in its own way.


But the audience is already latently ready for what will be shown in it: bad robots against good ones, their fights, and the running of small people under their feet. Nothing depends on the plot and core of the plot. In the ending, everything inevitably comes down to fights between transformers.

Partly from the entire list, the last "Bumblebee" stands out, serving the entire franchise as a kind of backstory. And despite the fact that the film was filmed "softly" in order to meet the rating of "6+", everything, in the end, again boiled down to the same fight between cars.


Let's stop here for now. Next week, we will discuss the remaining 15 robot films that have made it to our top, and also announce a small appendage to the top. In the meantime, as usual, all the best to you and more cool films and TV series!

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