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Top 100 best foreign comedies of the 90s. Part 3


We have been dragging on for a long time, but, nevertheless, we are back and are ready to offer you a review of the last thirty top-100 best foreign comedies of the 90s. Here, as in the previous parts, Jackie Chan, Steve Martin, Bill Murray, James Belushi, and other stars of the turn of the century rule.

Also, the very young Olsen sisters, the relatively young Guy Pearce with Hugo Weaving and the still quite viable Arnie Schwarzenegger, seep in here and there. We will watch.

71. Analyze It (1999) 7.45

There is nothing more shameful and anti-criminal than the depressing sight of the leader of a mafia clan crying into his psychoanalyst's vest.

One of them, I remember, was in the Sopranos. But somehow there was no “depressing” and “shameful” in this. Here, on the contrary, the creators decided to turn the "ailment" of the elderly mafioso Paul Vitti, who, by the way, was well portrayed by Robert De Niro himself, inside out.

An ordinary psychoanalyst Ben Sobol (Billy Crystal), cowardly and unaccustomed to action-packed turns, "dohtor", as befits any nerd, played the role of a specialist designed to analyze the causes of nervous breakdowns and panic attacks of the mafia leader.

The hero of Robert De Niro, all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, begins to whine like a cowardly child. Moreover, even during the gangster showdown, in which his life hangs in the balance. And he drags his psychoanalyst along the same showdowns.

It will be fun. But not for the psychoanalyst.

72. Pentagon Wars (1998) 7.44

Suppose one of the significant organizations in its segment is getting a military grant to create a new and improved type of infantry fighting vehicle. But after a given time has passed, it turns out that either the developers developed the car carelessly, or the manufacturers of parts and structures pumped it up, but only this organization does not turn out as we would like.


To be more precise, it doesn't work at all. On the surface, the car looks nothing. But in fact, it turns out in its defense and firepower there are such holes that it is time to transfer to fight on ordinary city sedans. They will be both more efficient and safer.

But the money has been spent, and somehow it is necessary to report. So we went further into the course of such tricks and tricks that mom do not grieve. Testing the combat vehicle will be very interesting.

73. Dinner with a jerk (1998) 7.40

There are personalities among us that are not of this world. We are about overly inhibited, naive, overly gullible, and necessarily very underdeveloped socially. Here they are called "assholes." The main characters snatch them and invite them to dinner one by one, so that there they quietly neigh and make fun of them.


Only this time everything went sideways. It was Pierre Broshan's turn to find and invite another idiot, but that day he was injured and could not provide his friends with a dinner with entertainment.

Only the previously invited "moron" nevertheless came to his house, which is why his wife left Broshan, who did not tolerate bullying of the poor goofs. And now the lame and non-transportable Broshan must find and reconcile with his wife, relying only on the help of a foolish idiot in everything.

But he is a naive idiot even in Africa - a naive idiot. This means that Broshan will simply have to get into the most ridiculous and comical situations. Brew up, as they say, porridge, now - take it out!

74. The Last Movie Hero (1993) 7.40

There are many stories about how the heroes of this very picture seep into our film from the world of motion pictures. But this one is the most successful and funniest of all.

Moreover, there is a mutual "seepage" here, that is, not only the heroes from the film get into our world, but people from our world can get into the cinematic world. As, for example, an ordinary kid-fatherless Dani Madigan, who was lucky enough to become the owner of a magical ticket to the "private viewing by acquaintance".

And then it all started. Danny, having got into an action movie, is forced to become an involuntary participant in the events. As well as the hero of an action movie, once in our world, he is forced to prevent the end of the world caused by the infiltration of creatures from the screens of cinemas into our world.

75. Forgotten films (1995) 7.39

Hanging an unsuspecting and ignorant crowd of ordinary people on the ears is not a tricky business. Especially when you're Peter Jackson.

The tape was filmed in the documentary manner "Zeliga" from the first part of ourtop-100 best foreign comedies of the 80s. The creators of this "noodle" - Peter Jackson and Costa Broots - made fake footage of chronicles, polls and other things so well that no one doubted that all this was the purest truth, albeit presented in a somewhat comical way.

New Zealanders have already become so proud that the whole world cinema was taken out on their shoulders by their hitherto unknown compatriot. And how great was their disappointment when they all realized what a lime tree Jackson and Broots had injected with them!

76. Two: Me and My Shadow (1995) 7.39

The topic titled "We were separated in the hospital" is not new. For example, inthe second part of the top of the best foreign comedies of the 80sthere was a picture called "Big Business", where an infant from each pair of twins was simply thrown from one "basket" to another in the maternity hospital. And then these two matured pairs of different twins met in adulthood.


But in this case, at least - so it is said in the film, as two drops of similar girls are not sisters or twins, separated at birth, but look alike one hundred percent. Here their chance meeting took place as a child. One lived and was brought up in a house "on a grand scale", the second grew up in an orphanage.

The girls began to change places, causing confusion and confusion in the lives of adults, and at the same time breaking the plans of the intruders and restoring justice.

77. Father of the Bride (1991) 7.39

Not many parents are given to knowingly adjust themselves to the fact that someday they will have to part with their grown-up children. More moms and dads have this setup bursting at the seams when the time comes.


But there are dads who did not try to insist themselves. They used to think that their kids will be with them forever. This is the type of parent that the Honorable Dad George Banks (Steve Martin) belongs to.

When his little daughter brought him the news that she was getting married, Poor old Banks was literally unsettled in all respects. And now, until the end of the wedding, he will soak such unconscious "squiggles" that one can only sympathize.

And how the acquaintance with the groom's relatives affected him, you cannot tell. This is a must-see.

78. Once Upon a Time Breaking the Law (1992) 7.38

After the success of The Beautiful Life, which ranks 36th in ourtop of the best foreign comedies of the 90s, James Belushi is back on top. Only now - he is not alone. The project employs a whole cohort of great actors, such as John Candy, Sean Young, Richard Lewis and others, and they all played their roles perfectly.


And the tale is about a small misunderstanding, as a result of which a newly-met couple - an unnecessary actor Julian Peters and a girl named Phoebe - are the main suspects in the murder case.

In the future, two more married couples joined the intricate business, because of whose incomprehensible tricks the local inspector Bonnard will have a very hard time.

79. The Incredible Adventures of the Yankees in Africa (1993) 7.38

The main characters of the film - black and white Africans fell out in childhood because of one offensive incident. And the nasty girl quarreled between them, who pushed the white man to take this offensive "prank".


And now, 25 years later, fate pushed them together again. Will they be able to reconcile and take revenge on the grown-up nasty girl and her current Nazi friend, from whom they managed to steal the lottery ticket that won a huge amount of money?

As it turned out, they were bad at it. But the kids, the daughter of Zulu and her little friend, Prince William, will succeed. And their revenge will be merciless.

And, on top of that, very funny!

80. The Perfect Husband (1999) 7.37

As practice shows, a bad minister comes out of you, if you have sins behind your soul and, moreover, there are people in the world who know about these sins.

A certain Miss Cheveley, for example, knows about the old sins of Minister Sir Robert Chiltern, for example, who blackmails a poor official, getting him to pass one of the laws. Otherwise, she threatens to reveal all the ins and outs of Robert to his wife.

What to do? Of course, run to friends for help. Or, to be more precise, to a friend, a local ladies' man, Lord Goring. Will he be able to bother the blackmailer so that she will forget about her blackmail?

But things won't be as simple as they seem. Especially when a third-party element in the form of the minister's daughter joins in, into which the local ladies' man will crush his ears.

81. Take care of your scarf, Tatiana (1993) 7.36

The film, for some reason, was shot on black and white film. Probably because, in order to give it a touch of some antiquity and naivety, although, for example, the current young generation of the 90s are no longer very different in this regard from the 60s, about which the story is going.


The action constantly takes place on the road, on which the main characters, the Finns Valto and Reino, met their new friends - USA girls Claudia and Tanya, whom they almost do not understand and who are terribly shy. But, meanwhile, the dialogue between them is tied and does not stop throughout the entire journey.

To be honest, the movie hasn't really worked for us. The film invisibly contains a global component, which, in our opinion, is not entirely appropriate for a comedy film, since a picture from a comedy turns into something philosophical and pretentious.

But the Soviet car "Volga" GAZ-21, on which the journey takes place, came to us as well.

82. Toy Soldiers (1998) 7.36

Theartificial intelligencesthat rebelled against humanity, and, in fact, microchips, this time ended up in the heads of toy special forces - doll soldiers, the sale of which is about to begin in stores.

And the people of America were very lucky that on the eve of the opening of sales one of the boys pushed a couple of sets of "Soldiers" - toy paratroopers and "Gargonites" - fantasy creatures to destroy which the chips of those paratroopers were programmed to destroy.

The dolls are small, but the Globotech Corporation has made them mobile. In fact, these are small combat robots capable of thinking and independently making decisions based on knowledge of the world around them.

And everything was fine, until people got into the showdown between the marines and the gargonites, in the person of the same guy and his girlfriend, whom he secretly kept drying up all the time until this moment.

As it turned out, this type of acquaintance would be almost fatal for both.

83. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994) 7.36

Another film about "road adventures". And this time the main characters will be the heroes of Terence Stump, Guy Pearce and Hugo Weaving, dressed in women's clothes.

This trio of transvestites was invited to participate in a show in the town of Alice Springs, where the heroes are on their way in their "mobile home" across Australia. And, of course, they have to drive through small towns where they have never heard of the men dressed in pretentious women’s clothes. And the reaction of the population to SUCH is not always the same indifferent ...

Who wants to see “make-up” and dressed in ladies' clothes “Agent Smith” from “The Matrix” (aka “central” elf Elrond from “The Lord of the Rings”) or a time traveler from “Time Machine” - good welcome to view. And the rest will like it.

84. Magnificent (1999) 7.35

Only a few began to think that, for a long time, for some reason, Jackie Chan was not there, as he was right there with his unprepossessing attempt to create a melodramatic comedy action movie.

But although it turned out to be absurd for him, it is quite possible to see it. And sometimes even pulls to smile. As usual in the film, there are fights in which there are many blows, but little sense. In a word, all the same dashing staging tricks, stretched over an indistinct plot.

But fans of Jackie's work will love the movie, this is definitely!

85. Ace Ventura II: When Nature Calls (1995) 7.35

The famous detective, specializing in the search for pets, went to Tibetan monks in order to maximize unity with Mother Nature through meditation.

But even then they found him. This time, he is faced with the task of finding Shikaku. What kind of animal it is is not entirely clear, but without this sacred animal there will be no wedding between the children of the local African tribes Vacati and Vachutu, nor, as it turned out later, peace on Earth.

Well, for the sake of such an occasion, Jim Carrey's hero would not mind returning to the world and turning everything upside down on the African continent.

86. Break away! (1999) 7.35

If USAs celebrate Friday weekly only by drivers, then in America, as you can see from this masterpiece, "Driver's Day" is celebrated by all young idiots.


Moreover, they do not stop at vodka and beer. Grass, coke, ecstasy, and amphitamines are used. Throw in - and off we go! Where do broken limbs, blanches under the eyes, virgins and other junk come from the next morning? From here, from the American nationwide "Driver's Day".

The comedy is replete with shots of smoking, taking intoxicants and drugs and the fucking mischief that follows from all this. Some of these tapes are frankly disgusting to watch. Why?

Yes, because there would be less such advertising of all kinds of drugs and idiocy, there would be fewer drug addicts and idiots among our children.

Something like this ...

87. Substitution (1991) 7.35

Steve Brooks is an inveterate womanizer. Working as an advertising manager, he manages to frame women right and left, sometimes even getting confused with which one, when he slept, and whose turn it is now. But his girlfriends found out about this attitude towards them, and ...


And drowned him in the pool. But, as it turned out, the road is closed to such a mountain-Casanova in Paradise. At least until he changes for the better, like Regina from the well-known TV series Once Upon a Time.

And if it took a lot of seasons and a myriad of episodes to "change", then Steve will have to act faster. Although, his task is nowhere easier! Just to really fall in love with one of the women. This is a piece of cake!

But, as it turned out, there are jokers worse than him in the heavenly office. He returned back to the mortal world in the body of a woman. Damn, this is just some kind of "Mission Impossible"!

88. Drive (1997) 7.34

The film served as the prototype for the well-known"Upgrade." the endurance of his systems and organs. Now he is a real war machine of death ...

Which, overnight, took, and dumped from the developers, like a bun from a grandmother. On his way, Tony cooperates with an occasional "drive-by" and, in combination, a drunkard - Malik Browndy. And from now on, developers and customers will hunt both of them.

No, though. Soon, their crazy friend will join them. In general, there will be something to smile at.

And hand-to-hand fighting, by the way, was filmed at the highest level!

89. Lucky Gilmore (1996) 7.32

The film tells about the difficult career of an unlucky hockey player as a golfer. It sounds like a lot, but it is.


The main character, a former hockey player Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler), who was kicked out of hockey due to constant fights on people, is trying his best to keep himself within the framework, but lose his temper in his blood. But in golf you also need that discipline and patience. Which God, just the same, Gilmore and deprived.

But his great club hit is still just something. He is able to launch the ball from one hit to such a distance that other participants will have to cover in two or three hits.

But with close blows, he is a little tight. As, however, with personal life.

And, by the way, with an assistant too. This individual is generally a separate topic for conversation ...

90. Taking apart Harry (1997) 7.32

If someone, based on the name, decided that "Harry" is a transformer or some other robot or toy, then he was mistaken. Harry is an ordinary freaky writer, of which there are many.


And his life - like that of an ordinary psychotic writer - is idiotic and incomprehensible. On the eve of the presentation of the literary prize to him, he puzzled so much over who he should take with him that he decided to choose a prostitute who would help him steal his own son out of his house.

What else can you get from this Woody Alain?

91. City Hunter (1992) 7.31

This is a natural comedy. And despite the fact that many of the playful twists in it in Chinese are overly played, most of them will make anyone smile.

And especially Jackie Chan as Streetfighter Chun Li.


The plot is a short cut adaptation of the manga of the same name. Ryo Saeba, that is, our hero - City Hunter, he is also the City Hunter, an excellent private detective who loves to drag for skirts and play at parties, but never refuses to help someone in need. A sort of modern fighter for justice.

And he managed to find himself with his girlfriend on the cruise ship that the terrorists seized in order to rob the resting moneybags. Or, conversely, the terrorists managed to rob the cruise ship on which Ryo Saeba was vacationing with his girlfriend.

The latter seems to be more appropriate.

92. Jaguar (1996) 7.30

An attempt by Francis Weber to resurrect on the big screen the duet Francois Perrin (Pierre Richard) - Jean Companne (Gerard Depardieu), who was once sensational around the world in "The Unlucky".


Only here there will be a completely different story. And the actors are different. Perrin is played here by Patrick Bruel, and the role of Compana went to Jean Reno. And despite the fact that the whole film was a success for Weber, the duet somehow did not work out.

Why the dying Indian gave the gift of turning into a jaguar to the imperfect and gambling addict Francois Perrin is not entirely clear. But now he has a long road to the forests of the Amazon, in order to rest the soul of the accursed Indian who awarded him this "gift".

Well, Kompana was sent to accompany him. And their adventures will be even more "adventurous"!

93. Faculty (1998) 7.30

The aliens managed to begin the seizure of the Earth from the local university, in which students of the most diverse nature study and live, as usual. And to resist the alien invasion will be a company in which everyone is an individual of his own kind.


There is also a brand new beauty, there is also an adorer of all the guys, there is a downtrodden nerd, whose role, by the way, went to Elijah Voodoo, there is also a supersport macho, in short, all different. But they have the same goal - to end disagreements in order to resist the alien creatures infesting people, taking control over them.

It will be ugly in places, but also interesting.

94. Guilty Without Guilt (1998) 7.30

The most successful of the latest parodies of the then hot blockbusters with the participation of Leslie Nielsen.


In particular, the film made fun of "The Fugitive" with Harrison Ford, "Titanic" by Cameron, "Braveheart" by Mel Gibson and even "Star Wars".

Nielsen's hero played cat and mouse with Lokomotiv especially well. We write with a capital letter, since Lokomotiv was just like alive here. And oh so cunning.

95. Living Dead (1992) 7.30

If someone has ever seen children running down the street, scaring each other with shouts of "Zingaya!"


Of all the trashacs, this film is the only one that takes such a high place. After all, all the horror zombie blockbusters of that time are so harshly parodied and ridiculed in it. If we talk about the best foreign comedies of the 90s with a bias towards the "horror" genre, this film is perhaps the funniest one.

Although, for lovers of humor with a shattered psyche, it is better not to show such a sea of blood.

96. What about Bob? (1991) 7.29

The unlucky psychiatrist Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfus) did not even suspect what complication his decision would cause before leaving on vacation, give one of his unbalanced, unstable, impulsive, in a word - abnormal, patients his book under the eloquent title "Steps of a Child" .


This patient, which is one of the main characters Bob Wiley (Bill Murray), after reading the mentioned book, felt better and decided that he simply had to take this vacation with his best friend - the attending physician, who from him with such I barely got off with difficulty.

Hmm. You cannot even imagine what this vacation with family will turn into for a poor psychiatrist.

And psycho Bob Wiley ...

97. Bird on a Wire (1990) 7.29

Comedy-action masterpiece featuring Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn. It is not entirely clear why he received such a low rating on KinoPoisk that in our list of the best foreign comedies of the 90s he only takes 97th place. But what is - that is.


A man lives under a witness protection program, because at one time he testified against a corrupt cop. And after 15 years he managed to catch the eye of his ex! After that, all the conspiracy was expectedly covered with a copper basin, and now Mel Gibson's hero will have to get back on his skis so that he is not slammed by the militants who have come out of the slammer and want to take revenge on the villain.

And at the same time he has to save the former stuffed-fool-bride, who is always confused under his feet. Hilarious, and only.

98. Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar (1999) 7.29

The name speaks for itself.


Christian Clavier and Gerard Depardieu starring as if born to play Asterix and Obelix.

It will be funny places not only for kids and fans of comics about the omnipotent Gauls.

99. Mr. Bean (1997) 7.29

A fool and an idiot, as well as a brake on the brakes, Mr. Bean, who works in a museum of art, is sent, by chance and ill-wishers, on a business trip overseas to one of the museums in Los Angeles.


In the same place, this idiot is mistaken for the very "inspector" who arrived at the opening of one of the greatest recent exhibitions of fine art masterpieces.

Only Bean should be kept away from masterpieces. Unfortunately, no one knows about this precaution.

Or, better to say, doesn't know yet ...

100. It's an Old Feeling (1997) 7.29

Completing our list of the best foreign comedies of the nineties is a spoiled tape with the participation of Dennis Farina and Bette Midler.


Why "muddied"? Yes, because everything in it turned out not as it should be, but in the end everything fell into place. And it all started with the fact that divorced (for 14 years in a row) parents who arrived at the wedding of their daughter, arrange a scandal of the century among themselves, which ends ...

A stormy romance. Yes, love flared up in them with renewed vigor, and now they are forced to hide from their daughter, and from the paparazzi, and from their current spouses. But hiding for an infinitely long time will still not work. And what will happen when their romance spills out?

Probably nothing good. Although, depending on which side to look at it and depending on what is considered "good". And for whom.


Let's stop here. In a couple of weeks, wait for the continuation of our column, in which we will move on to discussing the best foreign comedies of the 2000s. In the meantime, we are forced to say goodbye to you with the hope that our material was useful to you. All the best, great mood and more cool movies and TV series!

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