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Guide The Last of Us Part 2 - how to defeat all bosses in the game


The post-apocalyptic world The last of Us Part 2 is an inhospitable place that has become a haven for cruel and unprincipled people, as well as those infected who are scared and driven only by hunger. Each person or mutant encountered in the game is deadly, but there are also bosses among them, which can become a real test for the agility and patience of the gamer. In this guide to The Last of Us Part 2, we will take a closer look at all the bosses and tell you how to kill them.

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General Boss Hints

To get started, here are some basic tips that can greatly simplify the fight with every boss in the game:

  • Play in stealth mode and save ammo. In fact, most of the bosses in the game are a sponge for absorbing cartridges, so the secret to defeating them is obvious - shoot from all the barrels that you have, at the same time throwing Molotov cocktails and bombs for greater success. The only thing that after reaching the boss you can see in your inventory only a couple of cartridges for a pistol and a trusty brick, which will greatly complicate the battle. It is better to avoid such moments, and therefore stealth is the most preferred way to complete The Last of Us Part 2;
  • Learn to dodge. Evasion, being promoted as one of the main innovations of the combat system, is certainly not impressive. However, in skillful hands, it gives Ellie truly the abilities of the Flash, allowing her to delicately evade almost all blows and shots. Whether you like it or not, you will have to master a new "trick" of the combat system, because the key to defeating almost all human bosses lies in the ability to dodge an enemy strike in time;
  • Fire is the best weapon against the infected. It doesn't matter how big and terrifying mutants the game will release on you, they are all as one most afraid of fire. Therefore, it will never be superfluous to have a Molotov cocktail, a loaded flamethrower and incendiary cartridges in stock;
  • Change the difficulty level. Yes, no matter how trite, but a simple decrease in the level of difficulty in the settings will allow you to defeat all the bosses in The Last of Us. Part 2 "and at the same time preserve the nerve cells. Also, keep in mind that this time there are no achievements to complete the game on any difficulty level.

How to kill the first snake

The first boss in The Last of Us Part 2 will be familiar to everyone who remembers the first part - in the second flashbacks Ellie appears in front of us in the second flashbacks of Ellie's well-known snag, only even more disgusting and has received a series of brutal finishing moves in his collection of movements. We will meet a few more snags later, but in this case the battle is complicated by Ellie's meager assortment: only a gun, a pistol, a brick, and a faithful Molotov cocktail, so the strategy of saving ammunition before meeting with the boss is more relevant than ever.

The Last of Us Part 2 guide - how to defeat all bosses in the game

Despite the fact that in this game Ellie plays the role of the main character, the snag has a different opinion and tries to concentrate most of the attention on Joel. Remember this when the boss took Ellie's trail. It is enough to run away a little to the side and with a high degree of probability the mutant will switch attention from Joel. The general strategies for dealing with the boss are quite obvious - keep your distance, dodge snag attacks, run back to the far end of the room, shoot in the head and throw Molotov cocktails. However, try to keep your distance from the flimsy wooden walls that driftwood pierces with its body, and also do not forget about killing the runners from which bullets fall.

How to kill the second snake

The second snorkel and part-time boss in The Last of Us Part 2 awaits the player in the final of the third day of Ellie. Let the boss and his skills remain the same, but the structure of the arena requires a little change in tactics to win. To begin with, let's recall the advice from the beginning of the article - the infected are afraid of fire, so we recommend that you throw all available Molotov cocktails into the sinkhole as soon as possible (if available, of course). It is best, of course, to guess the moment when there are as many infected as possible next to him in order to kill several opponents in one fell swoop.

All bosses in The Last of Us Part 2

The strategy of the sniper's actions is rather primitive - upon noticing Ellie, he will either throw a toxic bomb at her, or start running to ram. In both cases, you have the opportunity to shoot once or twice in order to then run back to a safe distance. Be especially careful with ramming the snag and dodging it, because in conditions of limited space and slot machines standing at the level of slot machines, you can drive yourself into a dead end. Therefore, for better control over the actions of the character, it will not be superfluous to control the stick to set the direction of movement and then press L1. We also note that it is best to dodge a driftwood ram when you are near the wall, so that it cannot change the direction of attack and, after crashing into the wall, will be disoriented for a few seconds.

The most important elements of the arena are slot machines that perform two functions at once: they allow you to hide from sight of the driftwood and play the role of first aid kits, since after the destruction of some of them chocolate bars remain. The key to victory over the snake is that it is constantly in motion, but if you need to craft an item, heal wounds or repel an attack of several runners, then it is best to carry out all actions, closing with machine guns.

The Last of Us Part 2 guide - how to defeat all bosses in the game

Runners should be discussed separately. In fact, they, not the snag, represent the main difficulty, while simultaneously serving as the only source of ammo at the level. We recommend killing runners with firearms only in an emergency, otherwise, in order to save ammunition, it is best to stun them with abundantly lying bricks on the level and then kill them with an accurate knife blow to the head. Finally, we note that during the battle with the snag in "The Last of Us. Part 2" it is better to be distracted by the runners to a minimum and to concentrate with all your might on killing the snag, at least until you run out of ammo. Waiting for the endless stream of newly arrived runners to end is one of the dumbest mistakes you can make when deciding to start playing The Last of us Part 2 on PS4.

How to kill the Rat King

Finally we got to, perhaps, the best boss in the history of all Naughty Dog games in general - the Rat King. A huge, mutated mass of various bodies looks exactly as intimidating in a hospital as it really is, so each stage of the boss battle requires the player's maximum agility. The first stage is the simplest - we run forward, jumping over the fence in time and pushing the doors of the hospital, trying not to fall into the hands of the mutant.

The Last of Us Part 2 guide - all bosses in the game

The second phase is already more difficult - we are left alone with the monster in a cramped, poorly lit room with a string of cramped offices and narrow corridors. Despite his appearance as a whole, the Rat King's tactics are not very different from the same snag: he kills with one hit, tries to take the player with a ram, and for seconds gets disoriented if he runs into a wall. The boss's ability to release poisonous spores is also related to snag, but only in close combat, which further emphasizes the need to stay away from the Rat King.

The tactics for killing him are also not very different from those against the second snag: we are in constant motion, at the first opportunity we throw Molotov cocktails and explosives, and also skillfully maneuver between hospital rooms. But there are some nuances. For example, when trying to squeeze into a narrow passage, the boss gets stuck on it for a few seconds - this is the best window for shooting the boss in “The Last of Us. Part 2". Also, do not get upset if the monster has not died yet, and you have used up all the ammunition on the monster, including even all the cartridges collected in the arena. The cartridges at the location tend to be restored, so in case of problems with ammunition, it will not be superfluous to once again inspect all the nooks and crannies of the room where you previously picked up the cartridges.

The Last of Us Part 2 guide - how to defeat all bosses in the game

In the third stage, a stalker exploding with poisonous spores is separated from the Rat King, which can make the battle somewhat difficult, but our main advice is not to waste ammo on him, dodge his attacks and continue to concentrate attacks on the rat king. According to our observations, the stalker at the final stage of the battle is immortal, so we recommend not to waste ammo on him. And once again, we remind you that in case of big problems, reducing the level of complexity is also a way out. For example, on medium difficulty, the Rat King only walks, which greatly simplifies the passage.

Boss Rat King The Last of Us Part 2

How to beat Ellie

The fight between Ellie and Abby in The Last of Us Part 2 is one of the most emotionally difficult moments in the game, forcing the gamer to beat Ellie. Of course, you can just watch Ellie shoot Abby with a shotgun, but this way you will not achieve anything other than restarting the battle. The only option is to take a fight, which in general resembles a similar fight with David from the first The Last of Us. Except for a few nuances: there is no broken glass under your feet, which means that nothing will prevent you from moving through the level, but instead, Ellie has a much more extensive arsenal of killer techniques.

Ellie vs. Abby The Last of Us Part 2

In the event of a careless game, you can be blown up by a mine or get a headshot from several types of weapons. The battle itself has three stages, one for each weapon: Ellie with a pistol, shotgun, and bow. The main tactic in each of them is not to rush and always approach Ellie only from the back. In the second and third stages, you will have the opportunity to throw a brick or a bottle in Ellie's face, but even in this case, do not tempt fate and do not try to go into a frontal attack. Remember - attack only from the back and then problems in the battle between Ellie and Abby in The Last of Us Part 2 will not arise. We will also mention that over time, there will be a second fight between Ellie and Abby, but like other battles with boss people, its outcome is decided by the gamer's ability to use dodges in time.

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