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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - Helpful Gameplay Tips


FromSoftware projects over the past 10 years have become a real delight for hardcore gamers and fans of old school games who punish players for even the smallest mistakes. Despite all the fears, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice not only continues the ideology of Japanese developers, but also introduces many new elements into the familiar concept of the Souls series games, which, from habit, can complicate an already difficult game to complete. Therefore, we present to you the Sekiro Shadows Die Twice guide, where we have collected useful tips for passing the game.

Be secretive like a ninja

According to the plot of the game, the main character Sekiro was trained by a mentor as a ninja (shinobi), so in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice there is a great emphasis on stealth and stealth. Keep this in mind and, if possible, always try to ambush enemies. At any convenient moment, turn on the stealth mode, do not catch the eyes of your enemies and try to surprise them with sudden attacks: push into the abyss with a well-aimed kick, strike from a jump or pierce with a lunge in the back.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - Helpful Walkthrough Tips

If the enemy is highlighted in red before making a surprise attack, then with a high probability it can be eliminated with one hit. Numerous bosses in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice can also be attacked with surprise attacks, but you need to be prepared for the fact that the attack will take away only one cell of their lives, which is shown in a red circle next to the name of the foe. Also note that it is impossible to sneak up on some bosses unnoticed - at the right moment the game takes away control, shows a cut-scene and pushes you head-on with a dangerous enemy. But even in this case, you almost always have the opportunity, using the environment and equipment of Sekiro, to hide from the boss and strike him with a sudden blow.

Parrying is the key to success in battle

Opponents in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice often attack with a series of attacks and it is not always worth avoiding enemy attacks by blocking or dodging. The best option is to parry the attacks of opponents by pressing the special key (R1 on PS4) before each enemy attack. A successful parry is accompanied by the clash of swords and flashes of blows, and the more blows you can deflect, the more you can reduce the concentration of the enemy, opening his torso for a deadly attack.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - Helpful Walkthrough Tips

Forget stamina, only the concentration scale matters

In all previous projects FromSoftware had to calculate attacks with mathematical precision, so as not to inadvertently spend the stamina scale and not get hit by the enemy. In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, you are no longer limited by the stamina bar that has been replaced by the Focus Gauge. It works on a similar principle: the more you hit the enemy and can parry his attacks, the more the level of his concentration will decrease. The scale is indicated next to the name of the small enemy and at the top of the screen if you are fighting a boss.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - Helpful Walkthrough Tips

At the same time, it should be borne in mind that parrying in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice can also be used against the player. The more you inflict sloppy blows, incorrectly parrying or substituting for the attacks of opponents, the more the stamina scale is removed, because of which at the most inopportune moment Sekiro can be stunned. Some bosses do this with one hit, if the player has used up the entire stamina scale. In addition, even a successful parry takes away some of the concentration from the player, so it's time for a new advice in the Sekiro Shadows Die Twice guide - we recommend that you retreat at a critical moment to reduce the level of concentration.

Remember to pause the game

Sekiro is an extremely difficult game that is not afraid to make small concessions to make life easier for the gamer. For example, the ability to pause the game, which is deprived of all FromSoftware projects, starting with Demon's Souls. Now you don't have to worry that at the moment of researching your inventory and reading notes, you will receive a treacherous stab in the back and are forced to watch the death of your own character once again. The pause will help you catch your breath and especially the price during boss encounters in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - Helpful Walkthrough Tips

If you feel that you are tired of a long battle, and your tactics do not bring visible success, just pause the game, think about your next steps, drink coffee and relax. Rest is a real blessing that comes in handy more than ever when completing Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

How to recover from the Dragon Fever in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Death in games is always unpleasant, especially in Sekiro, where obscenely difficult opponents will send you with enviable regularity to idols that act as bonfires from Dark Souls. If this is not enough, the game penalizes for every death with irrevocable loss of experience, half of the collected coins, and at the same time infects NPCs with a mysterious disease called "Dragon Fever". The spread of the disease reduces the indicators of "invisible help", which gives a chance not to lose accumulated experience points and coins, and limits interaction with some NPCs. Infected characters deprive you of the opportunity to both receive new quests and upgrade Sekiro's abilities.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - Helpful Walkthrough Tips

The best way not to get sick with Dragonfire is not to die, but as we know, in the case of FromSoftware projects, this advice is utopia, so in our guide we will tell you how to recover from the disease. First, you need to wait until the Sculptor gets sick, then take the quest from Dr. Emma, take a sample of the infected blood from the character who is sick with Dragon Fever and bring it to Emma. The doctor will heal sick characters for the first time, but if the disease spreads again, you will have to buy Dragon Tears from merchants.

Replenish resurrection cells

Despite the name Sekiro Shadows Die Twice in the game, you can die three times before going to the next idol. After visiting the Buddha statues, you will have one additional life cell in stock, but there is an opportunity to get another one. After resurrection, destroy the enemy with a fatal blow (through a series of parries or by attacking from an ambush) and get an additional cell of health.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - Helpful Walkthrough Tips

Beware of the red kanji

Red Kanji is a special type of punches that cannot be blocked or parried. They are accompanied by a red hieroglyph and are of two types: vertical strike and horizontal thrust. In the case of a vertical attack, we advise you to jump to the side, and if the enemy is preparing to deliver a thrust blow, use dodge. Over time, Mikiri's counterattack will become available to you, allowing you to reflect the red kanji. To use the skill at the moment the hieroglyph lights up, direct the stick towards the enemy and press the dodge button.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - Helpful Walkthrough Tips

Explore the locations thoroughly

For veterans of FromSoftware games, this recommendation may be obvious, but nevertheless, in our guide to the Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, we highly recommend that you carefully research the locations. Look around every corner, use the grappling hook to reach new heights and view every opposite wall like a painting in the Tretyakov Gallery.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - Helpful Walkthrough Tips

Attentive players can look forward to finding new locations, optional bosses, unique prostheses and pieces of equipment. Occasionally, you may come across rotary walls, for which you need to adhere to the wall and press the action key. Also, do not forget to eavesdrop on enemies to learn about new locations, secret items, as well as bosses and, most importantly, vulnerable points of dangerous opponents. We recommend checking the ponds, as sometimes carp can be found there. Killing fish will give you valuable carp scales.

Hone your fighting skills with Hanbei

The Ruined Temple serves as a hub in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice and is awash with numerous characters. Among the many NPCs, we recommend that you pay attention to Hanbei the Immortal, with whom you can practice your martial arts and try new skills. We advise you to check it out more often, especially if you have problems completing certain bosses or if you have questions about game mechanics. Note the offering box next to Hanbei. Do not forget to periodically check its contents, because it is in the box that all items missed during the passage of the game accumulate

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Guide - Helpful Walkthrough Tips

The new game from maestro Hidetaka Miyazaki is extremely demanding on the player, sometimes it may seem that it is completely impassable. But do not worry, each enemy has vulnerabilities and after numerous defeats you will certainly be imbued with the ruthless atmosphere of the game, get a taste and chroniclers will make legends about your Shinobi fighting skills. All that is needed is a little care, patience, and before starting the game, pay attention to the recommendations that we wrote in our Sekiro Shadows Die Twice guide. We also suggest you read the article, where we talk about the main features of the new FromSoftware game.

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