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Playstation 5 release date, games, features and capabilities of the next generation game console


More than 5 years have passed since the release of the Playstation 4 and it is safe to say that Sony's game console has triumphantly won the console war. Adequate pricing and, most importantly, a flurry of high quality exclusives made it one of the most popular game consoles in history. But technical progress cannot be stopped, new games require large technical capacities to implement ambitious concepts, and therefore more and more gamers are starting to think about the release date of the Playstation 5. Today we will try to answer the question about the release date of PS 5, and at the same time we will tell you about the characteristics, games and capabilities next generation consoles.

Sony Playstation 5 Release Date

Without wasting time, let's move on to the main point in the article. The official premiere date of the new console is still unknown, and this is to be expected when PS 4 is at its peak of fame, leads the global sales charts and acquires exclusive games like God of War, which become overnight favorites of critics and the main reason for gamers to spend their honestly earned rubles. But there is also other news that directly confirms the development of Playstation 5.

It's worth starting at least with a statement from Sony CEO Kenishiro Yoshido that the Japanese media giant "needs to have a next-generation console." In addition, recently an announcement appeared on the vast social network LinkedIn from the California division of Sony, which is looking for a chief engineer to create an online component of the "Next-gen console". In the announcement, as in the case of Yoshido's statement, there is not even an approximate release date for the console, but well-known gaming industry analyst Michael Packter assured that the PS5 release date will be no later than 2020.

Playstation 5 and game release date

Jason Schreier also agrees with him - an even more famous person in the game industry who delivers gaming insights with enviable regularity. Unlike Pakter, he is guided not by his own assumptions, but by authoritative, according to him, sources. Schreyer claims that Sony's next-generation console should appear next year, or more precisely, in the first half of 2020.

And another insider on the Reddit forum announced the release of PlayStation 5 next year. According to him, the release of the console will take place either in March or in the fall of 2020. He also touched upon Sony's reasons to refuse to participate in E3 2019. As it turned out, the Japanese media giant did not want to fight for the attention of gamers with other companies at the exhibition. Therefore, a large-scale show of games and the announcement of the next generation console should be expected as part of a separate PlayStation Experience event, which will take place in December this year.

Playstation 5 Features

As with the PS5 release date, there have been no official comments on the technical stuffing of the console. It remains only to apply common sense and once again draw attention to the data of not always reliable insiders. For example, on a post by a Japanese gamer who posted on Twitter the alleged code number of the future processor for the Next-Gen set-top box.

From the announced data, it follows that the clock power of the processor from AMD will be 3.2 GHz with support for the AMD Zen architecture. However, it is not known whether they are using computational processors like Zen + or if a more powerful solution will be built into the PS5 based on the recently announced Zen 2.

One thing is for sure - the technical stuffing of Playstation 5 will pleasantly surprise even tech geeks. In addition, the trend taken in this generation of consoles for 4K resolution and 30 frames per second performance is obviously continuing. Except that we can expect even more games that will be sharpened at 60 FPS, which will require additional capacities and will definitely hit the buyers' wallet. At the same time, you should not expect a significant jump in performance and according to the technical director of Cradle Games, the new console will have no more than 12 GB of RAM.

PS5 Design

Games on Sony Playstation 5

Let's go straight to the facts, not the most encouraging, but confirming the development of games for PS5. At the GDC 2019 conference, several thousand game developers interviewed the question of what projects they are working on at the moment. According to the results of the survey, it becomes known that at the moment 18 percent of all developers are engaged in developing games for the next generation. But do not get too excited, since only 2 percent of them are engaged in projects for new versions of consoles, and the remaining 16% of game creators are developing cross-platform projects. That is, those that will be released on both the new Playstation and the old PS4.

At the moment, there are only 3 major exclusives left on Playstation 4: The Last of Us Part 2, Death Stranding and Ghost of Thushima. We can assume that each of the exclusives will be released in an improved version for the PS5. Such a move is not the first time for Sonya, and besides, it will be useful both for increasing the level of sales of games, and will become the basis for gamers to purchase the newly-minted PS5.

The Last of Us 2 screenshot

Also, let's not forget to mention the new Sony studio, which is based on natives of Naughty Dog and Rockstar. The studio is rumored to be developing a new IP exclusively for PS5.

Additional Playstation 5 Features

Some Sony fans are not happy with the main omission of the PS4 compared to the competitive Xbox One - the lack of backward compatibility. At 4 Playstation, it is simply impossible to play numerous legendary projects from PS3 (for example, Metal Gear Solid 4), and besides, you have to pay twice to buy the same game for different consoles. And in this we do not see significant logical contradictions, if Microsoft did not offer slightly better conditions.

If you've been waiting for backward compatibility support, then it looks like you have another reason to buy the PS 5 - Sony filed a patent based on backward compatibility technology late last year. And if the documentation is to be believed, the new console will most likely be able to play games from all generations of Playstation, including even hits from the PS1 era.

The situation with virtual reality glasses on PS5 is even more interesting. In October 2018, Sony filed another patent for technology that will allow you to control the actions of game characters in VR without a gamepad or special controllers.

Playstation 5 release date, games, features and capabilities of the next generation game console

PS5 Expected Price

While there are no declared specifications of the device, talking about the possible cost of the set-top box will be something like fortune telling on coffee grounds. We are betting on a starting price of around 400 euros. This price tag has fully justified itself in the case of the PS4, so it can be expected in the new generation of consoles.

Also, we will not exclude the simultaneous release of two versions of consoles that are different in power and price. Repetition of the concept from PS4 and PS4 Pro and a difference of 100 euros between the versions of game consoles. It is rumored that this is exactly the plan Microsoft will stick to with the release of the next generation Xbox (2 consoles at launch), so we can assume that Sony will follow in the footsteps of a competitor.

This concludes the review of the details of Sony PS 5, the release of which remains to wait a little over a year, even according to the most pessimistic forecasts. But the question of whether it is worth taking the PS4 or is it better to wait for the PS5 release remains open. We are confident that even in 2019, Sony's console remains more than a relevant gaming device, as we wrote about in our recent article.

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