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Eyes My Eyes: Best and Worst Anime with CGI


CGI are three letters that will make any anime fan horrified if they see them mentioned in their favorite title. After all, there are only two options for the development of further events: CGI can either improve the anime, or completely destroy it. The result depends on why CGI is used in anime: to reduce costs and labor required for certain scenes, or as an aesthetic technique. It is not difficult to guess what result each of the elections leads to. Today we decided to recall the best and worst anime with CGI so that you know which titles are revealed in it in a new way, and which ones should be avoided by the tenth road.

Worst CGI Anime

Berserk 2016/2017

Let's start with the most obvious. Only the lazy one did not kick the film adaptation of "Berserk" 2016/2017. Its main problem is that, in contrast to the stunning first season, the sequel looks so jagged and cheap that I have only one question: how, after the failure of the second season, there was also a third, and after that three more CGI films? p>


The sequel is bad in everything, as it turns the darkest anime story into one solid joke, and makes the fights and facial animations ridiculously awful. Even during the second PS2, facial animations were much better. Just read the sequel to the manga and forget about adaptation forever.

Knights of sidonia

This sci-fi anime is a prime example of how CGI negates all the efforts of the creators. Facial animations, movements - everything looks so clumsy that it will hurt you to watch it. You feel like Seyu is doing her job well and giving out the right emotions, but the character model simply cannot convey even a quarter of them.


Lip sync is terrible, as if all the characters on the show had lost control of all the muscles in their faces and could only perform one static expression while talking. The most offensive thing is that this is not a bad anime otherwise, but there are hardly any daredevils to watch it for the sake of relaxation. It's just that in all this strong chain of work done - animated 3D models turned out to be the weakest link.

One Piece 3D: Mugiwara Chase

If we wanted to see a horribly animated Lufy and his crew embark on a new adventure, we would just play one of the many games based on this anime. Only in this case, we would not have such claims that we have about the CGI adaptation of One Piece 3D: Mugiwara Chase.


Not only does the entire anime look like a fan mod for One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, made on the knee in a steam workshop, but also in the story, Luffy just goes to find his missing hat.

Fist of the Blue Sky: Re: Genesis

Another stab wound for fans of the classics. The opportunity to present a revived classic to a new generation is always inspiring. But not in the same way as is the case with Fist of the Blue Sky: Re: Genesis.


Everything becomes clear from the first frames. The main character, of course, is strong and bestial, but when in anime his neck is larger than the average body of any other person, this is no longer normal. Plus, the anime's plot is weak and the fight scenes are laughable.

Urda: The Third Reich

This CGI anime is so horrible that the story about Nazis and time travel didn't even save it. The computer graphics of this work overshadow any other grains of at least something good in it, which is even difficult to see. After all, you know, it's hard to look for something good when your eyes are bleeding.


If you can still watch the previous anime from this list, just to make sure that they are definitely bad, then Urda: The Third Reich should not be approached at all.

Good anime with CGI

Fate / Zero

Fate / Zero is the case when the creators of the game have their own CGI graphics department, which perfectly understands the product and how to present it. As a result, we get some of the best CGI anime that this light has ever seen, be it battle scenes or dramatic moments.


Such titles prove that it makes sense to use CGI, but the main thing is not to treat it as a banal way to reduce the cost of creation.


This is where CGI animation is an aesthetic choice. Suffice it to say that it is so good that you only realize that it is CGI when you are told about it. Of course, you yourself are able to understand what's what, but looking at the screenshots of the anime, you can't tell right away.


The very fact of the presence of 3D does not prevent you from enjoying an excellent story, and besides, it has spawned numerous fury jokes [good or bad - decide for yourself]. The main thing is that CGI emphasizes all the peculiarities of the world.

Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo

This story takes Alexandre Dumas' novel The Count of Montecristo and adds elements of science fiction to it. But even if you are not a fan of history or classical world literature, you should appreciate how harmoniously 2D and 3D are combined in this title.


The characters are drawn traditionally, but everything from the background to the clothes of the characters is rendered in 3D, creating a unique visual experience that is not found anywhere else. The style perfectly reflects the content - the union of tradition and innovation.

Summer Wars

This 2010 film has won many prestigious awards, including the Best Animated Film in Japan award. This is eloquent testament to how Summer Wars expertly pushed the boundaries of both 2D and 3D aesthetics in anime.


But, probably, its main feature is that 3D animation here is substantiated by plot. The main character is accused of hacking a virtual game and now the real and the game world merge into one. This is a really great excuse to use CGI in anime.


Steamboy is the work of the studio that gave us Akira, which recognizes familiar visual images. It's also a 2004 steampunk anime where the CGI fits perfectly into the environment.


To be honest, the number of CGI elements is quite high for 2004, and even more so considering how good they look, this is commendable.

Land Of The Lustrous

The creators and animators of Land of the Lustrous understand that CGI offers creative possibilities not available in 2D. So they took full advantage of it.


Smooth animation, dynamics, quality of facial expressions and realism - they all interact so well together, making it clear that 2D animation simply cannot give such a result. Admittedly by many anime fans, this is the best CGI anime to date.

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