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The British have launched the world's largest wind farm


UK is leaving the European Union. A variety of concerns are multiplying. One of them is associated with the possibility of a negative scenario for the development of the energy industry.

In other words, the British are afraid that they will not have enough sources of electrical energy.


Therefore, over the past few years, power specialists have been actively conducting research in this area. There, after all, everyone calculates to the smallest detail, unlike us.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that it is best to install an electric wind farm in the region of Cumbria, which is in the northwest of England.

Power characteristics of Walney Extension are quite impressive - 659 megawatts. This amount of energy is enough to provide electricity to nearly 600,000 households.

But how beneficial is it?

Facts and misconceptions.

The strength of the wind is obvious, in some cases it is huge. At first, mankind found a use for it, inventing the sail. Then, when ever-increasing environmental problems began to manifest themselves, they created wind generators. Not everyone knows that initially they were planned to be used only in mills.

Moreover, the amount of energy they give out is growing steadily. If in 1996 the total capacity of the Earth's wind farms was just over 6 gigawatts, then in 2016 this figure was 487 gigawatts.

This is a fact. However, one should not assume that soon all alternative sources of electrical energy will cease to exist. Many are mistaken about this, believing that this method of energy production, in the future, may become the main one.

If you want to know the final result of all calculations and reasoning on this issue, then it is. Wind energy will always be more expensive than its own kind, but obtained from other sources - CHP, NPP, HPP.

Moreover, it makes no sense to install a "windmill" in your garden. It will not live up to your expectations. Unless, of course, you are not a relative of Kulibin and yourself, from scrap materials, are able to build this unit.

However, mass production of wind turbines, their installation and use, after careful analysis and study of the wind rose, can be beneficial. First - years of long observation and study of the wind situation in a certain place. Then - analysis, calculations and installation of the farm. The British did just that.

England is in the lead.

The area of the wind farm in Cambria is 142,000 m2. That's roughly like 20,000 soccer fields. A total of 87 devices are installed there.

This project was developed and implemented by Orsted. She is Danish, but her British division operated. The director of this division, Matthew Wright, explained that it is now clear to the whole world who is leading in this area.

The UK is truly a leader in the use of renewable and clean energy sources. Another wind farm East Anglia One with a capacity of 714 megawatts is planned to be commissioned in 2020.


Finally, in 2022, a similar wind farm near Yorkshire will go live. Its capacity will be 1,800 megawatts. It will be able to provide energy to nearly 2 million homes.

In this country, of the total amount of all generated electricity, almost 10% falls on the share of "wind turbines". This figure only grows every year.

In the face of prim Englishmen, we have an excellent example of how you can use natural conditions for your needs. At the same time, it is important that they receive from nature something useful for themselves, but do not harm it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman