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Top 15 Best TV Series April 2020: Premieres


At the peak of the pandemic caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus Covid-19, the only thing left for us is to sit in front of the TV and enjoy the latest cinematography on the network. And this is where our top 15 best TV series of April 2020 comes in handy. Cinemas, called "breeding grounds for infection", are closed, so we will storm video streaming services, since there is always something new to see on them.

And we will have premieres next month (unless, of course, something is rescheduled and canceled due to the same coronavirus).

1. Home before dark (ApleTV +)

Friday April 3rd

The real top of the best TV series in April - we decided to compose the premieres based on the schedule of the release of the pictures on the screens. And the first on our impressive list was a detective from the streaming service ApleTV +.

Heldi Liska is aware that her father used to live in a town called Erie Harbor. But until now she did not know anything about the circumstances that forced him to leave his home and move to another city, after which he was completely killed.

She followed in her father's footsteps and also decided to become a reporter. And years later she took up a journalistic investigation of his death. And nothing that the newly-minted reporter is only 9 years old, and the investigation itself will be accompanied by mortal dangers. She's a reporter. And reporters, as everyone knows, are not afraid of anything.

Especially small ones, and especially in movies.

2. Stories from the Loop (Amazon)

Friday April 3rd

Another fantastic project from Amazon continues the top 15 best TV series in April. Imagine for a second that the Strugatskys' "Breakfast on the sidelines" is not a fiction, and somewhere on Earth there really is a kind of "Zone", within the boundaries of which the most diverse, and sometimes even paradoxical, things are possible.

The creators of the series claim that there is such a place. And it is located somewhere in the American outback, next to a small town, whose inhabitants willy-nilly become witnesses of all sorts of fantastic phenomena.

Not far from the city in the sky hangs the so-called "Loop". Its efficiency is ensured by special installations on which people also work, who also become witnesses of strange "events". The "Loop" was created, supposedly, to study the secrets of the Universe, that is, time and space. But when all sorts of things start to happen within the city limits, you really wonder if all this is dangerous?

Explicitly dangerous. After all, without the "danger of all this" who will watch the series at all?

3. Fugitive (Quibi)

Monday April 6

Now is the time to explain to our readers why our today's top best TV series in April has such an unusually bloated volume. The thing is that on April 6, the new Quibi video streaming service, geared mainly for smartphones, begins to operate. The platform is American, headquartered in Los Angeles. In the very first year, it plans to introduce 175 new and varied shows, many of which will become available on the portal from the very first day.

But we will only discuss six of the most promising ones.

First on the list is an action-packed detective, thriller and drama rolled into one.

From the trailer and the name it is clear that the series will very much resemble the previous "Runaway" 1993, which in 1998 acquired a little-known, but also quite good, sequel. Only if in the first case an innocently convicted surgeon played by Harrison Ford escaped from the marshal performed by Tommy Lee Jones, then in the second case, an innocently convicted former secret agent played by Wesley Snipes escaped and hid from the same detective.

Here, Clay Brice, played by Kiefer Sutherland himself, is the "catch-up", and Mike Ferro is the innocent victim, played by the not yet widely known Boyd Holbrooke.

Mike was lucky (or vice versa) to be at the scene of the terrorist attack at the time of its commission, and, moreover, in the most disadvantageous position, as a result of which he was recognized as a terrorist and forced to dump from hordes of cops, whom, by the way, no one will condemn if they sew him on the spot without trial or investigation.

What really plays into the hands of a real terrorist.

4. Stranger (Quibi)

Monday April 6

The next series in April will also be a thriller. And he will tell you about the dangerous work of a modern taxi driver.

While getting a job at Uber, ladies do not suspect that the scheme "never take unfamiliar fellow travelers" in the case of women works in all situations. It does not matter where and how you are going, for your business, or under the program "take a fellow traveler for money if you are on the way", a stranger will always remain a stranger, and there is a high percentage that this stranger will turn out to be a very bad person.

In this case, the naive driver turned out to be a young woman named Claire, and the bad uncle - Karl, suspiciously similar to Major Valerian from the movie "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets". And a story will happen between them, very similar to the one that happened between Jim Helsey and John Ryder in the 1986 film "The Hitcher", where the carrier was the first, played by C Thomas Howell, and the second was, in fact, the very villain "The Hitcher" played by Rutger Hauer.

Let's see what will come out there as a "remake" stretched over a lot of episodes.

5. Lost / Survive (Quibi)

Monday April 6

No, this is not a rehash of the once sensational multi-part project of the ABC TV channel about the fate of the passengers of an airplane that crashed on an uninhabited (at first glance) island. And not a sequel to the film of the same name (in the second case) about the fate of passengers of a plane that crashed in the highlands of the Andes.

Next up in our top 15 best TV shows in April is the multi-part version of The Mountains Between Us (2017), the one in which a pilot and his passenger crash in a two-seat airplane over the Rocky Mountains of North America.

Everything is the same here. As a result of the plane crash, two survived - a dark-skinned guy Paul, suspiciously similar to Dr. Dre from "Voice of the Streets" (2015) and a girl Jane, suspiciously similar to Sansa Stark from "Game of Thrones". And also they will have to descend from the snow-covered mountain top. Only, unlike "There are mountains between us", the plane was not a two-seater, and the guy's legs did not break.

But it seems that they will be able to draw adventures without it.

6. Repair / Upside Down (Quibi)

Monday April 6

You never know what kind of customer you will run into when you start talking to the whole world about what a cool “decorator-repairman” you are.

You say there is no such profession? In the world of freelance spouses Jean and Cricket Olson, such a profession still exists. Well, what profession and what professionals, such is the customer. And in the case of the Olson spouses, the customers turned out to be local mafiosi, who urgently needed to start repairing their mansion.

Repair, so repair. Do not back down now, especially in front of such a serious and at the same time dangerous and monetary customer. Therefore, there is nowhere to go. If only not to do something like that, for which later you will have to very much regret. And where can you not do that if money falls on you from the walls in batches?

How can you not grab a couple of packs for your own consumption? Or, not a couple ...

7. Most Dangerous Prey (Quibi)

Monday April 6

Quibi doesn't mind borrowing ideas from noisy projects of the past. We have already seen the rehash of "The Fugitive", "Mountains Between Us" and "The Fellow traveler" Next in our top of the best series of April is the serial sequel to the central action movie of the end of the last century - the film ofJohn Woohimself - "Hard Target".

Even for a simply beloved wife, you will do anything. And for a pregnant or dying woman, you will go to any recklessness. Well, if you consider that your wife is both beloved, and pregnant and dying, in a word, three in one, then life is not at all sorry.

The protagonist Dodge Maynard agrees with the above one hundred percent, and therefore was not afraid to close up a "running target" in the bloody game of local moneybags-hunters. After all, for this he is entitled to a fee in the form of a huge heap of dough, for which Dodge plans to cure his wife.

And now let someone say that money is trash. Money is sometimes equivalent to human life. For example, the life of Dodge Maynard's beloved, sick pregnant wife, who looks suspiciously like Thor fromMarvel's Avengers, even if he is just his brother.

8. Elba vs. Blok (Quibi)

Monday April 6

Next on our list of the best April TV series are the premieres of an extreme documentary show with the participation of such world stars as the film actor Idris Elba, whom we know from his roles in The Wire, The Dark Tower and the above-mentioned Mountains Between Us, and the racer Ken Block, who finished second in the 2006 and 2008 Rally America championships.

These two will kill a lot of cool cars, competing among themselves who is good at what. All in all, it should be interesting.

This is where the Quibi platform premieres are over. For the future, the service is preparing a lot of new products, including projects with the participation of such movie stars as Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon, etc. But for now, the above are enough for us.

9. Run (HBO)

April 12, Sunday

Next on our list of April premieres is a HBO project. We are promised an action-packed thriller, melodrama and comedy all rolled into one. Will star in the project Merritt Weaver (Mary Agnes from "Forgotten by God") and Donal Gleeson (Tim from "Boyfriend from the Future").

Ruby is a simple 30-year-old woman who lives the gloomy and unremarkable life of this most ordinary average 30-year-old woman. In her life everything is routine, viscous, hopeless, gray and wretched. Therefore, when a text message from her ex-boyfriend named Billy suddenly arrives on her smartphone, she answers him, after which they start a correspondence, the apogee of which was their adventurous tour "through cities and towns".

So she, Ruby, runs away from her gray everyday life. But the gray everyday life will not be the last, from what and whom they will have to run away from in this "nothing to themselves trip".

10. The Walking Dead: The World Beyond (AMC)

April 12, Sunday

Our top April premieres of TV series continue with the next spin-off of theThe Walking Deadproject. The show, once launched by fan of Stephen King and George A. Romero - Frank Darabont, is expanding and growing, while rotting in every way.

Enough time has passed in the world of Walkers for a new generation to be born and mature in it. But some of them have matured (despite their new and improved university) not so much with their minds as with their ass, on which they decided to seek adventure. A bunch of juvenile morons from a closed 10-thousandth town in Nebraska gathered and went scouring post-apocalyptic America in search of the now legendary personality - Rick Grimes.

This is not stated in plain text. Stupid idiots, first of all, go in search of a stalker who did not return from the "expedition beyond the perimeter" - the father of one of the girls. Still, the guys are hoping to run into the well-known ex-sheriff.

But instead, they seriously get to know the ghouls, which until now, for some reason, have not rotted and fell apart, and which they, living in their "pen", never saw when they were born.

11. The Baker and the Beauty (ABC)

Monday April 13

I remember that in 2018, on the domestic TV channel STS, there was a multi-part show of the same name about the love of the baker Andrey and the beauty star Sasha. Today, in our list of the best April TV shows, there is a certain foreign rehash of a USA project.

The main characters, as we all understand, never live in Malakhovka. The baker here, Daniel Garcia, is Cuban, and the superstar, Noah Hamilton, is apparently not USA either. And they hardly met in a local closet.

Although we will find out about this only on April 13th.

12. Mrs America (FX)

Wednesday April 15

Few people now can imagine that the clean lake of American-democratic tolerance earlier could have been dragged out by the disgusting duckweed of anti-feminism. Moreover, it was the woman, the activist and constitutional lawyer Phyllis McElpin Schlafli, who planted this conservative "dregs".

This April series will tell in detail what prompted the fair sex to fight for the abolition of the amendment on equal rights for other representatives of the same sex. I think it should be interesting.

If equality had not yet happened, Weinstein would have been walking free to this day. And so ... He was also awarded the coronavirus. Like, even nature is on the feminine side.

Does this mean that the Covid-19 virus is better at tolerance than Schlafli herself?

13. Defending Jacob (ApleTV +)

Friday April 24

Continuing our list of the best TV series in April, the premiere detective thriller, in which the main role was played by "Captain America" - Chris Evans.

He got the role of the prosecutor, whose son was involved in the murder. All evidence indicated that it was Jacob who finished off the victim. But the father knows better what his son is capable of. And he is one hundred percent sure that his son was framed. Most likely, in this way, one of the earlier convicts is trying to take revenge on him. But who?

We need to get to the truth before the crowd crucifies his reputation, and the law crucifies his son. But is it possible to do something in an environment where everyone either spits at you when they meet, or, mocking, takes pictures of you on the phone, or pokes a microphone in your face?

And, in general, maybe Jacob is really guilty and is all lying?

14. Scary Tales: City of Angels (Showtime)

April 26, Sunday

Judging by the next series in April, the state and officials should be afraid not only of the mafia. Cosa Nostra is not the only one that can intimidate security officials so much that they back down and turn a blind eye to their dark deeds.

Cults can have such an influence on society, they are also sects, they are also gatherings of rabid idiots who have been brainwashed so much that they simply turned into zombies, ready to obey their priests without complaint.

When, in the late 30s of the last century, Los Angeles begins to shake with high-profile murders with a pronounced occult overtones, a young but determined and ambitious detective Thiago Vega is put in charge of the investigation, whose loyalty to the law will soon survive hard days. p>

After all, those who are behind these murders will stop at nothing to "hack to death." For example, they will make the relatives of those involved in the investigation suffer. And sectarians can do it.

Thiago saw with his own eyes.

15. I Know It's True (HBO)

Monday April 27

Rounding out our top 15 best TV series in April 2020 is a drama, notable for the fact that the Hulk himself starred in it - Mark Ruffalo. Moreover, two people played here at once - twins Dominic and Thomas Birdsey.

These two fifty-year-old men were not very lucky in life. They had especially many problems with women. After all, when there are not so many women in life, this in itself is a huge problem. And when those that weren't as expected, it's even worse.

What do the showrunners of the project want to show us? That love is possible at 50? Or, on the contrary, that it would be high time for the honor to know and be content with only memories, which you do not want to remember?


On this our top 5 best TV series in April - the premiere has come to an end. We will look forward to the "reopening" of cinemas, but for now we will enjoy the listed novelties andnew seasons of current projects, which we discussed a week earlier.

Wish you all the best, good health and more cool movies and TV series!

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