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Ending of the director's cut of the film ”I Am Legend” (2000)


Many who watched the film "I Am Legend" at the beginning of the 2000s and after that never watched it in online cinemas and did not download it for re-viewing on torrents, and do not know what they have favorite sci-fi horror movie has a new and improved ending. Let's talk about it.

Refresh memory

In the film, as we all remember (or do not remember), the theme of the End of the World is highlighted, tied to the extinction of humanity from a super-drug developed by nerds and, in particular, Dr. Alice Crippin, with the aim of curing people from such insidious and early incurable diseases like cancer.

The side effect of the substance began to show itself after some time. People began to turn into creatures afraid of daylight, and therefore leading a nocturnal lifestyle. No, as such, clinical death in humans did not occur.

They simply mutated into something without brains that did not disdain cannibalism, possessed only an initial set of animal instincts and, in general, completely lost memory and skills acquired by a person in the process of life.

How did Will Smith's hero survive?

He himself does not know this. Just while everyone else mutated into brainless bald critters with a heart rate of over 200 beats per minute, he remained normal until he was left alone in the huge city of New York.


Robert Neville himself is a Colonel of the US Armed Forces, but not only. Concurrently, he is a specialist in medicine, excellent in biology. Leading a daytime lifestyle, he tries in vain to find an antidote to the chemical-biological scum that has made stupid idiots-zombies out of the world's population.

What happened in the end in the theatrical version?

We will not retell the entire film, we will only recall that, as it happens in such films, in the end a couple of immunity survivors appeared, like his, protecting whom Colonel of the US Army Robert Neville died a heroic death.

And although the death of the hero Will Smith was not shown directly in the film, the ending does not leave a double conclusion. Such a number of zombies, gathered in the laboratory room behind its glass, definitely tore him to pieces.

Only the most naive person could hope that the colonel would break out of there safe and sound.

Director's Cut Ending

Everything here is tied to the fact that little by little the ability to think returns to the entities in which people have become in the film. No, the memory of the past personality is completely erased from them, here without any. We can say that their brain has again become a pure reservoir in which new memories and life experiences begin to accumulate, as a result of which a new personality begins to form. It is still not far from the primitive apes, but showing a persistent tendency towards further development.

While watching the director's cut, we see that in the course of the film all the moments where Colonel Neville observed shifts towards improvement in the experimental "patient" were removed from the theater. There she died altogether. And the moments with glimpses of sober thinking of the leader of the zombies were partially killed in the original version.

It all comes down to the fact that the subject not only survived, but also turned out to be a friend of a very wiser leader. Themselves zombies already communicate with each other through only understandable sounds and are very afraid of their "boss". And when he returns his girlfriend safe and sound to him, he gives an order to his “non-people” to leave the professor and the woman with the child alone and retire together with the whole army.


Everything ends so luscious and rosy, it is already muddying. All three in a car are racing towards a sunny future, in which there is indeed a place where survivors founded one large community.

Will I be Legend 2?

As Will Smith said, he is not ready to star in a sequel. He personally believes that his hero died a heroic death, and does not want to talk about this anymore. Any continuation will seem like an extremely naive and idiotic nonsense, created not to please people, but to make money from just one name and its participation.

Meanwhile, he agrees that the project can be continued. The idea was not a sequel, but a prequel describing how everything happened at the time of mass infection and hysteria. But there will already be a story about other characters, and Smith is ready to take part in it only as a producer.

According to Will, he doesn't want to "get bogged down in sequels." He was asked to star in a number of sequels, starting with Men in Black 4 and ending with the sequel to the acclaimed blockbuster I Robot. It is already known that he refuses to appear in "Hancock II".


But, meanwhile, he cannot "get out" completely from the sequels. In the future, such films with his participation are coming as "Bad Boys 3", in which he already starred with Martin Lawrence (currently in post-production "), Brightness-2 fromNetflix, on shooting in which he has already given his consent in public, etc.


Yes, and with "Hancock 2" things are not as it seems to us. In the end, after all, everything depends not on which film the actor wants, but which one does not want to act in. Any actor today is a businessman who always wants to increase his worth and sell his talent at a higher price.


So in the end it all comes down to how many studios, and in particular Columbia Pictures (in terms of Hancock), Warner Bros. (if we talk about "I am a legend") and the Walt Disney Company (if we talk about "I am a robot") are ready to pay for the actor's participation in the project.

That's all for now. Until we meet again on the pages of our site and more good films and TV series for you!

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Author: Jake Pinkman