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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: For those who miss good games


The very phrase "good EA Star Wars game" sounds like nonsense. For if it weren't for the loot boxes in their Star Wars: Battlefront, who knows how good the game industry could be. Many large projects coming out today from publishers like EA [especially from EA] have become a little toothless, incapable of anything new, and the presence of microtransactions in general always leaves a huge resentment in the depths. And then suddenly she comes out - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Just a good game that seemed to have come to us from another era, when you bought a cool title and knew exactly what awaited you. This is not a review of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, but rather a revelation, after almost completing the game.


When I was writing the release calendar for November at the beginning of last month, approaching Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, I threw the phrase: "I don't believe in EA, but I believe in Respawn" and that's how it turned out. The publisher's decision to give development to the people who made Titanfall, plus the creative freedom to experiment, is probably one of the best you could make.

The publisher and Disney realized that they needed a really good Star Wars game, and not another pass-through shooter, parasitizing on the bones of films, made like a carbon copy of Call of Duty. And they put everything in the hands of Respawn Entertainment, who, although they had no experience in creating third-person action games, just knew how to make good games.


And what did we get? An excellent Star Wars game, where several different genres were competently mixed, without microtransactions, with a good plot and staging, and most importantly, able to maintain interest from start to finish. And now, in detail, what is so good Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

The story and the world we want to see

I can't say that the Star Wars universe has an amazing storyline. One way or another, films are almost always self-repetitive. In Fallen Order, you shouldn't expect much revelation. As the young Jedi Kela Kestis, played by Cameron Monachen, we have to find a roster of force-sensitive children in order to rebuild the Jedi Order, traveling to different planets. But what I want to highlight is that the plot, atmosphere and setting are not lazy and you can feel ideas in the game that would just look awesome in a movie.

Not so long ago, I found out that the original concept of the seventh episode was that Rey lived on a garbage planet and dismantled old ships, which made her living. The planet itself, in concept art, looked like a flooded, destroyed Venice, consisting of the wreckage of imperial technology. And this is exactly what we see at the beginning of the Fallen Order. The first level is incredibly beautiful and atmospheric, which will give true fans spiritual pleasure, and the developer will show us the juiciest angles.


And this is the whole game, the world of Fallen Order is beautiful from start to finish. It immerses you much better than the same new trilogy. I'd love to watch Cel's adventures on the big screen.

Golden Era Game Design

Tell me, replaying [or just remembering] some cool game, for example, 2006, under a fit of nostalgia, did you catch yourself thinking from the category: “Damn, this would be this mechanic, with new elements, but on a cooler an engine with improved graphics - would it be a dream game! ”? Have you imagined what the right franchise of the same name should be in order to be desired for you? If such thoughts flickered, then you are in many ways similar to me. I even have a whole mental list of how a particular franchise game should look to fit into a dream game concept.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was just such a game. Having played enough in my childhood in Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy or the same KOTOR, I learned a couple of things.

In a future Star Wars game where the protagonist is a Jedi, I would like to see: an emphasis on realistic combat and the use of force, its competent use for platforming [so that what I saw in the films is displayed in the game], story-oriented , original story, dynamics, good performance, as well as the ability to pump. And by a wonderful coincidence, I saw all these elements in Fallen Order.


For a better understanding, I want to remember Star Wars: Force Unleashed. This game is pretty damn good, however, as for me, it was too arcade or something with slasher elements. Strength was like magic or an imbe perk. We had to make some combinations, and with her help we were able to bring down the Star Destroyer. It was a great game, just not exactly what we wanted to see

In Fallen Order, the opposite is true. The addition of Sekiro-style elements helped to make combat and movement more realistic, just the way you want it to be. Lightsaber swings - smooth and powerful, graceful and deadly, but not as constrained as in the same Jedi Academy. The use of power really feels like something realistic, more powerful and mysterious, not like magic tricks. Kel Kestis has only time dilation, push, pull, and sword throw from the powers of power, but this is already enough to make the fight with enemies quite varied.


You happily rush to the next group of enemies, because the battles are wildly pleasant: in front of you they are attacked with electro-staffs, you, punching a block, cut an attack aircraft, turn sharply and send a shot of another attack aircraft back to him, push a group of enemies with force and make a dash with a powerful lunge on the nearest enemy, and then again sharply reflect the shot from the blaster. You fight on two fronts at once, and sometimes on three fronts, because you are a real Jedi, but at the same time the enemies are not just beating dolls and can mark you as cute.


This is a display of the world and abilities, gives you a sense of the identity of the game and the world from the movies. Again, even the most powerful Sith in the franchise could not make the Star Destroyer fall, but every Jedi could beautifully sword, jump, use force, but still lose the battle.

Fallen Order is great for the same reason we expected Star Wars 1313 or Star Wars from Visceral Games. They looked realistic by Star Wars standards, and promised us an atmosphere and cool gameplay.

I want to play

From the description of the battle, I want you to understand one main thing - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is primarily about the gameplay. It is about the exploration of planets, the landscape of which is built on the principle of metroidvania. That being said, backtracking never feels secondary. You discover a new ability and, like a child who has received a toy, you go to test it in the sandbox.


Fallen Order is based on a mixture of the best gameplay from Tomb Raider, Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice and Super Metroid. As a result, we got something a la soul like Kel Kestis Tomb Raider with Metroid elements, in the Star Wars: Rogue One setting.

It's a pleasure to explore the game, find its secrets. Platforming does not get boring, and you are not forced to do only it. Fight, as already mentioned, is at your fingertips, and metroidvania goes well with pumping. During the entire time of the game, I never got bored, and even more so did not notice how deep night came, and I still do not want to put off the gamepad.


The game from time to time also recalls the staged levels, yes, there are not so many of them and I would like there to be more moments such as the beginning of the game, or the level for capturing the AT-AT walker. After all, these levels give you just a sea of emotions and in terms of rhythm, gameplay, they are radically different from 80% of the entire game. I won't say that this is bad, I just want more.


Another important point with monetization. For the deluxe edition you get, you know what? Gold kit for costemization ... that's it. And this does not affect the gameplay so much that the soul rejoices. Costemization in the game is minimal, and you will not pay attention to the same hilt of the lightsaber, although it can be changed. There is also a coloring for the main character's costume [it is a coloring, not another type of costume], BD-1 and your ship. All. But finding these things adds depth to the exploration mechanic. I was happy as if I was cut, simply because I could find an orange colored lightsaber blade and a copper sleeve.


Fallen bonds

With the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, EA went against themselves. We proved to ourselves, and to our amusement, that it turns out that you can make good single-player games without donation. The clamps have collapsed and now they will not come loose. The game has bugs and shortcomings, for example, on the planet Dathomir, but in general, this is a good game that was made according to the canons of the 2000s - to do something cool for the player using the available resources. Bravo.


Already the fastest-selling franchise title, Kotaku's Jason Schreyer is confident Respawn has already been tasked with making a sequel.

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