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Products from three little-known acoustic brands


Most modern users choose acoustics based on the quality of the product and the brand name of the manufacturer. However, now there are several companies specializing in such developments, whose gadgets are in no way inferior to their eminent colleagues. To many, their names do not mean anything. Let's talk about several products of such companies.

Meze Audio

This company is originally from Romania, was founded in 2009. Initially, it was a startup, but due to the quality of the devices produced, the production expanded and became financially independent. Now the Meze Audio range includes several models of headphones, including premium ones.

Not all music connoisseurs love powerful bass and incredibly low frequencies. For lovers of neutral sound, Meze 11 Neo has been created, which are housed in an aluminum case.


To control them, there is a control panel, which is placed on a durable silicone cord. It is practically impossible to stretch, the likelihood of tangling a cord located, for example, in a bag, is also small.

To strengthen the design, the manufacturer made a straight plug and channel divider from metal. The chances of damage to this product are almost zero.

Premium sound is provided by the manufacturer's flagship model - Meze Empyrean, whose driver is able to combine two types of voice coils. Each of them is responsible for its own frequency range. They range from 4 Hz to 110 kHz.


The flagship's design is in keeping with its status: its cups are made of solid aluminum; ear cushions are made of genuine leather, and the headband is made of carbon.

The weight of the product does not exceed that of analogs made of polymers, despite the use of metal in the construction.


In 1994, the Taiwanese company DUNU was founded, which started out as an OEM manufacturer. After a while, she completely switched to the production of acoustics for various purposes.

Among her recent developments, it is worth highlighting the DUNU DN-12 plugs, which have detailed bass and low impedance. A good option for using them would be to connect to a smartphone. They will be able to deliver high-quality frequencies even on a budget device.


The DUNU Titan 5 model is made of stainless steel. It will perfectly suit fans of outdoor activities. Its 13mm drivers deliver deep bass and smooth treble. The sound is clear. The headphones are equipped with a detachable cable and a wide selection of ear pads.

In the assortment of this manufacturer there are two-driver models that carry out a clear division of ranges. The DUNU Alpha 1 gadget is equipped with in-ear cups capable of combining dynamic radiation to produce rich lows and reinforcing highs and mids.


The headphones are equipped with a bunch of earpieces with a large number of ear cushions made of foam and rubber. With their help, it is easy to choose the intensity and shape of the sound.


The Simgot brand is the youngest, it appeared on the market in 2015, but has already managed to form an opinion about itself as a manufacturer that combines classic solutions in the characteristics of its products with design delights in the design.

The Simgot APT2 EM is equipped with a cordless neckband. It supports the aptX codec and has a built-in battery that can run for 10 hours.


In addition, the device is protected from dust and moisture according to the IPX5 protocol, so it will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts and athletes. Also, the product is equipped with the ability to maintain pairing with two sources at once. This allows you to quickly switch, for example, from your player to your smartphone.

The most demanding audiophile will love the Simgot ET1000 with its open design and planar drivers. They are Hi-Res certified and have a wide frequency response from 10 Hz to 50 kHz.


Their padded headband and perforated leather ear cushions ensure long-term use without fatigue at the point of contact with the head. There are also removable velor pads for especially ardent connoisseurs of comfort.

From all the above, we can conclude that the popularity of any audio product depends not only on its frequent mention in commercials. The quality of its production and the sound output means a lot here.

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Author: Jake Pinkman