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Top 10 Best Arcade Racing


The recently released arcade race The Crew 2 was supposed to be a real outlet for gamers who miss the adrenaline rush, the roar of sports cars and the dazzling dawn of the dazzling car. But the miracle did not happen and the mediocre ratings of The Crew 2, as well as the failed launch of the game in the USA Federation, can greatly spoil the mood. However, we advise you not to lose enthusiasm and pay attention to the top 10 best arcade races, which, like the 1969 Charger, will never become outdated.

10. Pure

One of the most atypical races on our list. Indeed, in Pure, the player is rarely required to overtake his rivals, forcing them to swallow road dust. No, Pure is a game for those who are ready to risk their lives, go on a long flight and do such somersaults that even Tony Hawk himself will beg for your autograph.

Bright graphics, wind whistling in the ears and acrobatic techniques at a height of several tens of meters, in an attempt to score maximum points, make Pure an unforgettable race. And, of course, where without a powerful soundtrack that is hotter than the strongest drink? The presence of Blindside, Pendulum and The Subways already sounds like a great reason to download Pure.

9. TrackMania United Forever

If your vestibular system is okay and you have always felt that flying is your calling, then do not forget to try the Trackmania series. Striking tracks, speeds of several hundred kilometers per hour and long kilometers of flights - these are all "Trackmania".

Separately, it is worth mentioning quite plausible physics, in which the speed of acceleration of the car is of decisive importance: can you climb the next "loop of death" or crash down like a stone. Oh yes, don't forget about the level editor and custom tracks in TrackMania United Forever, which can clearly show that any car is also a great flying vehicle.

8. Project Gotham Racing 4

If the too primitive physics of cars and the feeling that you drive irons on wheels is not what you expect from arcade racing, then you should not bypass Project Gotham Racing 4. Its main advantage is perfectly balanced physics that does not require supernatural driving skills to fit neatly into the corner, yet realistic enough to make every ride a truly entertaining challenge.

And most importantly - on one of the tracks you can ride along the picturesque streets of St. Petersburg! Familiar architecture, flickering here and there signs in USA and always foggy weather will not make you lie - in PGR4, the most believable Peter in games turned out.

7. Split Second Velocity

What will happen if boring sports races on sports cars are turned into a spectacular Hollywood action movie, and the tracks into a continuous series of deadly obstacles? The answer to this question is Split Second. The closest analogue of the game, oddly enough, is the Call of Duty series. In Split Second, just like in CoD, each level is like a bright roller coaster, where all the scenery is full of lights and explodes deafeningly.

Of course, you can find fault with a small number of tracks, but on the other hand, this is the only race where the track route can change several times in one run. A crashing cruise liner, a crashing Boing 707 or a bridge collapsing right under the wheels is not only beautiful, but also a great tactical maneuver.

6. FlatOut 2

FlatOut 2 is another racing game in which you can effectively blow the track and cars of your rivals to smithereens. Unlike the first part, the physics was simplified in Flatout 2, but it's even better, because now it's a real arcade race, where you don't have to curse at every new turn or accidentally hitting a bump.

In addition to the usual circuit races, the FlatOut series has always had additional ways to unwind. For example, in stunt and derby modes. The latter is generally an excellent antidepressant: smash other people's cars into dust in a small arena and let the whole world wait.

5. Driver San Francisco

There have been many ways to mix adrenaline-fueled arcade racing with some semblance of storyline. Most often, the results of such experiments gave rise to unsightly Frankensteins, which became a real torture to play, and only Driver San Francisco can be called a pleasant exception.

Of course, the story is full of cliches, not without the typical grand pianos in the bush, but it's still better than 99% of other arcade races. In addition, the plot fully justifies the main feature of the game, which makes it possible to move into the bodies of other drivers. It is special. the ability to change cars on the go like gloves makes Driver San Francisco not only fun, but also a hell of a lot of fun.

4. Burnout Paradise

Of course, no top of the best horse racing can do without at least one representative of the Burnout series. Most of all we liked the last part at the moment. It is Burnout Paradise that gives the feeling of a real journey, when you drive towards the horizon, take part in rare competitions and just enjoy the beautiful views under perhaps the best soundtrack in the history of racing in general.

The immortal hit Paradise City, which opens the game, sets the tone for the game, awakens real excitement and the desire to endlessly travel through the streets of the paradise city. But this is all the lyrics, if you are interested in the main feature of the game, then just look at these accidents! Aiming your iron horse into a concrete wall to admire the spectacular deformation of the body is a common thing in this game.

3. Need for Speed Most Wanted

Here we come to the most legendary arcade race in history. Electronic Arts can always be scolded for the perversions they are doing with the NFS series today, but the Most Wanted 2005 is always remembered with gratitude.

Ever rainy autumn weather with an abundance of "rusty" shades, the annoying hum of police sirens and the blinding spotlight of a federal helicopter, a simple but fascinating story about street racers and bad cops ... The game consists entirely of pleasant memories, but if you want to revive them, come back into your childhood, you will still discover one of the best arcade racing games ever.

2. Motorstorm Pacific Rift

Riding sleek sports cars on perfectly flat city tracks is good, but when your soul demands something fierce and primal, there is nothing better than the Motorstorm Pacific Rift. This PS3-exclusive race is an ode to the off-road rally race.

8 types of vehicles, ranging from trucks and hefty monster trucks to nimble motorcycles, converge on one impassable track full of bumps and ponds. The fastest finishes - the laws are simple. But the deafening roar of the engines, the furious soundtrack and the magnificent graphics bring just a phenomenal level of pleasure from each race.

1. Forza Horizon 3

An amazing paradox: despite the fact that today the genre of arcade racing is in its death throes, the games of the Forza Horizon series are released with enviable regularity, which can be called the best arcade racing of the genre's existence.

Forza Horizon 3 is generally difficult to scold, because it is an almost perfect game that accumulates almost all games from our top. Here's photorealistic graphics, here's an open world, here's off-road races and a busy metropolis, here, take a closer look - tuning and a huge number of licensed cars. Well, and where without a multiplayer and cooperative mode. And this is just a small part of everything that Forza Horizon 3 has in store for its customers.

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