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Insider № 4.11. New smartphones from Sharp and Moto


This news release is dedicated to the interesting smartphone AQUOS R2 Compact and the latest developments in Moto G7, G7 Plus. I will also talk about the iPhone modem.

A smartphone with two bangs

After the Chinese began to make devices with the same "bangs" as in the iPhone X, among users began to joke about the development of devices with two "bangs".

At this time, the Japanese company Sharp was not joking at all, but was seriously engaged in the development of a smartphone with such a front panel design.


The product is called AQUOS R2 Compact. It will be produced in Japan, at the facilities of this company only and only for the domestic consumer. It is likely that Sharp's new product will be sold in small quantities in a number of neighboring Asian countries.

On closer inspection, you can see some of the nuances of this model.

It is clear that a selfie camera was hidden in the upper "bangs". However, it has a minimum size similar to the Essential Phone.

The "bangs" located at the bottom is for the front fingerprint scanner, not for the second camera, as many thought. This allowed the developers to increase the usable front panel area.

The display of the device has a dimension of 5.2 inches. This is not to say that asymmetrical cutouts added beauty to it, but this device has a certain charisma. In addition, the product was provided with an impressive screen resolution - 2280x1080 pixels at 120 GHz, which not many analogues can boast of.

The basis of its hardware component is the Snapdragon 845 processor, which is assisted by 4 GB of "RAM" and 64 GB of internal memory. For work, Android 9 Pie is used. All this is powered by a small capacity battery - 2500 mAh.

This device can be safely classified as a high-end device. Smartphone manufacturers are not very fond of such products, there are very few of them, although they are in demand in Europe.

Hopefully, thanks to this Sharp product, there will be a revival in the sale of such devices, and in the future there will be an opportunity to expand the market for its sales.

Promising Moto models.

Someone posted the characteristics of the latest developments from Moto to the public. These are two inexpensive smartphones G7 and G7 Plus. The first will have an interesting front panel design with a teardrop-shaped cutout. In addition, it is known that the device has a Snapdragon 660 chipset, 4 GB of RAM, a 3000 mAh battery, an audio jack for headphones and NFC.


The device operates on the Android 9 Pie platform.

The second model, judging by the official version, is now being developed. These devices have the maximum similarity. The only difference lies in their different sizes. The G7 Plus has a 6.4 "screen, while its sibling is 0.4" smaller.

Both novelties will be presented in February next year at MWC 2019.

Apple Modem

Over the past few years, Apple has been complaining about its suppliers, who, according to Yabloko's assurances, have begun to inflate prices for their products and services. The firm has repeatedly tried to implement a supply diversification process to reduce its dependence on third-party components. Ideally, we wanted to achieve an overall cost reduction.


For this, new divisions have been created that develop their own components. For example, Bloomberg recently announced that Apple is already producing its own chipsets and graphics accelerators.

Recently there was some fresh information in this direction. One of the insider firms said that this company is developing a modem.

There is an unspoken, but accurate confirmation of this information. Recently, independent sources analyzed the personnel policies of several firms. The Yabloko players were also in their field of vision.

It was found that on one of Apple's sites, where requests for human resources are published, about ten vacancies in various directions were found. Required production engineers and software developers. Moreover, one of the conditions was the availability of work skills associated with activities in the field of wireless components. These are LTE, Bluetooth and next generation networks.

Based on these data, we can conclude that this company has an interest in the development of a modem. Future iPhones will need it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman