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5 Most Anticipated Games in December 2018


In the first month of winter, when the frost is just beginning to get stronger on the street, it becomes not entirely clear how to spend the suddenly appeared free time. If earlier in the evening you could sit in front of the house on a bench, chat with a friend at the entrance, or just drink beer in a tent on the street, now there is no particular desire to freeze limbs.

How to while away the evening, except in front of the TV or fiddling with children? There is only one way out - stock up on a good computer game and turn your life for a few days into a furious action game, a dizzying adventure game, a mysterious quest, a well-thought-out strategy, etc.

But how to figure out which game is good and which is not worth the money that you have to spend on it? Below are the 5 most anticipated games of December 2018, which received the most votes among gamers who understand quality projects.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (RPG, Action, Adventure)

The scene of a tactical action game with turn-based battles is Earth after a global nuclear war. Humanity as such is almost completely exterminated. Scattered lone mutants wander around the empty world, sometimes straying into small detachments. The only thing these half-people, half-beasts want from life is to survive and not die of hunger. You have to lead a squad of such mutants, consisting of an overgrown duck, a ferocious boar and an unpredictable girl.

Together with this motley team, who left the relatively calm and safe Vault, you will go on an exciting journey through the deserted cities of the Zone, where nature now reigns, through wild forests full of deadly animals. Your goal is to find a legendary place called Eden, a paradise in the midst of chaos and horror. After all, only there you can find answers to questions that have long been of interest to all inhabitants of the Earth.

Just Cause 4 (Adventure, Action)

The main character of the game is an experienced agent Rico Rodriguez, who is used to acting independently and not obeying anyone's orders. Its main armament is a special piece of gear called a wingsuit and a unique grappling hook that has a number of deadly virtues. In the new part of the game, Rico will travel to the large island of Solis, located somewhere in South America. His goal is to find out the truth about the past of his father, who once lived here. And along the way, and deal with the scoundrels from the criminal organization "Black Hand", who are always underfoot, armed with the latest technology.

It will not be easy to cope with them alone, which means you have to stand at the head of a spontaneous uprising. In addition, Rico will have to fight in a decisive battle with Gabriela Morales, a cruel and unpredictable lady, but despite this, she is also the most dangerous opponent in the agent's life.

Insurgency: Sandstorm (Shooter)

Continuation of the multiplayer first-person shooter, beloved by many gamers. The scene is the Middle East. As part of a team of 16 people, you have to fight in a limited space with the same number of opponents. Victory does not depend on one person, but on the coordinated actions of the entire squad. Various weapons, assault vehicles and deadly artillery will help you. True, the enemies of all this will also be in abundance.

The developers decided to slightly improve the classic Insurgency, adding the ability to customize your character depending on his combat skills, giving the chance to shoot from stationary weapons mounted on cars, as well as tossing gamers with new types of weapons.

VS Round 1 (Fighting, Arcade)

Another quality fighting game in the spirit of "Mortal Kombat" for fans of virtual sparring. In VS Round 1, the player is given a unique chance to choose one of the heroes of popular comics and fight any opponent over the network. At the same time, your fighter retains as much as possible his skills and abilities known from comics and films.

By adjusting the selected character to the usual style of gameplay, you can set special moves and attacks suitable for a particular type of combat - ranged or close.

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (JRPG)

Console Tales of Vesperia has finally left Japan and decided to reveal itself to the world in the form of a PC version. Only more expanded, with new decorations and characters. The plot of the game takes place on the planet Terka Lumirais, where the locals use a magical substance called blastia as their main source of energy.

With its help, people not only receive all the benefits of civilization, but also fight off the terrible monsters that periodically attack cities. In addition, blastia is an excellent doping that increases the fighting qualities of warriors. You have to play as a young man named Yuri Lowell, who lives in the city of Zafias, which is the capital of this unusual world. Once here an unknown villain, dressed in a long robe, stole a local blastia from the fountain. As a result, Yuri, despite his unwillingness to leave his home, will have to go in search of the attacker in order to return the source of energy to the capital.

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