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May 2018 Main Games - Release Calendar


May is traditionally considered the "hottest" month of spring for gaming news. Developers from year to year bombard the gamer with a dozen major hits in May, and then go into hibernation before the fall. This time there are not many likely contenders for the game of the year, but the fact that a bunch of high-quality and interesting projects awaits us is a fact. Moreover, this month the owners of all gaming platforms will not remain offended and will definitely find something to play during the May holidays.

And to make the wait for the main games in May go faster, we recommend that you pay attention to our selection of cult games from the early 2000s. Despite the outdated graphics, they still play great and can give any head start to many blockbusters of recent years.

Total War Saga Throne of Britannia

Release date: May 3

The Total War series is one of the main pillars of PC gaming, the founder of a unique hybrid of global and tactical strategy, which has no worthy analogues on any console. How will the developers please us in the next, already in the 12th part of the series? To begin with, as the name implies, the setting. The game covers the late Anglo-Saxon period in British history, from 878 to 1066. In those days, Great Britain was a continuous battlefield, where almost every day indigenous peoples fought raids from the northern Vikings for the smallest pieces of land.

Creative Assemble decided not to change the gameplay much, why break a mechanism that works properly. But it will not do without some innovations. Some elements familiar from Total War Attila have been eliminated, such as religions, ambushes and edicts. Other mechanics were improved: they added followers instead of characters, division of territory into provinces with capitals and small cities, and much more.

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Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire

Release date: May 8

What could be better than a canonical isometric RPG? The only canon isometric RPG from the genre's fathers at Obsidian Entertainment! The original Pillars of Eternity already looked like an old-school RPG dream, but with a few caveats. The developers have heard the players and in the sequel they will totally rework the usual mechanics, setting and plot.

The plot is extremely epic - an ancient god has awakened, who is preparing to arrange a cataclysm on the earth. We hope that it will be possible not only to kill God, but also to come to an agreement with him, or even better - to become a deity yourself. We are sure Obsidian will not lead again.

In addition, a greater emphasis on quests rather than battles, a naval setting with the ability to travel around the archipelago by ship and the presence of a daily routine for the characters - already forces you to throw money into the monitor.

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Wild West Online

Release date: May 10

The original Red Dead Redemption was not released on PC, and the second part is not planned to be released on the most popular gaming platform in USA. What to do in this case?

The best option came up with the developers of 612 games - create your own RDR with blackjack and ... Wait a minute. All this was already in the original RDR, but Wild West Online has something to surprise you.

The main feature is that the game is completely online, so you can rob the delis, banks and have fun drinking in the saloon in the company of your friends, and you don't even have to get up from the couch or spend money! If you do not have a soul for violence and robbery, then you can earn money on the prairies of the Wild West by developing a farm and extracting precious gold in mines. In general, instead of a simple RDR replacement, we can expect a unique MMO, in which we can happily spend a hundred or two hours.

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State of Decay 2

Release date: May 22

Today it is difficult to find a more hackneyed setting than the surroundings of a zombie apocalypse, but among the host of clones there are also original projects - State of Decay 2. The first part, released in 2013, stood out for an unusual concept, where you needed to create a fort to protect against zombie invasions. And in order for the survivors to last a day or two, they had to send troops to the city for supplies.

In State of Decay 2, the mechanics remain the same, but instead of a small town, you will have to survive on 3 maps, the total area of which is 48 square kilometers. This is, for a moment, like the 3 worlds of Skyrim. Now valuable supplies can be obtained on the territory of coniferous forests, just do not forget to take a more powerful weapon. Lovely zombie bears will gladly feast on the lost traveler.

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Dark Souls Remastered

Release date: May 25

The 2010s in the game industry can rightfully be called the era of the Dark Souls series. It doesn't matter if you've played at least one of the parts of the popular trilogy of role-playing projects, you've seen the mechanics of the Souls series in every other game. Starting with The Witcher series and ending with the latest God of War. So it's no surprise that Dark Souls is finally remastered.

Most often, better graphics are expected from remasters, but in the case of Dark Souls, somehow it didn't work out. Graphically, the game is almost indistinguishable from the original PC version, which was released in 2011. The main changes were made to the mechanics, the most important innovation is a cooperative for 6 people at once.

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Detroit Become Human

Release date: May 25

Last month passed under the banner of Sony. And even if the release of God of War did not seem like a worthy reason to take PS4, the Japanese media giant has another argument in favor of the Playstation 4 - Detroit Become Human. If you have played at least one of the previous projects of Quantic Dream, you can guess what awaits you in the new game.

An interactive movie of a healthy person is what our editorial team calls Quantic Dream games. TellTale Games never dreamed of the level of elaboration, nonlinearity, cinematography in the end that is in the projects of David Cage's studio.

Cooking popcorn and handkerchiefs, a spectacular cinematic setting and an abundance of dramatic moments in Detroit Become Human.

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Release date: May 29

Hellish horror, a journey into a twisted dream of a psychopath, or in general "the most vile game in history", as we called Agony in our preview - any epithets will not be enough to describe the creation of Tomasz Dudkiewicz. Anthropomorphic demons with female breasts, babies crushed by stones - the developers did not limit the flight of their imaginations and showed the world the most creepy game adaptation of Hell.

As you know, you won't go far with shock content alone and you won't earn a lot of money, so the developers made sure that you don't get bored in Agony. Making his way through the hellish palaces, the player will have to show wonders of ingenuity (solving puzzles) and stealth (hiding from demons). The game is not limited to hide and seek, and if necessary, it will be possible to break off the rock of the local Diablo.

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