Insider №5.08: about graphene batteries of Samsung smartphones; device from Microsoft; Redmi smartphone; Xiaomi news (Topic)

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Insider №5.08: about graphene batteries of Samsung smartphones; device from Microsoft; Redmi smartphone; Xiaomi news


This inside story highlights Samsung's transition to a new kind of mobile battery. We will also discuss two new gadgets being developed by Microsoft and Redmi. We will also learn about the news from the Xiaomi camp.

Korean electronics manufacturer plans to switch to a new type of battery for gadgets

There is information that Samsung is thinking about switching from lithium batteries installed in most of the company's mobile devices to graphene. This information was posted publicly by insider Evan Blass.

According to him, now the engineers of this company are actively researching in this direction and next year the first smartphones with similar batteries will be released. The main reason for this step is the possibility of ultra-fast charging of devices equipped with such batteries.


It is argued that the process of fully charging a gadget with a graphene battery will take no more than half an hour, which is much less than the time required for this by the currently used lithium-ion battery. There is progress in reducing the time it takes to quickly charge a battery, but the Koreans felt it was better to switch to a new type of battery than to develop an old one.

Two years ago, Samsung announced that it had developed a graphene ball that charges five times faster than any standard battery for a mobile device. However, until now nothing has been done in this company to switch to a new type of batteries.

The reason for this lies in economic feasibility. The issue of increasing production capacities while reducing its cost is always acute. It is likely that the economists of the Korean company calculated the balance of this topic, after which the management approved it.

Experts say that the transition to a new type of battery will be a real technical revolution. The fact is that mobile products are becoming more technological and functional, and this requires a constant increase in the amount of energy required for their operation. For example, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus uses a 4,300 mAh battery. It powers the Exynos 9825 processor, a 6.8-inch display diagonally, 12GB of RAM and a triple camera.

Devices of the future will probably require even more battery power. Therefore, the technologies associated with the use of graphite batteries will not only contribute to the development of this industry, but will also give an impetus to the emergence of a new era of mobile devices. The only question is the cost of such technologies.

Microsoft Flexible Device

According to MSPowerUser, Microsoft is developing a foldable product that will have two displays that can rotate 180 degrees.

The device has been codenamed Centaurus. It will be the first among its kind produced by the specialists of this enterprise. This is stated in the company's patent application.


Based on the available sketches, it is easy to understand that the gadget will not have physical volume control buttons. Small areas of the touchscreen are adapted for this. You can also see that the device has the ability to interact with two applications at the same time. To activate the graphical interface during extension, it was equipped with several sensors.

The date of the announcement of the gadget and the prices for it are still unknown.

Redmi's K20 Pro will receive a "charged" version

A teaser from Redmi has appeared on the network, announcing the presentation of an unidentified product. The information posted on the banner says that the release of the device will take place on August 16, the model of which has not been specified. However, leaks report that the Redmi K20 Pro smartphone has something to do with the forum.

The conclusion about this suggests itself in connection with the placement of boxing gloves on the poster. At one time, information advertising this gadget was communicated in the same way.

It is known that this event will be held in cooperation with ONE Championship. This is a media company from Singapore. She specializes in organizing sports forums that are directly related to martial arts.

Experts believe that in this way Redmi predicts the announcement of the K20 Pro model, equipped with 12 GB of RAM. They believe that this device will "knock out" its competitors.

There are no comments from the Redmi camp yet.

New features of Xiaomi smartphones

From sources close to Xiaomi, information has emerged indicating that it is planning to implement some functionality in the MIUI branded shell that is in demand at this time.

Specifically, we are talking about the presence of advanced power saving, which allows you to maximize battery life.

Also, version MIUI 9.8.10 suggests the ability to activate a mode that makes the interface of the desktop and all applications dark. At the same time, programs in the background, wireless modules and vibration feedback are disabled. In such conditions, the user will be able to use some of the most necessary applications, make calls.

All this is needed in order to increase the operating time of the gadget. If, for example, the residual capacity of its battery is 10%, then the device in this mode can work up to 36 hours.

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