Inside No. 05.07: ORRO charging technology; IPhone 12 battery; ASUS ZenFone 7; Microsoft Surface Duo (Topic)

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Inside No. 05.07: ORRO charging technology; IPhone 12 battery; ASUS ZenFone 7; Microsoft Surface Duo


The next release of inside information will begin with information about the new technology of the company ORRO, which allows fast charging of mobile devices. Then we will discuss information about the battery capacity of smartphones of the iPhone 12 line. There will also be information about the technical equipment of the ASUS ROG Phone 3 smartphone and the original device from Microsoft.

The new memory technology from ORRO is almost ready for release

One of these days, the announcement of a new functionality of the Chinese manufacturer ORRO is expected. This is the world's first 125W charger.

Most likely, the company will show a prototype of the device, the commercial use of which will begin later. Now something similar is being developed by Xiaomi engineers, but their product is not yet ready. In addition, according to rumors, it has a lower power - 100 W.

If OPRO quickly launches the production of a new accessory, then Realme, which is closely cooperating with the vendor, will receive this technology. It became known about her developments in this direction.

Insider Ishan Agarwal recently talked about the 100W + fast charging developed by Realme. He claims that the accessory can charge a 4,000 mAh smartphone battery in three minutes. It turns out that in just 10 minutes it will be able to fully replenish the energy reserves of such a battery.

However, it is not yet clear how smartphone batteries will react to such dynamics. After all, the viability of such a technology depends on several factors and power does not play a major role here.

A similar technology from Xiaomi should appear on the market no earlier than the end of this year. It will charge the device with a 4000 mAh battery for 17 minutes. Nowadays, the most advanced models from OPRO, Xiaomi and Realme use 65W chargers. If the characteristics of the novelty correspond to the declared data, then it will halve the time spent by smartphones near the outlet.

Regardless of whether ORRO's new product is successful commercially, it will set a new industry standard that leading companies will strive for.

However, some manufacturers choose to take a different path. We are talking about Samsung and Apple, which intend to get rid of the memory when completing the models of some mobile devices.

iPhone 12 line can get small battery capacity

The closer the date of the announcement of the new Apple smartphone line, the more rumors about it appear on the network. New leak reveals iPhone 12 battery capacity.

Recently, the Korean Industrial Technology Laboratory (KTL) certified three iPhone batteries, which were tested for performance and safety. According to the documents, products with numbers A2471, A2431 and A2466 have a capacity of 2227, 2775 and 3687 mAh.


It is assumed that this refers to the battery for the iPhone 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, respectively. Chinese specialists from Guangdong Desai Group worked on their creation. Insiders have noticed that two of the three batteries received smaller capacities than their counterparts in the iPhone 11 line (3110, 3190 and 3500 mAh, depending on the model).

It is assumed that in autumn the American company will show four smartphones: a junior version with a 5.4 "screen, two 6.1-inch devices, and the flagship of the line, which will receive a 6.7-inch matrix. It is noteworthy that their sets do not include there will be a memory device and headphones. This is how the company intends to fight the excess of electronic waste.

ASUS ZenFone 7 specifications appeared on the web

At the end of this month, the flagship gaming smartphone ASUS ROG Phone 3 should be announced. In addition, it became known about the imminent release of another device - ASUS ZenFone 7, which will replace the sixth version of the model.


Network informers have posted data on the specifications of the device on the network. They claim that it will be presented in two modifications. The more advanced one will receive better technical equipment. The camera module, like the previous model, will be made folding, it will include three sensors. This will eliminate the need to install front sensors.

Insiders also report that the smartphone will receive an AMOLED display with an integrated fingerprint scanner, a fresh Snapdragon 865 processor, supporting up to 16 GB of RAM in different configurations.

Snapshots of Microsoft Surface Duo running

The Microsoft Surface Duo foldable Android smartphone is expected to begin shipping in August this year. The developers continue their marketing campaign, the main goal of which is to stir up interest in the new product.

In this regard, in early July, one of the leaders of an American company showed the back of the device in the picture.

A recently unnamed Microsoft employee demonstrated the front of the machine, which was working at the time.


It is already known that Surface Duo received two 5.6-inch displays, which in the unfolded state form an 8.3 "workspace. It has one 11MP camera, capable of acting as the main and front ones.

The hardware will be based on the Snapdragon 855 chipset with 6 GB of RAM and built-in storage of 64, 128 or 256 GB depending on the configuration.

The gadget will also receive a proprietary electronic pen Surface Pro X and a special version of Android 10, modified to work with devices equipped with two screens.

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