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Can you really survive on the Metro?


The general end can come from anything: a nuclear explosion, a leak of some T-virus, a massive cataclysm, an asteroid fall, or from many other delights that we have experienced while going through heaps of post-apocalyptic games. But the question is, if this happens in reality, where to go? In our favorite games, the developers offer us a lot of inflamed solutions, but often it all comes down to one thing - to bury yourself underground and sit there until the apocalypse ends, or until we die ourselves.

In the Metro series based on the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky, the picture of a total domestic apocalypse, from which people fled in the Moscow metro, looks harsh, but as they say: harsh means realistic and believable. Look, Artyom survived the disaster in Metro Exodus, took it and calmly got on the train, and went to explore the world. Having played enough of the last part of Metro, we decided to analyze, using our mega gaming knowledge on survival, is it possible to hide in the metro from a nuclear disaster?


Buy a token to survive

When the day of judgment comes, and all the normal bunkers, of which there are a lot on Earth, will be occupied by privileged members of society and the political elite - we, ordinary people, will have to look for other ways to escape. Alternatively, you can run into those numerous basements with rusty doors and half-erased inscriptions "bomb shelter" that are in nine-story buildings, but it is not a fact that you can open them, or at least close them, and it is unlikely that this room is somehow will help you survive.

So while Fallout fans are excitedly pulling on their blue jumpsuits, all 4A Games fans will be running on the subway. The decision is quite logical, because the subway is large enough to accommodate a large number of people.

In addition, this is not confirmed information, but nevertheless, during the Second World War, in Moscow, as in other large cities of the USSR, whole networks of secret metro lines were created [and the devil knows, maybe there are now]. Naturally, according to official data, nothing of the kind exists, and where exactly their location is unknown. But at the same time, the government for all the time since 1991 has not confirmed, but also has not denied this information.


If we talk about Moscow, the chain was dubbed the name Metro 2 or D-6. According to various sources, they connect the Kremlin with other government agencies and bunkers that were built a long time ago. They were intended primarily for evacuation, which is why they are closely connected with bunkers throughout the city.

The entrance is disguised, and an inconspicuous door at some station can actually lead far down to the secret line. The entire system was built on a single track, there are no ventilation shafts, unlike a conventional metro, there are no intermediate shafts either. But all this, of course, is very controversial, ala conspiracy information.

In theory, it is quite possible to wait out the atomic explosion in the subway. And the Moscow metro itself can really shelter a huge number of people, and if we assume that all sorts of secret Metro 2 lines exist, then even more. Many central stations are equipped with hermetic seals, which will help to completely isolate from the real world.

Darkness, Madness and Flood

Ok, in theory everything looks good. But can humanity survive underground in principle? It is unlikely that in the metro itself there will always be lights on and electricity supplied. That is, we are in pitch darkness underground. Okay, let's say we will be able to partially restore the lighting over time, but we will not move our heads there at all, sorry? Scientists have an answer to this question. In 1976, a group of five Czechoslovak explorers descended into the cave to spend six months there.

The purpose of the study is to find out whether a person will be able to maintain his usual 24-hour rhythm of life in an underground, enclosed space, or whether the body will begin to rebuild itself to new conditions of existence. They were provided with everything they needed: food, hygiene products, a low-voltage power station for lighting and a telephone line were installed there. In order for the participants not to become dull, they had to play different games like chess, solve puzzles and math problems. The main thing is that they cannot keep track of the time.


In the beginning, everything was fine, and they lived in a rhythm for 24 hours. Later, changes began to take place. The researchers changed their biorhythm, they slept for 18 hours and were active for 22 hours [their day consisted of 40 hours]. On the 12th day, they began to be annoyed by the light of the bulb, they began to orient themselves better in the dark, relying on tactility, they developed a sense of smell and hearing. "Hurray, evolution!" - you say, but no.

The experiment ended very badly. By the fifth month, subjects began to show signs of insanity. They said that they heard strange sounds, that they met unusual creatures who spoke to them. Although the microphones that were in the cave did not detect anything like that. The rest of the group on the surface decided that their colleagues were hallucinating. By day 173, the subjects had not contacted.

A group of speleologists went after them, but they found only one person who was in deep depression. According to the conclusion, the rest of the group went down to the lower parts of the cave, where they died.


For objectivity, I will say that similar experiments were also carried out and showed that life underground is possible [no one else died]. Moreover, the subway is not a cave, but a theoretical refuge. Is that so? Partially, because in it we face another danger - flooding. But more on that later.


Let's get down to practice. If you see a big mushroom mushroom, then it's time for what Fallout and Walt Boy have been preparing you for so long. Raise your thumb and point towards the mushroom, if your finger completely covers it - you are temporarily out of the affected area, so run as fast as you can to the nearest metro station, if possible. If the mushroom is bigger, then, dear citizen, please take a comfortable position for death, along the way doing your favorite thing, so that the end of existence does not seem so terrible. Along the way, you can count to ten or listen to some nice new age or lo-fi hip-hop to relax and accept your fate [shit, he said I was Glados].


But seriously, how can you beckon from the lessons of life safety, our dear gamer, a nuclear explosion consists of: a shock wave, light radiation, an electromagnetic pulse and radioactive contamination. Therefore, if you found yourself in the metro of the impact alerts before it happened, you are not in danger. But then you will be overtaken by a very cruel reality, which is much more terrible than what you saw in the Metro series.


You are not the only one to guess that you can survive on the subway. There will be thousands of people who, in a panic, trying to go underground, will knock each other down, crush children, disabled people and those who fell to the floor. Even if you were able to survive in this, and avoided the explosion, shock wave and radiation, the electromagnetic pulse will cut off all the current, the lights in the subway will go out and a second wave of panic will begin, in which more people will die. But this is not the end, remember I said about the flood? So, the pumps that pump out underground water will stop and flooding will begin. People will drown and pull along in the hope of saving other people. Those who survive will not be able to stay for a long time in a room where corpses rot and will try to get out, where they will die from radiation. This is how Exodus awaits you.

Station on the other side

Despite the vast metro areas that can accommodate the quarters of citizens, it is very likely that in this scenario, people go down to their grave. But if this happened, the best option, most likely [sorry for the ambiguous advice, we are writing about games in general and modern technologies ...], separate from people in search of safer places underground and hope that Metro 2 may exist. Theoretically, you can survive in the subway, but you have to go through Hell.


But in fact, the likelihood of such an outcome is extremely small and we cannot know exactly what to do. However, let such fears remain only in games, looking at which we will understand that our life, with all the problems, is priceless.

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