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New Google Translate app no ??longer requires internet access


One of Google's translation tools is very useful for travel enthusiasts.

Thus, by aiming the smartphone screen at an unknown phrase or word, the technology translates, helping to better adapt to an unknown language environment. However, such functionality requires access to the Internet, which is not always possible to get in a foreign country, or it becomes an expensive pleasure due to expensive international roaming services.

Google has released a mobile application with which it will now be possible to translate from an unknown language without having to have an Internet connection, in other words, offline.

New translation technology

The new Google Translate functionality supports 59 foreign languages. Translation without the need for a connected internet occurs thanks to the use of neural networks. An innovative technology (NMT) translates phrases directly on the user's device without interacting with the cloud storage to search for word matches.

During standard use of an online translator, it often feels like the translation is automatic, although it is not. At the moment of entering the required request, the application establishes a connection with the company's server to interpret unknown speech concepts, and only then displays the finished result.

Although online technology requires a connection to the World Wide Web, this method gives a more acceptable result of word processing compared to a regular offline translator, since in this case, pre-prepared sets of speech phrases are always used. Often the original text suffered from this, which often received a different meaning and unnecessary detailed load. Google officials say their new NMT offline translation application will yield more accurate literary text. From now on, part of the neural networks will be stored on the gadget itself, and if necessary, it can be activated.

Competition for the benefit of users

By the way, Google "did not discover America" and did not become a pioneer in this matter. Microsoft has previously released a similar translator. It is likely that competition between the two corporations will have a positive effect on end consumers, because the only way to win it is to improve your product. A new neural network mobile translator option will be available for Android and iOS devices. Most likely, each of the language packs (one will be about 35 MB in size) will have to be downloaded separately.

If we directly compare the two developments, then the functionality from Google looks more advantageous. And this is not only due to the lighter weight of the language packs. Google claims to support the application on the most budget devices, while Microsoft requires a special chip. Also, the product from the "world search engine" has a larger number of built-in supported languages (59, the competitor has 11). In any case, only time will reveal user preferences in using the offline translator of a particular company.

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Author: Jake Pinkman