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Microsoft has created a supercomputer for training modern neural networks


Microsoft talked about creating a supercomputer focused on performing super-complex calculations and tasks. The Microsoft computer announced during an online event for developers has been declared one of the five most powerful systems of its class in the world - the company substantiates this statement with its own calculations based on publicly available data.

The project has become one of the most ambitious in the history of the corporation, while the main goal of developing a supercomputer is its ability to interact with artificial intelligence. The announced Microsoft system was developed on the basis of the cloud platform Azure, taking its advantages in the form of access to the entire infrastructure of the same name.

In general, a supercomputer is a single mechanism with a debugged interaction of all its elements. Its structural part is created by more than 10,000 processors with 285,000 processor cores, and the network connection speed for each individual block can reach 400 Gbps.


The Microsoft devices used in the creation, as conceived by the authors of the project, should provide a supercomputer with a new level of interaction with complex structures of artificial intelligence. The new computer, in addition to solving large-scale computing operations, was developed, inter alia, as a training platform for future complex AI machine learning systems. Such complex neural networks have a wide range of capabilities and are capable of performing more functions. At the same time, they require more system power that a supercomputer is designed for.

Machine learning systems currently have their limitations. Often, the models created have a set of auxiliary tools that ensure the high-quality execution of any one scenario: object identification, speech recognition, translations from one language to another. However, for some tasks, larger-scale systems trained on a large data set are more optimal.

Such neural networks can simultaneously cope with many operations from different subject areas. To do this, they do not contain individual skills of one of the subject areas, but have an acquired ability of general understanding according to the principle of artificial intelligence.

To create and train AI systems of this class, a powerful modern computing platform is required. This simulator, according to the authors of the project, should be a new generation Microsoft computer. The company believes that the device will become the first step towards creating more advanced neural networks, along with the accompanying infrastructure for their self-learning, and in the future such systems will be widely available.

The Topic of Article: Microsoft has created a supercomputer for training modern neural networks.
Author: Jake Pinkman