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New films and series. Premieres from 8 to 14 August


Not everyone has had time to check out the Fast and the Furious spin-off about Hobbs and Shaw, the cool heroes of the previous series, which started last week, and Hollywood is throwing new blockbusters onto the world screens, which is one of the most anticipated films of 2019 - "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" and the equally long-awaited horror film produced by Guillermo del Toro - "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark".

Therefore, do not be surprised that this week for the premieres will be too thin.

Movie Premieres Announcement

Indeed. Who will be such a naive idiot that decides to compete with the mentioned monsters? It is clear that they will be the ones who will row the entire cashier this week, and the other "under-masterpieces" would remain in full span. That is why only a couple of films will compete with them in categories to which the mentioned blockbusters have nothing (or almost have nothing to do), that is, comedies and films for children.

But let's start with the heavyweights.

Once upon a time in ... Hollywood (USA, England, China)

Tarantino is not a fan of experimenting with new faces, and therefore he collected the participants of his new project from among his friends, the main of whom have long been Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Peet.

Another condition for the success of the film (according to the famous director) is the participation in the project in all roles from top to bottom of famous actors, whose personalities are on everyone's lips. Moreover, Tarantino does not matter how talented the actor is. He is confident that with his help and under his careful guidance, any actor will play his role excellently and exactly as he, the director, needs.

Therefore, there is no doubt that in this story, as always, neither the dialogues, nor the behavior of the actors on the screen, nor the level of "prescription" of personalities, nor, in fact, the script that the master wrote personally, there are no complaints will.

And we will talk about the once famous actor who, due to circumstances, suddenly found himself on the sidelines of the film industry (Leonardo DiCaprio). Well, if so, his stunt double (Brad Peet) was on the same side of the road next to him.

It's clear that without cinematography, without filming, without all this cinematic "beau monde" and "cinematic life", the hero of DiCaprio can no longer live. Therefore, he will stop at nothing to regain his old life back. And how he succeeds, we learn from the film itself.

Scary stories to tell in the dark (USA, Canada)

The film is based on the sensational series of works written by E. Schwartz and S. Gammel in the 80s - 90s. It is said that the collection of horror stories owed this success not least to the dark pictures drawn by Gammel himself.

Therefore, Guillermo del Toro, who acted here both as a screenwriter and as a producer, especially insisted that the spirit of the future series be kept in the style of these illustrations.

And, judging by the teasers and trailers, his team turned out very well. The main "monsters" in the project will be the antagonists from "Pale Lady", "Thumb", "Long Man" and "Red Dot". It will be scary, but at the same time entertaining and instructive.

Don't choke on popcorn with fear.

Never pick up a scarecrow in the field. It is not even an hour, it will take revenge on you so that it will not seem a little. And never read other people's diaries. They tend to personally write horrible stories with lethal endings about unlucky readers, which then come true with these readers in real life.

And especially, do not poke your nose into other people's mansions. Though abandoned. Believe me, they became abandoned for a reason. And therefore you have nothing to do there either. Unless, of course, you want to go on one place adventure.

Dora and the Lost City (USA, Australia)

It is clear that neither parents nor harsh supervisors will let young children into the vulgar, obscene and bloody blockbusters this week. But the distributor "Central Partnership" did not forget about the kids, and at the same time launched a family adventure tape about a girl on the Nickelodeon TV channel, which was dedicated to the animated series popular among small children for 14 years in a row.


In the film, for some reason, it is not about Dasha (as the girl was called in the animated series), but about Dora, who was raised in the jungle from an early age. No, not monkeys like in Mowgli. She was raised by her parents (like the Wild Thornberry Family) who were just wildlife researchers. Therefore, it is no wonder that the nimble, brave, well-versed girl in the jungle was completely unprepared for the simple everyday school life of ordinary teenagers.

Although, after a while the girl will have to return to the jungle again. But now, in order to save their missing parents from trouble.

Plus one (US) CP 6.3

The world premiere of this Hollywood comedy melodrama took place 4 months ago, so it's no wonder that its digital release took place a long time ago, which made it possible for the ubiquitous pirates to distribute the picture on the Internet, where it was immediately transferred in the pursuit of advertising profits from bookmakers our brave hardworking translators into USA.


Now everyone has the opportunity to watch this good movie on the net for free. And at the same time find out how much you will get for free with the promo code in the bookmaker's office for the first "visit".

The picture itself is about an interesting couple of friends. The first of the couple is Alice's girlfriend, who just can't hook up a normal guy. The second is a guy Ben, who manages to stir up romances with the help of the same first Alice, with whom they entered into an agreement to go to weddings together. But the "same" girl with whom he would want to link his fate forever, he can not meet. Although, as it turned out in the end, there was no need to look for it.

The film is very naive and predictable. It goes without saying for modern girls who do not take their nose out of their smartphones.

TV series premieres

There is a little bit of everything here. There are premieres, there are sequels, and there are also "premiere sequels", which, for example, is the sequel to "Terror". After all, it was clear to everyone from the first "severe" season that the "Terror", "Erebus", as well as the members of their crews, had come to the final and irrevocable skiff. This means that a completely new story awaits us in the sequel, which has nothing to do with Simmons' novel of the same name.

So, let's start the overview. And the first to see the light on schedule ...

Shine (Netflix)

Friday 9 August Season 3

The story about the participants of the world's first female wrestling show called GLOW continues.


The events of the first season, in which one of the main characters - future wrestlers - slept with her friend's husband, are over. But the resentment still remained. I wonder if the events of the past will come back to haunt the ring of the 3rd season?

Although, from season to season, the girls, as well as the head of the show, have more and more new problems. So, it’s no wonder if this time around events will go on an even more unpredictable course.

Synthony / Consonance (Netflix)

August 9, Friday, series premiere

Another film about troubled teenagers and that troubled teenagers are just one step away from the problems themselves.


Everything is as usual here. Girls fall in love with boys, having no idea what kind of "ass" these unsuspecting "ass" boys are in. Such is the pun.

Yes, life in Brazil is not a fairy tale. Even for teenagers. And even in seemingly prosperous families.

Telephonists (Netflix)

Friday 9 August Season 4

The story of a seductive thief who was blackmailed by a dirty police officer to rob a safe in the office of a telephone company director suddenly took on a long sequel.


Every season the life of telephone operators becomes more complicated, acquiring new details. But one thing remains unchanged. The main character, Lydia, cannot decide who she loves more, her ex, who married the daughter of the head of the telephone company, or her new one, the son of the head of the telephone company. Such is our heroine, a successful telephone operator. She only gets a constant headache for this success.

The film is only partly a soap opera. It's basically a drama spiced with spy moments. We all know about switches from the first half of the 90s. Operators, that is, these same telephonists, then tapped the conversations of everyone in a row, whom the bosses pointed out to them, and who they themselves wanted.

And, possessing information, you can very well "blackmail" someone. What they do here sometimes.

Descendants (HBO)

Monday 12 August Season 2

All of them (offspring) are shareholders of the family firm and members of the board of directors. Not all of them will be equally lucky with the inheritance, but many, as it turned out, do not really need it. That piece of "family pie" in promotions that they already have is enough for a lifetime (and more than one) with interest.

But only on one condition. This is only if the daddy's media corporation does not collapse and its shares do not depreciate. What does the little son, who is full of his head, helps with might and main, to whom the dying dad does not allow him to take the CEO's place.

I wonder if this sad goat's betrayal will be revealed? Judging by the trailer, yes. But, let's see how it all ends. HBO shows are well worth not missing.

Lodge 49 (AMC)

Monday 12 August Season 2

The adventures of the twins, whose daddy got into debt and went for a swim so that he drowned, continues. Although, they cannot be called adventures. Rather, they should be called misadventures.


Still, a father who perished in the sea, leaving his children in debts in the amount of about a hundred thousand dollars. A daughter (the twins were one - female, the other - male) living from hand to mouth and trying to pay off this debt, son, some kind of devil dragged into the jungle of Nicaragua, where he was bitten by a poisonous snake, whose bite never heals, and now also a shark, who nearly cut off his leg. This is a must see.

The series is flavored with good gags, many of which border on black humor. Although, no kidding below the belt. Why the project only benefits.

Our Boys / Our Boys (HBO)

August 12, Monday, series premiere

A new project from the HBO channel, which means that you should not skip it in any case. The detective story that will unfold in it is based on real events that took place in Israel in the summer of 2014.

More specifically, the murder of a Palestinian youth, Muhammad Abu-Khdeir, took place, which turned out to be revenge for the murder of three Israeli youths by Hamas fighters on the eve.

As it turned out later, this was the impetus for another aggravation of events in the Gaza Strip. In the series, the whole series of events that preceded this will pass before our eyes.

And everything will be told against the background of the investigation of the brutal retaliatory murder of an innocent Palestinian youth.

Terror (AMC)

Monday 12 August Season 2

From the unambiguous and eerie ending of the first season, it was clear that all members of the Franklin expedition, who went in the second half of the 19th century in search of the Northwest Passage, were killed. So what do the showrunners of the project want to offer us in the second season?

It turned out that the second season will be called "The Terror: Infamy", which translated into USA means: "Terror: Disgrace", and it will be a completely different story. This time we will be transported from the Arctic to the Pacific coast, where, by order of the US President, more than 120 thousand Japanese will be interned in special camps intended for temporary detention of prisoners.

All of them, these poor fellows - Japanese, were recognized overnight as enemies of the American people. Only one thing is not clear, the demon who moved to the camps with the Japanese was also an "enemy of the American people?" Or did he initially already live in the place where the poor "enemies of the American people" were driven?

In any case, his presence here will not help anyone, neither the enemies of the American people, nor their defenders.


That's all for now. Next week, the second part of the adventures of the cartoon Angry Birds will predictably rake in the cash register. Fans of TV series will be waiting for new revelations of serial killers from the "Mindhunter" project. We have yet to take our leave. I wish you all the best, pleasant trips to the cinema, good mood and, as usual, more worthwhile films and TV shows!

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Author: Jake Pinkman