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Yandex. Education: to school with Yandex


The online educational platform Yandex.Education is designed for automatic assessment of students' knowledge.

Children can perform tasks received from teachers on it, the platform assesses the level of knowledge and reports it to the teacher. The resource was launched jointly with the publishing house "Prosveshchenie".

Now more than 100 classes from various USA schools are connected to the platform, which can perform tasks in the USA language and mathematics. You can learn more about the operation of the system at VDNKh, where the platform is presented as part of the Moscow International Education Fair.

The project is a joint venture between Yandex and Enlightenment publishing house, which have equally invested in it. Representatives of the largest USA search engine chose the publishing house as a partner for the reason that Prosveshchenie possesses a large set of ready-made educational tasks and other educational content. Work on the creation of the service has been carried out since the summer of 2017. The project cost was 600 million rubles.

Yandex education

How the platform works

The teacher has the opportunity to give a personal task to each student or a general exercise for the whole class. Since Yandex.Education independently checks the correctness of assignments, teachers get more time for individual lessons with each student. If the exercise was given for the entire class to perform, the service shows general statistics. The teacher can estimate the time for completing the assignment by each student, the methods used to solve problems, typical mistakes.

Yandex education

Comprehensive analysis

When teaching elementary schoolchildren, the platform's artificial intelligence collects and analyzes signals received from them, for example, the time spent looking for a solution to a problem, the dynamics of answers throughout the lesson, the average and total number of errors. In addition, the AI takes into account the state of the student during the lessons.

Yandex education

Yandex data arrays for schoolchildren

The authors of the project see great prospects for the platform in terms of improving the quality of education of schoolchildren and the level of their academic performance. The plans include the connection of Yandex.Education to the Big Data arrays of the search engine. Analysis of statistics will allow us to determine the most difficult learning topics for perception, revise educational approaches to their presentation and predict student performance.

Reality and development plans

At present, Yandex.Education is completely free and works in test mode. Now 100 classes (more than 3 thousand schoolchildren) from schools in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen and other USA cities are connected to the platform. Since the beginning of the year, the system offers more than 16 thousand math assignments for schoolchildren in grades 2-4.

In the near future, tasks in the USA language will be available. These two subjects will become the core of the service due to their priority. In 2019, the developers will add assignments for the 5th grade of general education and experimental exercises for first graders.

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