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Traditionally, this section contains the most interesting data from the world of gadgets and electronic devices that have not been included in other reviews. Today we will talk about the development of an interesting neural network that plans the arrangement of furniture in any room. We will also discuss the creation of zoom eye lenses and Xiaomi's plans to begin car development.

Designer neural network

Stanislas Shaiu, a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique de lausanne (EPFL) and the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD), has developed an interesting neural network.

It is endowed with the ability to create floor plans with the placement of furniture in them. To do this, the user only needs to indicate where the entrance doors and windows will be. It is also required to indicate the parameters of the used territory.


The algorithm is based on three pix2pix models that are trained using different data. The first of them is based on information from the geographic information system, which contains everything about buildings. It is needed to create a vertical projection of the room.

The second model , based on the created projection and user-defined data on doors and windows, divides the room into rooms. They are painted in different colors, taking into account the peculiarities of their use.

The task of the third model is to place furniture in these rooms, taking into account the received plan. Moreover, all the furniture corresponds to the purpose of the rooms.

This neural network is called ArchiGAN. Anyone can familiarize themselves with its capabilities closer on the developer's website.

It is likely that he will continue to work on improving the capabilities of the program, as at the moment the quality of the images it produces is poor.

New generation of contact lenses invented in the USA

A collaborative effort between researchers from the University of California at San Diego and Harbin Polytechnic University has resulted in contact lenses with eye control.


The main nuance of the product is the ability to increase or decrease the resulting image by blinking the eyes twice. This is achieved by using an electrical signal to act on the elastic polymer films that make up the biometric lens.

It integrates dielectric elastomers, which can be controlled with the eyes. Products are able to register electrical impulses of the retina and change their size. This changes the focal length.

At the moment it is known about the testing of a prototype device. It is bulky and not very convenient. Its operation is possible only if there is an installation with electrodes near the eyes. However, the improvement of the device circuit continues. The developers assume that their brainchild will be in demand in the development of eye prostheses, glasses and robotic technology with remote control.

The range of products manufactured by Xiaomi will expand

The list of products of the Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi will soon be replenished with an unusual product for the specifics of the company. Now smartphones, laptops, TVs and tablets of this enterprise are popular among users. In the near future, users will witness the appearance of a vehicle produced by this company. And it will be an SUV.


The Xiaomi car will be called FAW Pentium T77. To start its development, funds will be used that have already been raised thanks to one crowdfunding platform. Anyone could deposit an amount equivalent to 550 US dollars. The total cost of the car is expected to be $ 13,000.

Its geometrical dimensions are as follows: 4525 ? 1845 ? 1615 mm, weight - 1455 kg. At this time, the machine is equipped only with a voice assistant from Xiaomi, but since the beginning of this month, the production cycle is under control from the management of the company. It is planned that the device will be sold only in China. The possibility of FAW Pentium T77 entering the global automotive market remains a mystery.

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