Another drama from Fallout 76, a new game from Obsidian - game news digest from CADELTA. Part two (Topic)

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Another drama from Fallout 76, a new game from Obsidian - game news digest from CADELTA. Part two


Our game news also features Wasteland 2 remake, RDR Online beta, and loot boxes in America.

RDR Online Beta Details

RDR Online beta has recently been launched, but only for owners of the Ultimate version of the game. Soon everyone will have access to it. This was done at the request of the Rockstars in order not to overload the newborn servers. The exact date of how long the online version will be in beta is unknown, and the gameplay is being finalized taking into account user feedback that comes in every day. The wipe is still possible, but the developers will try to prevent it.

Red Dead Online

With gold bars (in-game currency), you can buy cosmetics and decorations for the camp. They can also insure the life of your horse, and when it receives a lot of damage, it can recover faster.

Loot boxes bother Americans

If earlier only European lawyers called loot boxes an analogue of a one-armed bandit, but only in games, now Americans have begun to worry about it. The agenda is exactly the same - too much similarity to gambling, and just like in the casino there is a lot of money spinning. What does it mean? That the state can cash in on it. No such statements have been made directly, but Senator Meggie Hasson from the state. the US apparatus began to analyze this situation.


The action-packed Fallout 76 drama and bugs continues

It would seem much worse? Accusations from journalists and gamers are pouring in from all sides, then lawyers are digging under the studio and threatening to sue, and then bam, and another fail from Fallout 76. Only now it is real, but came from the collector's edition of the game for 200 green. The set included a canvas bag, which turned out to be nylon ...

The problems started on the official website. It says the bag is nylon, when on the attached image it is marked as ebony. On the collector's page in the Amazon, it is purely fabric. And then one fan asked: "What is it all about, Besezda?" And he received the answer that the bags made of fabric turned out to be expensive to manufacture, they were replaced and they would not do anything.

Fallout 76

Popular anger began. The studio unexpectedly replied that such a statement was a lie, and in general it was a freelance employee who simply did not know anything. The studio itself will compensate for the damage by giving everyone who ordered the Collector's Edition 500 atoms - in-game currency.

But such a meager amount is enough only for a door or a couple of flowers to the camp. The funniest thing is that the game analogue of that same bag costs 700 atoms. The conversation screwed up again.

The Game Awards 2018 facts and tons of new announcements

And so at 4.30 Moscow time, the broadcast of the awarding of the best games will begin. A couple of fresh gaming news - we'll see the new gameplay of Anthem, and the most interesting thing is that we will have a new game from Obsidian, the creators of the original Falaut and New Vegas. So far, there are very few details or hints, but presumably we are waiting for a game in a space setting, the arts of which were previously flashed on the studio's official website. It is known for sure that it will not be published by Microsoft even though they bought the studio.

Game Awards

In addition, we received information that the announcement of Dragoon Age 4 awaits us. The director of Bioware, Casey Hutson, said that they plan to expand the universe of the game with a new project. In the development diaries, it was found infa that the whole team can not wait for the new part of the game as they love the series. Hutson himself is going to attend the awards ceremony, so the stars are on our side. Although things may not go according to plan as always.

The original Wasteland will be relaunched

Where is good, it is under the wing of Microsoft. And this can be seen from InXile Entertainment, which announced a remake of Weistland. It was that classic and gorgeous Weitsland that came out in 1988 and became the inspiration for Falaut. However, this will not be a simple remaster, since the game is 30 years old, so something new is clearly waiting for us.


Nobody has resurrected such ancient projects, by the way ...

Mobile TES will be released next year

Maybe, fearing to screw up once again, as Blizzard did with their mobile Diablo, she was moved, but the fact is the fact. The reason is not clear. Perhaps the fact is that the company is now receiving more criticism than ever. Or they decided, at least this time not to release a raw product and want to bring it to normal, having dealt with monetization at the same time.


Game journalists who managed to play it share surprisingly good impressions referring to the intuitive controls and good graphics. Well, I hope we can do without the revelations next year that the gazebo decides to release the sixth scrolls on phones ...

Pathologic 2 will be released in parts

The game has been dragged on in development, so it is planned to break it into parts and release it throughout the year. There is no release date again. A representative of the development studio said that there are many reasons for this: bugs, the difficulty of development, a very small budget and a very large game size. Now, instead of the third postponement of the release, so as not to torment the fans, the decision was made to split the game.

Pathologic 2

This was all the gaming news of the week, if you haven't seen our last digest about the new game about the Alien, we invite you to read it.

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