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Red Dead Redemption 2 VS Reality. Part two


We are continuing with Gamepressure's Read Dead Redemption 2 reality check. In the previous article, we talked about why a bank robbery in the Wild West is suicide, and the vaunted midday duels are a hyped myth. Today we will continue to test how real Read Dead Redemption 2 is.

Two-handed shooting

It is believed that real shooters from the Wild West always have two revolvers at the ready. After all, two-handed shooting is a great idea! But no, this is a myth. The history of the revolver began in the second half of the 19th century with the invention of the famous Colt Single Action, popularly known as the Peacemaker. Revolvers were not very popular with cowboys and farmers. They had an average hitting distance, and not enough strength to stop a puma or a bear. A shotgun or hard drive was much better for defense. If someone took a revolver, they wanted to shoot people, so this type of weapon was mainly used by law enforcement officers or bandits.

Our very first weapon in the Cattleman game. This is the cheapest revolver in the catalog and the weakest. However, in fact, it is the most famous weapon of the period. The revolver that conquered the Wild West is the Colt SAA M1873 or, as already mentioned, the Peacemaker. Historians believe that it was the Peacemaker who allowed the sheriffs and law enforcement agencies to restore order in the cities, even though the bandits also preferred to use it.


This is the pistol that Wyatt Earp used during the clash in O.K. Corral. It was also used by the Dalton brothers and Jesse James's gang. It has been the standard weapon of the US Army for many years. The soldiers used the long-barrel version, but the short-barrel version was popular among the civilian population. In the game, we can also attach a long barrel to the weapon.


In Red Dead Redemption 2, our hero can carry both a revolver and a sawn-off shotgun at the same time. In fact, this set was not popular. Oftentimes, only sheriffs could afford to walk around with two pistols around their waists, when less noble citizens usually opted for a different set of weapons. Given that you had to surrender your weapons in town, people often had one hidden revolver in their belt and another handy little derranger hidden somewhere in their clothes just in case. Yes, and it is impossible and not practical to shoot simultaneously from two hands if you do not have a thorough command of the weapon.

Today in the United States, opponents of weapons argue that the main mistake is to give the M16 assault rifle free access, since it is hardly needed for self-defense. In the days of the Wild West, the same problem was just with a six-shot revolver.

Brimmed hat

A cowboy without a hat is like a console without a controller. Arthur Morgan looks in his outfit not like a vagabond and a criminal, but rather like a cigarette advertising star [those same cigarettes in red and white packaging]. The game has a separate mechanic for interacting with your hat and animations.


However, the iconic hat is another Hollywood myth. The real cowboy hat was made like a Mexican sombrero. It was used by the first cow herders, known in Mexico as vaqueros, which actually means cowboy. It was shaped like an Amish hat, with different colored ornaments. However, such hats were very impractical when riding because they easily fell off due to the gust of wind. In addition, in the event of a firefight, it distinguished the owner as a visible target. The small-brimmed bowler hat was very popular in the Wild West, as can be seen in the photo of Butch Cassidy.

In RDR2, one of your gang members - Javier wears an authentic bowler hat. Due to the enormous possibilities of costemisation, Arthur can wear almost any type of headgear of the time. It's up to us whether he looks like a spaghetti western star or a more real Wild West.


Poker in RDR 2 is a great way to spend your free time. However, in the game, on the contrary, the status of poker is slightly diminished. In fact, playing cards in the Wild West was a pretty serious business and very popular. Poker was played not only by alcoholics and fraudsters, but also by professional players who had the status of stars of card sports. Local saloons often organized real tournaments with awards and prizes. Wild Bill Hickok was included on the Las Vegas Poker Fame List in 1979 as one of the best and most famous players in US history.


By the way, Hickok had a fear of being shot in the back. When he played poker in saloons, he always sat at the table with his back to the wall. Once he persuaded drunken Jack McCall, who was losing heavily, to quit the game so as not to embarrass himself, and also gave him money to buy breakfast. McCall took them, but was clearly offended. The next day, Hickok could not find a place against the wall, and no one agreed to change with him, in the end he sat with his back to the exit. At this time, McCall entered the bar, pulled out a pistol and shot Hikoku in the back of the head. He died instantly, holding a combination of two aces and eights. After that, the people called this combination "Dead man's hand". She also appeared in Fallout New Vegas.


Women with big guns

Women in RDR 2 are not always represented as innocent. They are also in the Dutchman's gang, and Karren Jones generally controls the hostages during the bank robbery mission. And in this case, the game follows historical facts.


There were many outlaw women in the Wild West. They were members of a gang and committed the same crimes as the rest of the bandits and criminals.


Laura Buulon was a member of the Wild Bunch of Butch Cassidy gang and often participated in robberies, disguised as a man. In turn, Pearl Hart robbed the stagecoaches until she was caught in 1899. And Bella Starr was generally called the queen of the bandits. Several films have been made about her, but most of her achievements are in fact myths. The only thing we know for sure is that she loved stealing horses.


One of the most interesting facts about the Wild West is that there were many camels on its territory. They were part of a US Army program that assumed that weather-resistant animals would perform better at transporting equipment than mules and horses. Therefore, a large number of camels were imported from Egypt and Morocco.

During the civil war, many of them fled to freedom and began to reproduce successfully. Camels have lived freely in the United States for about 100 years. The last reported encounter with a wild camel was in 1941 in Texas. It is a pity that the developers did not immortalize these wonderful animals in the game.


An interesting fact. In the game, we can hunt a legendary, especially dangerous bear. It is believed that Bill Hickok saw one in 1860. They say that he met a bear with two cubs on the road and shot him in the head, but the bullet just bounced off and angered the animal. The beast knocked Hickok to the ground, breaking many bones, but he managed to shoot him in the paw and he fled. Hickok was bedridden 4 months after that.


What can I say, although RDR 2 sounds like the real world of the Wild West most of all Western games, it also has a cliche. However, given that this game is even better. For kamon, there are already a lot of realistically boring moments in it. Therefore, the historical accuracy of Red Dead Redemption 2 is true at times.

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Author: Jake Pinkman