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Top 10 Best RPGs of All Time


Computer games have always been a form of escapism, an opportunity to escape from the gray reality into magical worlds and experience unforgettable adventures. Best of all, RPG games cope with this task, where, although there is a plot with a fixed final goal, it is only the player himself who decides how to come to the end, what kind of hero in the end to become. In general, the reasons for a sincere love for role-playing projects can be discussed for a long time, but we have prepared something better for you - the top 10 best RPGs of all time.

In our top of the best games, we tried to select projects based on how interesting they are to play today and meet the definition of "role-playing game".

10. Dark Souls

Of course, we could not ignore the super-successful and already cult series of Dark Souls, but we will focus on the very first part of the trilogy, released in 2011. The Japanese from From Software, with their usual Asian sophistication, decided to remind gamers of what games were like before the casual era.

But the dignity of Dark Souls is not at all in the prohibitive complexity and hostile attitude towards the player, but in the fact that it is essentially a role-playing game, albeit with an eye on a slasher combat system. Dozens of character build options, the ability to join guilds that give unique abilities and non-obvious quests, an open world where every NPC you meet, every item found reveals its own story for the player.

Top 10 RPGs

9. Kingdom Come Deliverance

Another game that was created as an outlet in the modern gaming industry, where developers seem to compete in how to make the game easier, more understandable, in short - in the era of "Press X to win". Unfortunately, the hardcore and medieval Tamagotchi scared off the lion's share of the players from Kingdom Come Deliverance.

But if you let the game open up, you will see the canon RPG, which offers a lot of options for solving even the most elementary quest. The variability of the passage makes you close your eyes to some of the project's jambs. After all, as befits many Middle Eastern RPGs, it has a crooked gameplay, annoying with constant bugs, but what a fun exploring this painted world!

Top 10 RPGs

You can learn more about the game from our review.

8. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Any top best RPG without the games of the Canadian studio Bioware is automatically unusable, and the authors of such collections should be sent to the GULAG. Canadian wizards took over the role-playing genre in the early 2000s and finally brought it into the mainstream. We love all of their games up to and including the Mass Effect trilogy, but KotOR will forever remain in our hearts.

The ability to move freely between planets, non-standard characters, the ubiquitous nonlinearity, and cinematic production - all this blew the brain and made even the most skeptical roleplayers ecstatic.

Top 10 RPGs

15 years have passed, and the game is still relevant and impressive even more than the Captain Shepard trilogy.

7. Gothic 2

German products are famous all over the world for their quality, in almost all areas: from technology to food. But with computer games, not everything is so rosy, the German game industry can boast of only one game - Gothic 2, but the main thing is not quantity, but quality.

Like any cult game, Gothic 2 had its own special charm that made it stand out among the many clones of the Elder Scrolls. First, the atmosphere of the harsh Middle Ages, where the charming music of Kai Rosenkrats always played in the background. Secondly, a living world where each character lived according to a unique daily routine. And, of course, nonlinearity, which in cult RPGs without it.

Top 10 RPGs

6. Divinity 2 Original Sin

This game is a great example of how even such a conservative genre as isometric RPGs can be modernized, made interesting for young gamers without breaking the usual canons of role-playing projects.

Here you will find absolutely everything for which you can love RPG: a lot of interesting characters, each of whom is ready to share an interesting story and quest, a diverse combat system and much more.

Top 10 RPGs

And as if this was not enough, the developers made it possible to pass Divinity 2 in co-op for four players at once. Of course, in this case, the feeling that you are the hero chosen by the universe for the next salvation of the world will no longer be so obvious ... But putting our hand on our hearts, let's say that living partners are always better than computer dummies in a team.

5. Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines

In bearded 2004, even before the vampire setting was not trivialized by the disgusting Twilight, Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines was released. When talking about this game, almost every RPG fan will name a lot of facts why the game adaptation of the World of Darkness universe is a unique masterpiece of the role-playing genre.

We, in turn, will also name a few of the main features of the latest good game about Vampires. A hybrid of action, shooter and classic role-playing game, any task can be completed in many ways. The quests themselves also move as far as possible from the usual "give-and-bring", and tell an unusual story with unique gameplay situations.

Top 10 best RPG games

4. Fallout 2

A small disclaimer: starting with Fallout 2, any position in the top of the best RPGs is equivalent, this is just in case, because putting the second "Follych" not in the first place will seem blasphemy, godless heresy to many old-fashioned RPG fans. After all, what exactly do we love role-playing games for? Of course, for role-playing, for maximum non-linearity, a world in which the desire to dissolve and quests that surprise with non-standard plot twists.

Fallout 2 has all of the above advantages of roleplaying. This year, the game celebrates its 20th anniversary, but in terms of features and replayability, it still remains one of the pinnacles of the genre. If a modern gamer can get used to archaic graphics and gameplay, then even forcibly pulling him away from the computer will be an impossible task.

Top 10 best RPG games

3. The Witcher 3

Over the past few years, so many flattering words have been said about the CD Project masterpiece that I don't even want to repeat it. We even put the game in first place in the top of the best modern RPGs. The Poles in The Witcher 3 have created just the perfect tool for storytelling and you really want to believe in this painted, mystical world filled with magical creatures.

Why not first place? As much as we love The Witcher 3, but in terms of nonlinearity and role-playing, it still loses to many classic role-playing games. We always act out, sometimes cruel, sometimes benevolent Geralt, and the canonical neutrality according to Sapkowski's books is not a frequent guest here.

Top 10 best RPG games

2. The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind

The age-old question: "Which is better - Morrowind or Skyrim" has already ruined more than a dozen lives. On any gaming forum, you can see this brutal confrontation, in which the moderators do not have time to banghammer especially eccentric users. The games differ in many details, but offer the most important thing - to live hundreds of exciting hours in a fantasy world.

We will still give Morrowind primacy for a unique setting, the opportunity to join one of the Houses and build majestic country estates, for a huge scope for customization and hundreds of amazing quests.

Top 10 best RPG games

1. Planescape Torment

The late Black Isle studio has presented to the world in the person of Planescape Torment a real philosophical treatise. The plot of the game closely intersects with Buddhist ideas, in which a person must go through an endless cycle of being reborn in order to then open the circle of Samsara and achieve parinirvana - the final death. The search for death is one of the main goals of the game.

In general, if you like intellectual works that pose difficult questions for thought, then Planescape will definitely appeal to you.

Top 10 best RPG games

But the game is not only valuable for the plot, it is, first of all, RPG, which is multiplied by the insane world. Here you can sell your partners into slavery, dig in your own guts for valuable loot. This is a unique game and not only the best RPG, but also one of the most important projects in the history of the gaming industry.

Our top best RPGs have come to an end. We hope you found some interesting projects for yourself or just experienced a feeling of nostalgia for your favorite childhood games. And for those who are more into new video games, we recommend that you check out our top top games in May 2018.

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