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New apps and games for Android devices


Interesting applications and games appear on Google Play literally every day. Today we want to introduce you to some of these newcomers who have shown their best side.

My Eyes

This is a special program designed for the visually impaired and volunteers. This is how it works. Blind people and volunteers sign a virtual contract with each other.

Sounds overly official, but in reality they just register with the app and create a minimal contact profile. If a visually impaired person needs help, he calls through the program and gets to one of the volunteers, who in one way or another tries to solve the problem.

At the moment, My Eyes has already been installed by more than fifty thousand in need and more than half a million volunteers. As they usually say in such cases, faith in the humanistic ideals of mankind is almost restored.

Thimbleweed Park


is an outlandish genre mix of comedy and thriller. The plot, however, is not too complicated.

Five people find themselves in an unfamiliar city. They do not understand how they got here and, most importantly, why. The gameplay pleases with funny jokes, retro graphics and five different characters.

In addition, there are difficulty levels and even hints. Thimbleweed Park will cost you about $ 10. But you can forget about annoying ads.

Edge Browser


Microsoft rushed to conquer Android with all the efforts of a loser. The Windows phone platform, as you know, ordered a long life, but the company began to actively promote its software on Google Play.

This time it's Edge browser. The release of this program is of great symbolic significance, not to mention purely practical benefits.

For example, the browser allows the user to sync their tabs on a mobile device and a desktop PC.

The application has great potential, which, however, has not yet been realized. The browser is in beta testing. You can download it absolutely free.

Into the Dead 2


A very talented sequel to the "endless" Dead. The developers turned around for real, fixing many of the shortcomings of the first release. The main character now has a four-legged friend, the gameplay has received several different endings, and itself has become more diverse.

The toy is full of scenes of violence, and therefore it is not surprising that it is recommended for players who have reached the age of sixteen. Into the Red 2 offers interesting options for passing missions, upgrading weapons and defense for the player. You can download it absolutely free, but you need to be prepared for a lot of ads.

Movies Anywhere


One of the real sensations of recent times was the Movies Anywhere application. The guys from Google have come up with a kind of "key" with which you can enter many well-known online platforms and watch movies.

Movies Anywhere lets you enjoy content from online cinemas like Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and even Vudu. The application has a very lightweight interface and of course supports Chromecast.

Movies Anywhere is not always stable today, but Google will probably tighten all the necessary nuts and screws as soon as possible.

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Author: Jake Pinkman