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TimeFlip will help you do everything


Modern man is always short of time. Sometimes it even seems that if there were 30 or 40 hours in a day, this would still not be enough. People do not have time at work, they have little time for rest, for communication with family or friends. The TimeFlip device helps solve this problem. And you don't need to put in any extra effort. You just need to do a couple of finger movements.

What is this gadget

The secret to effective time allocation lies in the need to keep track of it. First of all, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the use of this precious resource. However, this process is very long and tedious - you can spend a lot of effort on its implementation and not get the desired result.

It becomes necessary to record each step by writing down the completed action on paper. Always have a pen and paper close at hand. In addition, timekeeping should be kept using a stopwatch. This causes a lot of inconvenience.

Using a smartphone makes the task a little easier. Today there is a lot of different functionality that helps to systematize the process of accounting for the time spent. But again, you need to enter data into the device, constantly click and search for something.

Everything is greatly facilitated by the TimeFlip product - a desktop assistant in time management. This is a dodecahedron - a cube-shaped figure with 12 faces. Each has a symbolic image of a particular period of human activity.


The user, starting to work with him, launches the installed application on his smartphone and together with it the timer is activated. It takes into account the time spent on the task, which is depicted or recorded on the top edge of the TimeFlip. When the dodecahedron is flipped, a change in activity occurs, and an accounting of the time required to perform another task is started. It is non-distracting and only takes 1-2 seconds.

The device is collapsible. Its edges are fixed with magnetic locks. There is an electronic unit inside it. It integrates a Bluetooth module and an accelerometer. The first helps to establish contact with a smartphone and transfer data. The accelerometer determines on which edge the device lies, and also distinguishes tasks from each other. Power is supplied by means of a flat, round battery. Its energy is enough for about one year of product operation.

Who is TimeFlip for?

First of all, this product will be in demand by office workers. They do a wide variety of jobs: meeting clients, negotiating, mailing, etc. All this requires not only a certain amount of time, but also its rational use.

Often, many do not know how. As soon as they start analyzing their activities, it turns out that many minutes are spent on various kinds of distractions: viewing personal data on social networks, studying the latest news, etc. Employees also like to drink coffee often, talk about anything with colleagues and smoke a cigarette. All these non-rational expenditures of a time resource are revealed by TimeFlip.


People of creative professions and freelancers will also appreciate the product. They may experience a loss of self-control because working at home is relaxing. Too many temptations. The result is a violation of the deadline for the work.

TimeFlip makes this easy to avoid. It helps to separate the boundaries of work and play. It will also appeal to managers who can implement stable time tracking at their enterprise or office.

Configuration Process

This will take no more than 2 minutes. The data is entered once and the device stores them. Everything is done in three stages.

First, you need to stick on the edges of the dodecahedron the included stickers with the image of a particular process or task. Previously, there is nothing on the edges, they are clean. There are stickers without pictures. They are needed for self-application of the task required by the user.

At the second stage, the application for iOS and Android smartphones is installed. TimeFlip is set face up, when the application is turned on, it is automatically detected. Then, one by one, starting from the top edge, add all tasks to the smartphone program, giving them a name.


The essence of the third stage is to control the settings already made. The user can spin the cube, setting one or another task in turn. This will determine if they match those already in the application.

The developers have provided integration of the device with other popular applications. For example, Toggl, Todoist and Trello.

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Author: Jake Pinkman