Fake RDR 2 Rumors, Fake Cyberpunk Removed From Steam, Blacksad Comic Book Game - This Week's Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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Fake RDR 2 Rumors, Fake Cyberpunk Removed From Steam, Blacksad Comic Book Game - This Week's Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part two


Also in the digest: casinos in GTA Online are not available in many countries, people from MachineGames have established a healthy studio, Nintendo will repair their controllers for free.

Rumors of RDR 2 expansion and first RDR remake turned out to be experimental fake

Last week, rumors began to circulate on the network that allegedly Rockstar is preparing an alien expansion for the second Red Dead Redemption, as well as creating a remaster of the first part. All of this turned out to be a lie in the name of an experiment.

It all started with a Reddit post from user throwaway 11113454. In it, he described that he had a friend working as an environment artist in the Rockstar department who was developing RDR 2. It was he who started this rumor about DLC and remake.

After three days, he published a second post, where he admitted that all his words were lies and as he knows, Rockstar is not doing anything like that. He further said that he simply decided to conduct an experiment and check how rumors spread in the gaming environment. He deliberately left a lot of understatement to make the post look dubious, but in contrast he added facts that seemed to him quite truthful. The user did not hope for the success of his experiment and thought that the post would be ignored.


The next day, he saw hundreds of notices under it, and also found that it was spread across many gaming media. The user began to observe how his fake wanders from one site to another, and how video analyzes and analyzes of his "news" appear on You Tube.

In his confession, he said that he had drawn conclusions: many people are ready to easily believe in beautiful but unconfirmed words, as well as the media is a dangerous tool thanks to which 70 thousand people saw his fake.

Steam removed the Cyberpunk 2069 fake from the store

This game, called Cyberpunk 2069, is no different from the low-grade fakes from the Steam cloaca, except for one thing. Its creator promised that everyone who buys the game for 10 bucks before the 22nd will receive Cyberpunk 2077 as a gift for Christmas as a bonus. Even more, for those who leave the funniest comment under the post, the author of this masterpiece will give a collector's edition of Cyberpunk 2077.


However, on the 23rd, the game was removed from Steam [most likely, this is the initiative of Valve themselves], as it was of low quality, and also infringed the copyright of the original Cyberpunk 2077 with its logo, and used music from Blade Runner in the trailer. Well, the campaign about a gift in the form of Cyberpunk from Poles is generally an obvious divorce.

As described, Cyberpunk 2069 promised us the most realistic city of the future, where we could do whatever we want, as well as a story about a cop from the past who will try to get rich by getting into a high-tech future.

Blacksad: Under The Skin, an adaptation of the famous detective cat comic, will be released on November 5

Blacksad: Under The Skin is a game based on the original Spanish comic strip Blacksad. The developers from Pendulo Studios shared in their diary about the progress of development.

The developers said that they are creating the game in active cooperation with the author of the original. They came to the conclusion that the game and the comic should be interconnected and complementary in everything. To ensure that the connection between the game and the original source is always close, Juan Diaz Canales, its author, constantly keeps in touch with them. At the same time, the game is made in such a way that both new players understand how this world functions, and so that true fans of the comics will enjoy it.

However, the plot of Blacksad: Under The Skin will be original, and not reproduce the events of the comic. Taking inspiration from the 50s movie industry, they created a story about the heyday of the sports media and advertising power.

The gameplay is classic, in the style of TallTalle games: cinematic cutscenes, branched dialogues with a choice, interrogation of witnesses, search for evidence and all that. However, we are told that our main task is to delve into ourselves.

Developers from MachineGames have created their own studio, where there will be no crunch

Michael Paishan and Yoel Jonsson, both MachineGames and Wolfenstein, set up a studio called Bad Yolk Games. Now it includes 10 experienced developers, whose total experience is 90 years.

The people working in the newly minted studio have previously had a hand in projects such as Gears of War, EVE Online, The Devision, The Darkness. Paishan took over as CEO, and Jonsson took over as creative director.

They plan to attract talented developers with an emphasis on a healthy balance of work and personal life, as well as complete creative freedom without restrictions. The studio has already launched its game under the new intellectual property.


The heads of the studio believe that AAA projects should be interesting to play, but for this the creators should be interested in creating them. This is the foundation of their studio. In his interview, Michael Paishan said that creating an AAA project is usually difficult and terrible [well, it's no secret]. Due to inhuman working conditions and crunches from ZeniMax, which owns MachineGames, he began to burn out and needed rest. In the studio, a threat weighs over every employee - if you can't hump as we need to, we'll find someone who can. That is why they decided with Jonsson to create their own "healthy studio".

ZeniMax has already filed a lawsuit against Bad Yolk Games for violating the clause of the agreement that those who come from the studio who founded their projects should not lure their former colleagues to themselves. However, Bad Yolk considered this point unlawful, since in other Scandinavian countries this rule applies only to those who hold key high positions in the company.

The case went to Sweden's highest labor court and Bad Yolk won. They are currently developing a small game, but the next project will definitely be AAA level.

Casinos in GTA Online were unavailable in many countries due to the prohibition of gambling law

New to GTA Online this week is a huge casino hotel. Alas, players from different countries with harsh anti-gambling laws cannot enjoy the content. For example, these are residents of the Czech Republic, Portugal, Argentina, South Africa.


Some players complain that they don't have some of the content, while others say that they don't have access to the casino at all. Rockstar has confirmed regional restrictions apply in many countries.

Nintendo will drift Joy-Con free of charge

Nintendo Switch Controllers have one defect called Drift. The console catches stick movement even when it is in a resting position. The company is faced with a class action lawsuit from people who have similar problems. Nintendo now offers free repairing of drifting controllers.


Previously, owners of broken controllers were required to pay $ 40 in order to send the controller to a service center. Now it became known that this procedure has been abolished and the company advises its employees to take their word for it to customers requesting a refund for already paid Joy-Con repairs.

VICE reached out to Nintendo to confirm free shipping and repair of the controllers. But how things are in USA is not yet known.

This was all the big news from the game world at the end of the week. Stay tuned.

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