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Watch Dogs Legion - looking through facts and guessing about the game


The announcement of Watch Dogs Legion at E3 is not so much exciting as it makes you ask questions: how the NPC system will work, how the plot will move, has Ubisoft really started making normal sequels to the games? Let's try to figure it out by analyzing everything we know about Watch Dogs Legion.

Not the third part

In fact, Legion cannot be called the third part, since the game essentially does not have a protagonist. Watch Dogs Legion takes place in London, where extremists have seized power, bandits walk the streets and wreak havoc, and the DedSec hacker group is trying to return the city to the people. To do this, you need to recruit a team of citizens. Any citizens. And we will eventually play for them, switching from time to time between them.

You can recruit 20 people, whose appearance is not registered in advance and we are assured that they will not be repeated. That is, they really want to tell us that we will have a city with as many NPCs as possible, and anyone can become our playable character. That is, any character can appear in any cutscene ...


For recruitment, we must help a person to deal with his problems in life or family, then he himself will want to join us. But here the question is, will not these tasks be monotonous and randomly generated, like the smallest quests in Skyrim from the category "go fetch". And again "no", recruiting tasks will always amaze us somehow, if of course you trust the developers.

So far, it all looks like tales from Peter Moulinho about his trees growing in real time. However, to be honest, this is intriguing. And even if this is true, I have no idea how much the game will weigh with all those pieces of content that they want us to have.


Development of the plot

There are more questions than answers when talking about the plot. When there is a GG in the game, it is he who pushes the plot. And if we are recruiting 20 people here, and each of them is different, then how will the plot be, excuse the tautology, the plot? Will it be pushed by a set of random situations?

For example, bring the overall level of chaos to this value until you take back the area and meet with the local boss? More, like in the last Mafia. Even so, it's not very interesting.

The approach shown to us is a rather unusual and bold decision, and I hope the French will competently implement it. But such a recruiting system allowed the introduction of a full-fledged death mechanic into the game. If your character dies, it really dies and others will discuss his death.


Moreover, it cannot be said that the game again goes into the gloomy tones of the first part, given the presence of that promo video with an old woman who kills everyone in a row.

She, by the way, belongs to the category of slow characters because of her age and will behave like any other grandmother or grandfather.

Characters and their skills are also different

If the hero nevertheless dies, to a large extent you will be worried that you have lost his abilities. Moreover, after watching the recent gameplay for 30 minutes, you can understand that the character's abilities are directly intertwined with his character.

So, for example, in the video with the gameplay there is an NPC whose description says: "he likes to start fights in the bar" and the abilities of such a character have +75 to damage in hand-to-hand combat, which is quite logical. Another NPC's biography says that she once revived her uncle during a heart attack with blows to the heart. And she has + 200 melee damage.


And while it may not be that important, or even randomly generated for each NPC, it's cool to know something about the person you are going to recruit into your organization.

So, if you have lost an important character with a special skill, who, for example, was a super cool hacking master, then you will have to look for a replacement for a long time. After recruitment, each member of your gang can choose a specialization, of which there are three: someone is good at shootouts, someone can be made a robot specialist, and the third is stealth characters that can become invisible.


Well, in order for our character to learn new tricks, and get cool abilities, he needs to be pumped. And if you lost a character of that level 80, that's really a shame.

Regarding the gameplay, all journalists agree that, in principle, he remained familiar in terms of parkour, shootings, stealth and hacking. But now the developers are going to make a greater balance between the action and the imperceptible passage, so that they can decide how to play the game. They also claim to have focused on cool hand-to-hand fights to make them look cooler.

Personal history

In general, the game looks, as already mentioned, very entertaining. After all, looking back at the conveyor stamps of Ubisoft, they could simply play another game with the next familiar mechanics in a new setting, passing it off as revolutionary gameplay.

However, this basic concept that we are organizing some kind of revolutionary movement, which will advance the plot, is very unsettling. I'm sure if at least 70% of everything is as great as the developers promise us, then it will be cool.


So far, there are only guesses. For example, Yubisoft can pre-record only 20 variants of voice acting [the numbers here are purely arbitrary], and it will be randomly substituted for a certain character. They can also prescribe about 40 elaborated recruitment quests, which will also be randomly dropped for NPCs. That is, from a large set of elaborated things that will be randomly combined and a unique character will be created. Due to this, the illusion appears that all 200 models are unique. In fact, they will be just such a Lego constructor from different sets.

This approach can even work on the third playthrough of the game, especially if the majority of gamers will try to prevent the death of characters.


Don't forget, any game should pretend that it simulates life. Therefore, to develop this strategy and make the player believe that everything is exactly as he sees, even though this is an illusion, it’s a damn right decision. And then the passage will be varied and turn into a personal story of one resistance group.

While this is all that is known about Watch Dogs Legion, or at least what we can assume.

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Author: Jake Pinkman