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New protective glass for smartphones presented


Corning, a manufacturer of protective coatings for phones and other devices, has announced the release of an updated version 6 of Gorilla Glass. They first appeared on the 2007 iPhone. The new development is presented as more resistant to external damage and impact than the previous 5th version of 2016, and, in addition, additionally provides designers with a large field of activity.

According to the data collected by Corning and presented in the promotional video of its new products, each smartphone user, according to average calculations, drops his device about once a year from a height of one and a half meters. Moreover, falls from lower altitudes occur even more often (somewhere 3-4 times a year). The creators of the new Gorilla Glass claim that the protective glass can "allow" fans to drop their phones to do it up to 15 times from a height of about a meter, and only after that the glass will still crack. The declared figure is twice as high as the previous Gorilla Glass 5.

The official release of the manufacturer specifies that Gorilla Glass 6 is glass with a completely new chemical composition, which makes it possible for the new product to shrink better. This in turn leads to less damage.

At the same time, the creators of the glass do not guarantee the absolute invulnerability of the glass in case of physical impact, but only claim that the chances of its breaking are reduced. At the same time, the manufacturer admits that the resistance of glass to minor scratches is on the same level as that of Gorilla Glass 5, which collects minor damage more often than even earlier versions.

Corning did not give exact information about which smartphones will use the new glass for the first time, but according to their expectations, this will happen in a few months. It is possible that they will appear in three upcoming iPhones, whose release is expected in the fall, or in the Galaxy Note 9, which was announced even earlier.

In addition to the release of the main novelty, Corning also presented a design version of Gorilla Glass. Now, to the previously produced protective glasses with embedded images of photographs, several more design options have been added that imitate various natural surfaces: imitation of stone, marble, leather, wood. The manufacturer also presented models of translucent glass protections, glasses with reflective components and gradients.

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Author: Jake Pinkman