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New films and series. Premieres from 25 to 31 July


The end of July cannot boast of expensive blockbusters, so there is time to take a breath and relax a little. And at the same time look for something less pretentious to watch. Fortunately, this will be enough this week. There are no heavy competitors, and distributors, taking a deep breath, rolled out on the screens a whole locomotive of new products.

And that's not counting the novelties among the series ...

What to go to the cinema

To be more specific, at the end of July in cinemas the posters will simply burst with films, and some will be forced to give up something for the sake of something. For example, it is already clear that the documentary dedicated to Pavarotti can only be seen by admirers of the great artist's art living in big cities. And the 1999 Fight Club with Brad Peet in the lead role, restored to the last pixel, will not be visible to everyone.

The weekly movie premiere schedule looks like this (let's start, as usual, with the Americans) ...

Production (USA)

The film was already announced by us, but later it turned out that its premiere was postponed a couple of weeks later. The guy, passing a kind of survival course, was abandoned for several days on a desert island.


But, as it turned out later, this island is not as uninhabited as it seemed at first glance. In any case, one person - a young and pretty girl - definitely lives here. And, it seems, everything here predisposes to a wonderful romance in the style of a short-term "Blue Lagoon", but there it was.

Robinson feared cannibal natives on his island. Our newly minted couple will have to fear something else, but no less dangerous.

So there will be love, but only after, and even then, if the skin survives ...

See you soon (USA)

Domestic cinema stars also took part in this melodrama. And here love will be struck between Brian Hooks, one of the leading American football players, and our compatriot. Ask how they met? Well, let's answer.


Literally on the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which was held, as you know, in USA, Brian gets into a terrible car accident, as a result of which he receives a number of injuries incompatible with participation in the World Cup. To top it off, his girlfriend turns out to be surprisingly bitchy and sends the poor footballer to all fours.

What to do in this situation? Get on your feet, of course, and then ventilate your brains. Somewhere, say, on a cruise ship loitering in warm tropical waters.

It was then that he meets a charming girl who turns out to be USA. Wanting to continue his acquaintance, he receives an invitation to visit St. Petersburg, where, by the way, several games of the 2018 FIFA World Cup took place.

Will he find her in this huge metropolis among countless crowds of people? We'll see the film and find out.

Ophelia (USA, England) CP 6.3

Filmed in the final Skywalker saga - "Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise ", Daisy Ridley hit Shakespeare. Or rather, in his new and improved modern re-singing.


Rather, this is not even Shakespeare, but an attempt to recreate the events of those past days, when the deceased (or killed?) King Hamlet was replaced by not his son, but the usurper Claudius. That is, the film could be considered historical, if it were not for a lot of liberties and "embellishments", with which Shakespeare's modern assistants - screenwriters Semi Chellas and Lisa Klein - have spiced up the bare historical facts.

It turned out beautifully interesting, but not true. Those who do not have the last criterion in their heels are welcome to the cinemas.

Vidocq: Ghost Hunter (France) CP 5.9

It's the French turn. Moreover, this week four pieces of French films come out on our screens at once. But the main one, of course, is the new and improved Vidocq. And although notorious moviegoers have already managed to get acquainted with the picture on torrents and pirated Internet cinemas (the world premiere of the film took place in early November last year), for most citizens it still seems to be a novelty.

No, this is not a rehash of the 2001 film, in which the famous Gerard Depardieu himself starred. That one was mixed with fantasy and fantasy. This one is based on a real character, more mundane, but very skilled in investigative activities.

We are interested in the film not only because of the informative and biographical plot, in which Vidocq suddenly turned from a swindler and a criminal into the most notorious gendarme of the French state, but also because of the fact that all of us starred here in one of the main roles beloved Olga Kurylenko.

We have recently discussed and watched a new film with her participation, called"Fifteen Minutes of War".Check out this one with equal interest.

The Adventures of Remy (France) IMDb: 6.9

France again. This time it is an adventure film for children based on Hector Malo's novel “Without a Family”, written in 1878.


The tape tells about the adventures of the old musician Vitalis, who traveled to France in the second half of the 19th century in the company of the dog Capi, the monkey and the orphan boy Remy. On the way, the boy will learn not only to survive in the harsh living conditions of wandering musicians, but also go through all the main stages of personality formation. He is distinguished not only by a good ear for music and a wonderful voice, but also by an extremely sensitive and responsive, pure heart.

Ultimately, this totality will help him to rediscover his long-lost family. Although, if you face the truth, he did well in this one too ...

Maternal Instinct (France) IMDb: 6.6

It is rare to see a thriller performed by the French on the screen. They are mostly famous for their comedies and action films, but this is exactly the case when we are offered a psychological thriller.


The film begins like an idyll. The beautiful streets of Brussels, on one of which the main heroines of the film, the women Alice and Celine, live, cause a real delight. Everything here is beautiful and just fabulous. As well as the personal life of our heroines. Both have the same picturesque house. Each has a loving husband. They also have sons, also one for each. And this whole picture with all its appearance hinted that this "happiness" should one day collapse. Which is exactly what happened.

The accidental death of Celine's son triggers destructive processes in her brain that will affect not only her psychological state, but everything around her. And how the entire surrounding idyll will degrade into complete chaos, and will tell us in his film the newly-minted director Olivier Masset-Depass.

Snow White. Fairy tale for adults (France, Belgium) IMDb: 5.50

The French and Belgians are plagued by vague doubts that everything that was told in the fairy tale of the same name for children was far from the case. Yes, and everything happened not in the distant past, but, just the same, in our time.


By the way, Snow White herself was not Snow White at all, but a simple daughter of a simple owner of a successful hotel, who threw back his flippers at the most inopportune moment. And all would be fine, but only the envious and malicious stepmother remained unchanged. The role of the mirror, reflecting the imperfection of her stepmother, was played by her lover, who began to look at Claire (this is the name of the local Snow White).

Forced to flee from the wrath of an evil stepmother, Claire finds refuge on a farm located in the provincial wilderness. The gnomes here were replaced by seven very normal men, who (considering that they are really normal) really wanted to sleep with the newly-minted Snow White.

That's enough for that. About how many "gnomes" our Snow White will or will not give, and whether the stepmother will be able to poison her with the ill-fated red apple, we will find out by watching the film.

And we are not interested at all. Some kind of nonsense, in our opinion. Did the poor French run out of ideas? If so, then I'm sorry for them, of course.

Necromancer (Australia) IMDb 5.6

Recently, the topic of general "smartphoneization" of the population has been tormenting not only the AmericanStephen King, but also the Australian Kei Roach-Turner, and even, as we learn about a little later, the Indian S. Shankar.

It so happened that not only human culture and technology changed over time. In the other world, it turns out, there were no less progressive changes. One of the demons, for example, advanced in his kind of "research" so much that he found a way to "connect" with any gadget through which mobile communication between people is carried out or the Internet is connected.

Somehow his "vibes" are transformed into digital, after which, apparently, they are recoded by the device and through speakers, headphones, a screen (or something else) take possession of the minds and souls of unsuspecting naive users.

Taking the guise of Monica Bellucci, the demon walks around the world, collecting his bloody harvest. But that's okay. The necromancer and his team will definitely end him.

But how it will be - funny or boring, cool or dull, interesting or regrettable (and so on), we learn only after watching the full movie.

Step Up 6: Year of Dance (China) IMDb 4.2

The franchise called "Step Forward" starting from the 5th film began to lose momentum and, like "Fast and the Furious", decided to move to Asia. But, unlike Fast and the Furious, Step Forward did not stop in Japan. The studio Lion's Gate Films, which sponsored the project, slowed down only in China, where the next film in the franchise was shot, in fact, literally called "Step Forward: China".


But the Chinese naive "Step Forward" was not to everyone's taste. As in the case of Tokyo Drift, the franchise in the Asian arena confidently sank, earning an infamous 4.2 rating in the West.

After such an anti-success in USA, those wishing to go to the picture noticeably decreased. Although the trailer looks promising, in fact, the Chinese could not bring anything new to the picture. And that's why we got what we worked for.

Robot 2.0 (India) IMDb 6.5

This is the picture we had in mind when talking about another example of a critical attitude to the problem of "general smartphoneization" of the population.

The film is packed with computer special effects to the eyeballs. And they look quite tolerable to themselves. But this does not rid the picture of the Indian naive, idiotic script and antediluvian fantasy at the level of the first grade of primary school.

The tale is about a super-duper sophisticated villain-flyer who somehow subjugates gadgets and is able to create killer machines out of them. Nonsense and nothing more. And if another creation of human hands had not fought "for us" - a robot named Chitty (more about him in the equally stupid and naive backstory "Robot" (2010)), human civilization would have been covered with a copper basin!

Hindu Film Lovers - Go to the theaters! For the rest, it is better to wait for the appearance of a stupid action fantasy comedy on torrents. And for free, hardly anyone will master such nonsense ...

Pavarotti (USA, England) IMDb 7.8

The life of the greatest tenor of all times and peoples is still shrouded in mystery. Screenwriters Cassidy Hartman and Mark Monroe decided to make a little money out of this mystery by bucking a script for a documentary in which the artist's life and career can be traced back and forth.


Few people know, but small Luciano was born into the family of a simple baker. But this did not prevent him from growing into a world-class star, gathering half a million viewers at his concerts at a time and twice included in the Guinness Book of Records. The rest of the details, if anyone is interested, you can find out by watching the movie.

Well, or by reading Wikipedia, at worst. We do not think that hidden and secret details that are not yet available on the Internet will be revealed to us in the film.

My friend Robot (Germany, Belgium) IMDb: 4.8

And again robots. This time of German-Belgian production. The theme is as old as Dirol, chewed up to tastelessness: "A little boy and his friend a robot".


This topic has already been covered in many variations. "Steel Giant", "The Next Generation", etc. Even the second "Terminator" can be recorded here. Why is little Johnny Connor a boy, and why Arnie's Terminator is not a robot? And what can you call their relationship in the film, if not friendship to the grave? Although, in this case, of course, before the smelter.

Everything is the same here. Tobby the boy, Robbie the robot and the friendship between them. Acquaintance, development of relationships, expressed in the creation of some kind of super-super car and other adventures, pursuit by agents of technology corporations, and a happy ending. Most likely ...

Overseas children, judging by the rating, did not like the picture. We think that our today's children are in solidarity with foreign ones in everything. Therefore, think a hundred times before going to the cinema to watch this masterpiece.

Fight Club (USA, Germany) CP 8.6

More and more old masterpieces are being digitized, restored and rolled out in a second round. The picture, which occupies the 9th place in the KinoPoisk rating, did not escape this.


Despite the disastrous box office, the picture is firmly held in the lead and in overseas ratings. The hero Edward Norton, an employee of the insurance company, on whose behalf the story is being told, has a headache. He is tormented by insomnia. He suspects that the reason for this is a boring life in which little is happening now, and it is unlikely that something interesting will happen in the future.

But, as it turned out, he was wrong. He accidentally meets the cool type Tyler Durden (Brad Peet), with whom they open a kind of "fight club", which eventually turns into a massive planetary movement.

And now the fate of the world depends on who will hold the reins of this devastating living weapon. But the ending will present us not only with surprises in the style of "we are all sectarians, even though we did not know about it." There will be something worse and more unexpected.

The film is great. Those who haven't watched have lost a lot.

What to watch on TV

But TV series fans will have a truly festive week. Indeed, these days it is expected that such “projects of the year” as the fantastic action movie “Boys” with Karl Urban in the title role and “Pennyworth”, which lifts the veil over the past of the butler, assistant and friend of the future Batman - Alfred Pennyworth (not to be confused with King's clown Pennywise).

But let's be consistent and cover all the new items in the order of their airing.

Another Life (Netflix)

25 July, Thursday, series premiere

The first premiere this week, and immediately loved by many space fiction. And with Katie Sackhoff, familiar to us from Battlestar Galactica, in the title role.

The action will revolve around an unknown alien artifact, from which, as we understand, there will be only troubles. But to talk about the fact that, supposedly, it was not figs at all to go to what you do not understand, it's too late. We have already climbed, and there is no turning back. Now only look for ways to neutralize its "pernicious" influence.

Will the research spacecraft team succeed? Judging by the trailer, things didn't go very well for them ...

Veronica Mars (Hulu) CP 8.1

Friday 26 July Season 4

Yes, yes, someone may be very surprised, but Veronica Mars is back on television. After the third season there was a long seven-year hiatus, after which in 2014 a full-length film about, now, a lawyer, Veronica Mars was released.


And now, after another five years, the project took on life again and returned to the big screens. This time, Veronica will have to deal with the explosion in the stands of beach sports competitions. What will happen next is still unknown, but let's hope that the project will last for more than one season.

I wish Stargate would have revived this way ...

Guys (Amazon Prime)

July 26, Friday, series premiere

Not all universes (judging by ours) have superheroes endowed with superpowers. And if there is any, then it is not at all necessary that these "superheroes" will everywhere and in everything "behave decently." After all, to a person with superpowers everything to one place. Do what you want and you won't get anything for it.

Or will it be? As you can see from the trailer, in this universe, which will be discussed in the next high-budget project from Amazon, a special unit is being created that will call the unbelievable superheroes to account.

And the command of the parade, as you can see from the trailer, is entrusted to Karl Urban himself. I remember that Urban already had experience of participating in high-budget serials. His performance on Almost Human was excellent. But that series was hacked to death due to the excessive and, as it turned out, unjustified high cost and problems with Urban's schedule.

We hope that this tape will not be flushed down the toilet just as ineptly. Although, in order to regret it, you still need to make sure that the project is worth these regrets.

Orange Is the New Black (Netflix) CP 7.9

Friday 26 July Season 7

The long-awaited continuation of the acclaimed project, telling about the adventures and misadventures of prisoners of one of the American women's prisons, this time will be the last.


Finally, someone will be released from the slammer. Unfortunately, not all of them, but ...

Although the series is comedy, the showrunners of the project will certainly not sink to such insanity.

Light as a feather (Hulu) CP 6.4

Friday 26 July Season 2

The series is somewhat akin to "Destination". Only if the guys there die one by one because they were supposed to die in a crowd, but somehow miraculously got out of the situation, then a strange new friend called death on them, who played with them, if not a cruel joke, then the game "Light as a feather", which here is not much different from an evil joke.

Why? Because the guys from that memorable company are beginning to die according to the schedule laid out by a strange friend of the past. And not all of them survived until the second season.

And in the second, as we understand, there will be even more corpses.

Pennyworth (Epix)

July 28, Sunday, series premiere

Unlike Gotham, which is designed for 16+ audiences, its prequel Pennyworth was rated 18+. This means that it will contain not only strawberries, but also scenes of outright cruelty.

Few thought about who Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's butler, was, before actually starting to work for the future Batman. As it turned out, he was a retired special forces man who opened his own private security firm after retirement. It was the work that brought him together with Bruce's father, Tom Wayne, whom he, unfortunately, could not save from the bullet of the killers.

But we all need details. And they will be here, as expected, to the eyeballs. Well, we will look forward to the premiere of the opening episode with great impatience.

Four weddings and one funeral (Hulu)

Wednesday July 31st, miniseries premiere

The project has nothing in common with the 1993 feature film of the same name, except for the name-saying.


And it will focus on four friends whose life goes awry due to participation in a failed wedding ceremony. At least, everyone thinks so, which is precisely because of her. After all, before her everything was in order. And now everything suddenly began to fly downhill.

This is probably the fate. And it may very well be that the project as a comedy will be interesting. Let's wait and see. Until then ...


In the meantime, that's all for today. August will start with the next "Fast and the Furious", but we will tell about it in due time. Enjoy your mood, and more cool films and TV series!

The Topic of Article: New films and series. Premieres from 25 to 31 July.
Author: Jake Pinkman