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ASUS unveils new flagship Zenfone 6 with PTZ camera and large battery


ASUS has unveiled a new flagship smartphone ZenFone 6, which features an original camera device, a large battery, a display without additional cutouts and a premium Qualcomm processor. The unusual design of the main photomodule added additional features to the gadget.

The new ASUS ZenFone 6 has a 6.4-inch IPS-matrix screen with support for the FullHD + display standard. The smartphone screen occupies up to 92% of the front of the body, while the absence of "bangs" and other notches for a selfie lens makes it continuous. The presented ASUS Zenfone smartphone is equipped with the top-end and most advanced at this stage Snapdragon 855 processor, supplemented by Adreno 640 graphics.

The main camera of the smartphone is formed by two modules. Main - Sony IMX586 with support for a resolution of 48 MP is complemented by an auxiliary 13 MP ultra-wide-angle sensor. Both modules are housed in a swivel mechanism. Its angle of motion is 180 °, while the mechanism can be fixed in any position for taking pictures from the most comfortable position. For this reason, the new ASUS ZenFone 6 does not have a front camera as such - there is no need for it, since the hinged motor of the folding module allows you to use the main lens for high-resolution selfies.


The device is powered by a 5000 mAh battery. According to this indicator, the ZenFon 6 smartphone surpasses many competitors among the flagship devices. The manufacturer added two ports for SIM cards to the device, a separate dedicated slot for a microSD card up to 2 TB, a 3.5 mm audio input, a built-in NFC module, and stereo speakers. The operating system of the smartphone is the traditional Android 9 Pie, slightly supplemented by a redesigned user interface ZenUI 6.


ZenUI 6 firmware is positioned as a tool for convenient and simple use of a smartphone of the Zenfone family, providing it with speed and smooth operation. Among the interface features is Optiflex technology, which remembers what the user prefers most. The technology speeds up the launch of the most used applications and helps to save battery power. The Zenfone 6 also has a Private Listening option that lets you listen to voice messages in private.


In addition, the new Zenfone 6 has a smart physical key that can be programmed for several of the most popular tasks. Using the smart button, the smartphone can activate the Google voice assistant or perform other commands. You can enable a key in different ways: one or two presses, holding, etc. - each method is configured to perform a specific action.

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