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Important tips for updating Windows


Windows OS updates used to be rare: most people had to deal with updates every three to five years, and then usually only in the process of buying a new PC.

The upgrade process is greatly simplified. In about an hour (plus or minus 30 minutes, depending on the power of the equipment), you can return to work on the computer, as most applications and settings will already be successfully transferred.

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Create a system restore point

Booting from a specially formatted USB drive gives you access to Windows Recovery (WinRE), which gives you the ability to use it to fix the most common startup problems.

Create your account

If you are using an account, your data can only be accessed in your account, and there is no way to get to them without logging in.

Encrypt data

Encrypting every drive containing personal data is an important security step. Without encryption, anyone who steals your device can connect the drive to the operating system of their choice and easily delete the data. Encryption requires an encryption key to access your data.

Configure Windows Update Time

The bad news is that updates can appear when you don't expect them and you press yes automatically and the system will go to reboot when you don't.

Check your privacy settings

By default, Microsoft collects a lot of diagnostic information about the use of Windows 10. And not only diagnostic. Windows 10 generally collects a lot of things and it is better to customize what you want Microsoft to know about you.

Connect social networks

The Microsoft accounts you use to sign in to Windows allow you to connect to applications using the same credentials. And they can help you regain access to the system, if you forget, for example, a password.

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