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TES VI: We keep guessing with the fans


While Thoth Howard is talking about how wonderful Fallout 76 will be by providing us with an abundant amount of information about the gameplay, the second flagship from Bethesda was limited to one teaser shown to us at E3.

I'm not afraid to say that we are all looking forward to the next TES, and in the absence of any facts, as usually happens, the great minds of the Internet community begin to build their theories. One of these appeared just yesterday. We will join these minds and consider all possible and impossible theories.

TES VI: Redfall

For a start, it is worth saying that further information is far-fetched, and you should limit yourself to it just by taking note. So, ZeniMax Media, which owns Besezda, recently registered a new trademark called Redfall. Its description says that it will be used for the next video games and related materials such as trailers, art, etc.


One of the Internet users began to delve into the meaning of the word, and eventually came to the conclusion that in the last part of the scrolls there was a quest "The only cure". In it, Dovahkiin meets sick people with very red skin, who often vomit ... So, this disease is a trick of the Daedric prince Pereight from High Rock. As a result, he came to the conclusion that the central theme of the sixth part of the scrolls could be the fight against the plague and the confrontation of the Daedra himself.

Also, fans are pretty sure it's ZeniMax style to register the last word in the title of the series, as was the case with Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. What's more, they haven't registered the trademarks of their rest of their studios, which means they're not talking about other games like Doom or Wolfenshtain.

The theory is interesting, but let us repeat - it’s stretched, and this name can still cover anything, even not related to new scrolls.

TES VI: Probable Location


Let's move on to more likely options, but note that focusing on the teaser is not the best idea, because the game is still at the preproduction stage, and it may not mean anything at all, but there are no alternatives yet.

Let's discard the impossible options at once:

  • Past TES regions from the 3D universe - most likely we will not see the past regions, since with a full lore and a revealed plot in our hands, our beloved Morrowind, Skyrim, and Siradil will be left out.
  • Summerset Isles - in appearance from the teaser, namely mountainous terrain, temperate climate, it is logical to assume that this is them, but let's not forget that A few months ago, Bethesda released DLC for TES Online, where the Summerset Isles are the setting. It would be illogical for the studio to release the next single from this location.
  • Hammerfell and Elsweyr - what we were shown in the teaser is not at all like the huge Hamerfell desert or the homeland of the Khajiit Elsweyr. We know about the latter that it has a tropical climate with deserts and jungles.
  • Black Marsh - what we saw in the teaser can hardly be called its coast. This is a harsh and dirty region, and Besezda is unlikely to be ready 7 years after the release of Skyrim to make this area the scene of action, at least for now.
  • Valenwood - it fits the description perfectly, but the teaser doesn't include the abundance of trees that the region is famous for.

High Rock is the most obvious option


And so we have one option left - High Rock (fans of the above theory, probably smiled now). Alice has already considered this option, but now we will try to argue.

  • First of all , the climate is fully consistent with the teaser.
  • Secondly , after the end of the second TES, many questions remained about what exactly happened there after the Deformation of the West (the breakthrough of the dragon after which some lands of the region were destroyed, and the provinces were united under the rule of the five). The Dragon Break itself is a temporary anomaly that occurs in response to an action, which disrupts the passage of time.

The lands of the province belong to Orsinium, who always wanted to become a territory independent from the empire - which promises us a war. Also towards the end of the third era, there was a schism between the orcs on religious grounds in Orsinium.

And let's not forget about the war between the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion, each of which will want to enlist the support of the High Rock factions. And of course, there is the Adamantine Tower, built by the Aedra themselves, which will definitely figure in the plot.


That is, we have a site with an undisclosed history, war, confrontation of factions on different grounds and ancient secrets that will definitely entail a chain of quests that will be solved by the next surviving prisoner ...

TES VI: An Unexpected Turn


However, Besezda has a trump card and his name is Akavir, which has never been shown in TES yet. This is a whole new continent with a suitable climate, where there is a huge background for the plot. The mainland had not been in contact with Tamriel for a long time after Urielm V tried to conquer it. It was also there that the Nerevarine went after the end of TES III.

This option would be the most valuable in terms of expanding lore and gameplay. It would be interesting.

However, let's not forget that all of the above is just our desires, which may turn out to be false.

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Author: Jake Pinkman