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KMPlayer is the most user-friendly movie player for Windows


Let's talk about the benefits of KMPlayer, a player for the Windows operating system.

Without the necessary codecs, you can neither listen to music files, nor watch a movie you just downloaded from the Internet. Your PC won't run at full capacity. What should be done? KMPlayer for Windows will help you.

Be careful young Padawan in the installer from the official site lurked the most terrible enemy - the browser Amigo from mail ru. Make sure to check that it will not be selected during installation.

Player and codecs bundled with KMPlayer

The program comes complete with codecs that allow you to play almost all types of multimedia existing today. For example: MKV, Flac, mp3, etc

On a positive note, the KMPlayer codecs do not register themselves in the OS registry, so Windows will not get clogged. In addition, the player can be burned directly to a disc with a movie - this is undoubtedly very convenient.

Another nice feature of the app is its small size. So, the size of the "main competitor" K-Lite Codec Pack is almost 20 MB, and the weight of KMPlayer is less than 15 MB.

KMPlayer can even play a clip or music from an archive, no unpacking is required. In addition, you can play files while downloading or broken.

Personalized settings

At the end of the installation, the application will detect the language of the operating system and automatically switch the interface to USA. The advantage of the program is simply a huge number of settings - you can choose the size and location of subtitles, scaling, transparency, etc. The player allows you to connect plugins from another popular Winamp player.

Post-Processing Filters

The program has so-called post-processing effects, which improve the quality of the "picture" that is displayed on the screen. However, this creates an additional load on the computer's processor.

Free and without SMS

It should be noted that many paid programs have similar functions. But you can download KMPlayer absolutely free, without any SMS and hidden fees.

And even for your mobile device

KMPlayer also works great on android and iOS.

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Author: Jake Pinkman