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Top 20 best films by John Woo. Part 1


Those in their 50s are still at the time when the coolest action films were filmed in India. "Zita and Gita", "Revenge and the Law", "Disco Dancer" and other masterpieces of Indian cinema, in which the local directors were not afraid to experiment with both weapons and fists, could easily wipe their nose to any James Bond, even in them the best stars of Great Britain and North America were filmed. And all why? Because John Woo has not yet completely "polished" his style, which will lick Hollywood like a blueprint in the future. And the best films of John Woo were shot in America.

Without any, the current action movies would have looked completely different, if not for the Chinese master filmmaker from Hong Kong. Therefore, it would be a big omission not to highlight his best masterpieces in one of our tops.

An asterisk * marks pictures in which John Woo himself acts in small roles.

The tapes in the top, as always, are arranged in accordance with the KinoPoisk rating, and the list of John Woo's best films is in the lead ...

1. Without a face (1997) 7.79

After his friend, a hang-glider, terribly crashed on his hang-glider, Mike Werb already knew in advance what kind of script he would write for the next action movie from Paramount Pictures. Having seen how the face of his comrade turned into a mess, and having learned how the doctors, having removed all the skin from him, pieced together his face back, he realized that the same moment could be played in a film in which, by coincidence, a notorious villain and the killer will switch faces with the nice cop guy who was running after him all the time.

Initially, the script was written so that the actions in the film had to take place in the future, albeit not so distant. It is clear that to create a fantastic view of the city, you would have to shoot everything against a green screen. But the nasty little guy John Woo who was invited to shoot from Hong Kong changed everything.

From fiction in the film, he left only the operation of changing / replacing faces / voices and their "correction" and forced all action scenes to be filmed not in pavilions, but live, so to speak, "on the street."

That's probably why the movie came out so cool. Even now, it looks great.

FBI agent Sean Archer is persuaded to decide on an operation in which he will be "sewn" on the face of the villainous terrorist Castor Troy. The fact is that Castor thundered into a coma at the hands of the same Sean Archer, without having time to tell in which of the crowded places he set his explosives.

But this information is also owned by his brother, a semi-autistic Pollux. So they decided to put a fake brother in prison - FBI agent Sean Archer represented by Castor Troy - in the literal sense of the word, promising to return his face to him after the operation.

Only at this time, the real Troy Sr. emerged from a coma, and pulled on the face of a policeman who was waiting for him right there next to, in a bath with a physical (or some other) solution. And how can you take your face away from him now, if you are stuck in prison, all information about the secret operation was deleted, and everyone who knew about it was shot?

The main roles in the film went to John Travolta, Nicolas Cage and Gina Gershon, who have not yet been written off. And they played them superbly, so it will be interesting.

2. Hired Assassin (1989) 7.77

Next is a real masterpiece of the time, filmed by John Wu in Hong Kong. And nonsense, that the shooter has more chances to hit a person when he shoots from one pistol, holding it with both hands. It's nonsense that in the film only the main characters are able to hide from shots. It's nonsense that the bad guys after the first hit fall as if decimated, and the main characters are injured - if only henna. Nonsense that bullets rarely run out.


In a word, all this does not matter if the hired killer turns out to be such a kind and sincere person that he falls in love with a woman mutilated by him, and the policeman who vowed to catch him and sew him on turns out to be ready to make friends with this killer.

In general, the style of John Woo looms - bombed churches, guns pointed at each other, as well as shooting from two hands at once, rivers of blood. In short, there will be plenty of this in Hollywood soon.

You can see the picture. He will take it for the soul. And the music is excellent, as, indeed, in the other films of the master. So, it's not for nothing that the masterpiece is at the very top of the ranking of the best films by John Woo.

3. Bullet in the head (1990) 7.68 *

The film started out as a simple naive drama. Or even a melodrama. Just think, at first there was some kind of scuffle over some stolen money. But then everything turned out very seriously.

After this very scuffle, three friends were forced to leave Hong Kong for a while. And at the same time, try to make money by transporting medicines that are in short supply there.

But the medicines turn out to be lost, and the guys got into trouble with the local boss, from whom they did not want to steal their fellow countrywoman, so they also rested a box of gold. And all would be fine, but only on the way back they fell into the clutches of the Viet Cong, who perpetrated terrible torture on them with beating and shooting.

In general, the friendship of our would-be entrepreneurs is bursting at the seams at this place. But it's not over yet. The ending will be generally superb. Only after a long time. And to music that will break your heart.

4. Hard Boiled (1992) 7.64

Police Officer Tony has gotten used to his undercover identity to such an extent that he won't even remember what it is like to be a normal police officer. But what - and just forgot how to be a normal person. And he is so excellent at being the right hand of the local mafia boss "Uncle" Hoy, that another mafia boss, Johnny Wong, did his best to lure this "professional" into his place.


And everything would be fine if police Yuen (aka Tequila) did not get into the affairs of Tony and Wong, who knows nothing about Tony's cover and considers him to be one of the notorious gangsters and arms dealers, whom he vowed to avenge for the death of his partner.

Will he have time to find out that Tony is a cop before he gets pissed off? Another question.

5. Battle of Red Rock 1, 2 (2008-2009) 7.48 and 7.56

The second part came out even with a slightly better rating, but both of them are part of a single whole, so we decided to pass them off as one picture, especially since the film was cut for the American release and ran as one single tape.

This time John Woo decided to hit history and put on a military blockbuster based on the events of bygone days. Moreover, very long gone. The events in the film take place in 208, literally at the dawn of our era, when the empire was still partially divided.

Cao Cao, one of the statesmen of that time, convinces his ruler to unleash a war with independent kingdoms in order, supposedly, to complete the reunification of the scattered empire. The first "over the head" were the troops of the Shu kingdom, of which, in comparison with the imperial troops, there was a very small handful.

Taking refuge in the now world famous citadel at the foot of the Red Rock, they asked for help from the neighboring, also independent, kingdom of Eastern Wu, from where an army led by admiral and vice-ruler Zhou Yu was sent to their aid. p>

Now here, in the great battle at Red Rock, the fate of the future of China will be decided.

The film received a bunch of awards because it really looks very, very impressive. A little, of course, John Woo this time pulled up, but the film looks, despite this, excellent. Massive battles filmed great.

Not everything in the film coincides one-on-one with the novel "Three Kingdoms", according to which he is staged, but in general, the Chinese have no complaints about John. Well, that means that we will not have them either. We watch and enjoy.

It's no secret that Chou Yun-Fat is John Woo's favorite actor. He starred in most of his paintings. And then he was supposed to play the role of Zhou Yu. But Chou Yun Fat was busy at that time with "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Dragonball", which is why the role of the overly loving admiral went to Tony Leung Chui Wai, by the way, another favorite actor of John Woo.

6. The Dragon Twins (1991) 7.55 *

This is not the first film of the master, in which Jackie Chan took part. He first appeared in John Woo's film "The Hand of Death" back in 1976 (the film will be included in the second part and will take 18th place in it), when fame had not yet come to Jackie and he was just moonlighting as a professional stuntman.

But here Jackie Chan is already both an experienced actor and a master stage director of combat scenes, therefore it would be wrong not to shoot such a star in one of his masterpieces.

And it so happened that overseas at the same time, Sheldon Lettich filmed his "Double Impact" with Jean-Claude Van Damme. The films turned out to be so similar in plot that directors and screenwriters wondered for a long time over who stole the idea from whom - Hong Kong from Hollywood, or vice versa.

One way or another, the masterpiece tells the story of two twin brothers separated in the hospital and brought up in different families. So they grew up completely different - one is a notorious rip-off and a fight lover, and the other is an exquisite musician - a virtuoso of violin playing.

And, of course, they will meet in their adult life. And then the bandyugans, chasing a brother, rip his head, will not be good.

7. A bright future (1986) 7.44 *

The story of the bandyugans-counterfeiters Ho and Mark, once members of the triad, whose life and destiny have wore out so that there could be no question of any other part.


Ho framed and handed over with giblets the third beastly friend, who was always enviable for the steepness of this couple. Mark, after he managed to take a tough revenge for his friend, turned out to be an invalid and a six of the same outrageous.

But time passes, Ho gets out of the slammer and now it is not clear how it will end. It seems that he decided to quit. But the harsh future, the impudent outrageous man and Mark with his "Let's start all over again!" leave him no choice ...

The matter is complicated by the fact that Ho's brother is a policeman, whose criminal brother ruined his entire career, and who, by all means, wants to put Ho back in the jail as soon as possible.

8. Bright Future 2: Hurricane Fire (1987) 7.26

Oddly enough, the main characters of the previous masterpiece of the same name in this film are alive and well again. That's John Woo. In his films, people can fight and survive even with five bullet wounds to their lungs. Apparently, in his MCU, the volume of blood in the human body is twice as large. And its rolling capacity is four times stronger.


Ho survived and went back to prison. But he was dragged out of there by the police and invited him to join a gang of undercover bandyugans, in which his brother, a policeman, helped him.

But the case quickly begins to smell fried, and brother Ho is quickly pulled out of the case and sent under the protection of his twin brother, longtime friend of Mark, who was killed in the first part, - Ken. How convenient that Mark has a twin brother. But what about without Chow Yun Fat.

But has the mafia ever let itself be led by the nose with impunity. In the end, as we understand it, everyone will "change".

9. Power of Assassins (2010) 7.12

Michelle Yeoh, familiar to us from "Police Story 3" with Jackie Chan and "The Crouching Tiger and the Hidden Dragon", was also not deprived of the attention of the great master. The masterpiece with her participation is the most that neither is the property of the top best films of John Woo. At least that's what her fans think.

We are of the firm opinion that films in which fighters make jumps from the roof that are incompatible with life and long-distance jumps that are incompatible with the physics of our universe (as well as somersaults, somersaults, hovering, running on cornices, which are clearly must not support the weight of a human body and walls that are perpendicular to the earth's surface, etc.) are frivolous in nature, and must either be called fairy tales and be part of the category of fantasy, or be shown to the public, which was originally born on the moon. Such tricks will be more appropriate for her attraction.

And the tale is about babeha, who gripped the holy relics of the legislator of Buddhism, who suddenly decided to retire, and having performed plastic surgery on her face incompatible with the then surgery and the surgeons of the time, acquired a new face and healed a new life. But circumstances forced her to take up the sword again. Although, it was clear from the very beginning.

The first of John Woo's films, which we frankly did not like.

10. Hard Target (1993) 7.11

The top ten of the strongest 1 part of the top of the best films of the master of action movies, John Woo, is completed by a picture taken in Hollywood. Moreover, it was the first picture taken by the great master in America. And by the way, the first movie that an Asian shot in Hollywood is generally.

And he did it for those times - just amazing. For a long time, the film was watched by fans of the genre to the holes, so that the videotape became transparent. And for good reason. The performances of fights and stunts with the participation of the protagonist were simply amazing here.

When Natasha Butler comes to New Orleans to see her veteran father, she suddenly discovers two things. First, her father is a homeless person, and second, he disappeared. Moreover, it is not at all clear how, when and where.

She goes to the police. But when it turns out that the forces of law and order, moreover, almost nothing can do, they are also dying like flies, she turns to the former veteran Chance Boudreau, with whom they lead a whole gang, practicing hunting for people, into the open water.

Members of which, by the way, will get hit in the face by the hero Van Damme.


The second part of the top of the best films by John Woo will be postponed until future times, and, believe me, there will also be something to see. In the meantime, let's look at what we missed from the first part. Well, whoever has already watched all of the above, we just wish you more cool films and TV series!

2nd part of the top, films from 11 to 20

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