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"The End of the World " is a series that received a lot of positive reviews from critics in 2017. Now we will figure out why this series turned out to be really very popular, and in the light of new events that have happened quite recently, it can be safely called not only super popular, but also extremely hype.

This series contains quite a lot of depreciated vocabulary and it may even offend some readers. If you think that this is not for you, then you can read our review of the Form of Water, it certainly will not offend you.

Modern Boney and Clyde

At first glance, "The End of the *** World" is a deceptively attractive story about two adolescents of 17 years old, one of whom considers himself a psychopath and plans to commit murder, and the other does not find understanding in the world, a rebel, which is considered normal in her age.

The development of their relationship is certainly not devoid of romanticism, but where is without it. Only this time, black-comedic romanticism, because the series itself is sustained in the best traditions of black humor, where comedy is combined with drama. But let's remember that this is English humor.

33-year-old director Jonathan Entwistle, together with screenwriter Charlie Covell, prepared a gourmet dish for the comedy-drama genre: in fact, we see the well-known Bonnie and Clyde at a much younger age, trapped in psychological problems from which they cannot escape .

To do this, you can't just take a car and leave the city, as the heroes of the film James and Alice did. You cannot run away from the past, childhood traumas cannot be suppressed so easily, therefore the name of the series is appropriate, "The End **** of the World." It turns out that from the very beginning they give us to understand that there will be no happy end here, but there will be an apocalypse.

Alex Lowther ("The Imitation Game") introduces to us a pseudo-psychopath who, from a very young age, 8 years old, has been killing animals. In order to feel at least something, to understand what it is like to have emotions, at the age of 9 he burns his hand in boiling oil. But the key to this strange behavior may lie in James's deep mental wound. He witnessed the suicide of his own mother.

She drowned herself in front of his eyes and did nothing to save her. Jessica Barden from "Lobster" this time comes out in a completely different way, a rebellious person opposing society. She also has problems stemming from childhood. Alice wants to find her biological father, because her stepfather and idle mom have already got her.

You will see big spoilers further. Get ready for this.

"Wasteland" or English backwoods

The joint adventures of the heroes of the series begin when the couple decided to steal the car of James's father and go on a trip to England. From that moment on, they become Bonnie and Clyde, and maybe they will even remind someone of Keith and Holly from Terrence Malick's Wasteland. Only James is not going to kill the girl's father, as Keith did in the movie Malik.

The End of the FickingWorld
The photo of Alice is so tough

The hero of our series has a completely different goal. He wants to switch from killing animals to something more "serious", but this is not the archetype of the father, but the image of the girl. Have you guessed? True, her very unsuspecting friend Alice. That is why James decides to embark on this adventure with an escape in a car with her in order to get the opportunity to kill the girl. Only these plans are not destined to be realized. Instead of Alice in the first episode of the series, James will have to kill the serial rapist, Clive Koch, thereby protecting Alice.

The End of the F *** ing World
James' photo also sometimes keeps up

A lot of things will still happen to the characters during the 8 episodes of the film. The police are chasing them, and the final scene will be remembered for a long time by fans of the series not only for its voover, but also for the sound of the shot.

The viewer is at a loss: either it was a police bullet that overtook the young psycho or he took his own life. For those who still have not answered this question, the authors of the comedy-drama series are already preparing a sequel, which is scheduled for release in late 2018. By the way, fans of "Game of Thrones" will undoubtedly appreciate Gemma Whelan as one of the police officers.

Apocalypse Now

Well, what is the apocalyptic nature of the series, the reader will ask us? And it is that everything would be fine, and we, having looked, would have safely forgotten about our heroes, but that was not the case. Life turns out to be much more inventive or, perhaps, much more terrifying in its unforeseen twists, than the author of the comic strip of the same name, Charles Forsman, could have imagined. Just watch the news and be horrified.


The End of the F *** ing World
Photography The romance in the series is quite peculiar

In conclusion, back to the series. The success of the first part on Netflix convinced the creators that the second part is a must. So, fans of the series, think and guess how the plot will develop, and most importantly, who will become its protagonists.

For those who have not yet had time to get acquainted with the series, the catalyst for viewing can be the statement of producer Roberto Tony: "If David Lynch made a romance about a couple of teenage losers traveling through the British outback, it would look like" The End * ** th world ".

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