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Fallout 76 Guide - 7 Tips Before Starting a Game


A new game from Bethesda developers - Fallout 76, albeit it looks like a typical 3D "Fall", but the familiar mechanics have been significantly reworked. In addition, the emphasis on multiplayer game makes significant adjustments to the gameplay, and many of the usual rules of survival in the post-apocalyptic wasteland require revision. Therefore, we decided to write a Fallout 76 guide, where we will tell you 7 tips before starting the game that will help you quickly figure out the game and not become a snack for the Deathclaw.

1. Play co-op

Of course, Fallout 76 is a game that you can easily play alone. The developers do not impose a team game, so no one bothers to explore the radioactive remains of West Virginia in splendid isolation. But Bethesda's new project has a standard rule for all multiplayer games: together is always more fun, and you can easily increase the level of pleasure from the game several times if you start your adventure with a faithful friend.

Besides, there is one serious plus from the multiplayer game - the game becomes much easier. Again, no one imposes a companionable game, but the progression of difficulty increases so quickly that, in order to preserve nerve cells, playing in a cooperative is the best way to survive on harsh radioactive lands. At the same time, you will be able to complete difficult tasks much earlier and explore locations with high-level equipment.

Fallout 76

Another plus of co-op and social interactions in Fallout 76 is the ability to exchange useful items. Already for the sake of the opportunity to exchange mountains of unnecessary trash for a valuable blueprint, it seems that the multiplayer component in Fallout 76 is not a bad decision Bethesda.

2. Look around and don't waste time in Pipboy

The presence of mandatory multiplayer brings another fundamental innovation to the gameplay of Fallout 76 - you won't be able to pause the game, which means that any delays in finding items in Pipboy can cost your life. When you turn on Pipboy, we advise you to press the key responsible for switching between the first and third person views, after which Pipboy becomes transparent, which means you can easily notice the nearest threat.

Fallout 76

Also, do not forget to put important items in the quick-use slots and learn how to quickly switch between Pipboy screens.

3. Don't collect junk in your inventory

As befits any game with elements of survival, crafting and construction, in Fallout 76, thousands of different items are scattered across the locations. In general, mining and collecting loot is what you mainly have to do in the game. But since absolutely any item has weight in the inventory, we advise you not to behave like a vacuum cleaner, capturing absolutely all counter items (if it is not wood - this resource is almost as important as the lids). We recommend that you carefully explore the world and trade with vendors to find valuable blueprints.

Fallout 76

As soon as they appear, collecting items at the location becomes meaningful and there is no longer any need to pick up unnecessary loot. By the way, do not forget that in Fallout 76 you can find out the blueprint of any weapon if you first disassemble it at the workbench. One more point - the weapon is subject to wear and tear and in the event of a breakdown cannot be worn, but it takes up a solid place in the inventory. It is best to store items in your own camp if you build a storage. Do not forget to place a turret near it - this is the best way to fight kleptomaniacs.

4. Move your camp at a minimal cost

The next point to dwell on in more detail in the Fallout 76 guide is your base camp (CAMP). Of course, it's good to have your own house in the middle of a radioactive wasteland, but in addition to a sense of safety and comfort, it will become a secluded place for storing loot or modifying weapons if you buy a workbench in advance. In addition, teleportation to the camp is one of the free fast travel methods in the game. All other methods, except for traveling to your partner or in Vault 76, must be paid with caps.

Moving the CAMP camp in Fallout 76 will cost you a lot and the final amount depends on how far you are from the previous base deployment. You can move your current camp for much less money if you save all the building blueprints in advance and deploy them to a new location for free.

Fallout 76

CAMP can be moved to any location, just make sure that the surface is flat and the hologram of buildings is not marked with red sectors. Also, keep in mind that you can only move the base to relatively uninhabited regions, away from quest markers or settlements of other survivors from Vault 76.

5. Keep melee weapons in stock and don't forget about VATS

The radioactive wasteland is an extremely inhospitable place, so wherever a player goes in Fallout 76, they will always try to shoot him, tear him apart with claws or throw explosives. The game has an extensive arsenal of long-range weapons to counter opponents, but the problem is that cartridges in Fallout 76 are catastrophically rare, almost the same as in the Metro series. Therefore, always carry edged weapons with you in order to save supplies and do not forget to repair weapons on workbenches in time so that they do not settle in ballast in your inventory.

Fallout 76

The VATS system is also back, except that time is no longer slowing down. The percentage chance of getting into VATS depends on many variables, the most important of which is the distance to the enemy. Therefore, do not be afraid to let opponents get closer in order to then inflict critical damage with an aimed burst.

6. Don't overuse PvP battles

The next point that I would like to clarify in the Fallout 76 guide is battles against other players, or PvP. To open access to it, you need to reach level 5, then you can either make gop-stop raids on other survivors, or become a target yourself. Before attacking another player, you should think several times whether the game is worth the candle, since you will only find resources from a defeated enemy, get unpleasant debuffs to characteristics and a reward for your head will be assigned on the server.

Fallout 76

In addition, friendly fire is included in the game and it is not a pleasant surprise to kill a comrade with a random burst in a hot firefight. Alternatively, you can turn on the "Pacifist" mode, after which your attacks will not inflict damage on other players. Unfortunately, the mode only works in one direction and the "pacifist" himself can still be killed by players on the server.

7. Don't be afraid of death, but get rid of debuffs

The death of a player in Fallout 76 does not mean that the player will see the inscription "Game Over" on the whole screen, but it is always unpleasant to lose honestly collected trash and components from the inventory. Let after revival on the map and mark the icon with your lost belongings, but it can always be picked up by another player. Therefore, a small lafhak - place the camp as close as possible to the quest location in order to pick up the lost items as soon as possible.

The risk of death increases markedly if the player has a dozen debuffs to characteristics and health. They can be from irregular eating (always keep the hunger scale to a minimum), from illness, or radiation. You can create a separate guide about diseases in Fallout 76, but you can always get rid of them in one simple way - take antibiotics. Radiation is even more frustrating as it reduces maximum health and generates mutations for the player. Even after death, the negative effects of radiation remain in effect, so there is only one way out - to take a horse dose of antiradine.

Fallout 76

This concludes our guide to the Fallout 76 game, but we regret to note that we have not found a way to deal with the main enemy in the game - the ubiquitous bugs. There are two options for action - either wait for better times when Bethesda fixes some of the technical problems or download Fallout 76 on PC. This method is not a panacea, but according to our observations, the computer version is much more stable than its counterpart on the PlayStation 4.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the history of the Fallout series, where we consider in detail the path of the game from the king of non-linear RPGs to the experimental one within the Fallout 76 survival series.

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