Fan-made remake of Daggerfall, a new piece of Death Stranding, the highlight of QuakeCon 2019 - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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Fan-made remake of Daggerfall, a new piece of Death Stranding, the highlight of QuakeCon 2019 - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one


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Unity Fan Remake of TES II: Daggerfall Coming Soon

We often talk about fan-made remakes of Morrowind and Oblivion, but as it turned out, the oldfugs' love for the TES series is so great that there were also those who are remaking the second game. The name of our hero is Gavin Clayton, he has been working on the port of TES II: Daggerfall on Unity since 2014. He is going to release an alpha version of the game soon.

And even though we call it a remake, we will rather get a remaster by modern standards: convenient controls, mouse support, improved textures, some bug fixes and stuff like that.

The game is separated from the alpha version by several features, including lycanthropism, vampirism, the ability to swim and fly. The author has almost finished typing all of them. The rest of the important functions are already included in the game. After the alpha is released, he intends to further polish the game, add other mechanics and mod support, as well as various localizations.

The first version will be released, possibly this week. However, pre-alpha is available right now. For a remaster, you need the original game, which is available for free on the TES website.

New Death Stranding teaser about a man dying every 21 minutes

A new video from Death Stranding reveals the Hartman. This character was given the appearance by director Nicholas Winding Refen. This hero lives only 21 minutes, after which his heart stops, and he spends three minutes in the kingdom of the dead. Then the defibrillator on his chest brings him back. In general, the hero dies about 60 times per day.

In the segment shown, he tells Sam [the character of Norman Reedus] about his everyday life. All his actions somehow fit into 21 minutes. For example, Hartman has a whole collection of short films, many of which can be watched in the allotted time. However, twenty-one minutes is the time when he is just waiting to return to the world of the dead.

Recall that Refn, like another director Guillermo del Toro, only donated his appearance for the game. The characters are played by other people.

What Besezda Showed at QuakeCon 2019

At QuakeCon 2019, Bethesda remained quite modest and its announcements were exclusively dedicated to the Doom series.

First, to celebrate the series' anniversary, the company will re-release the first three Doom games on PS4, Xone and Switch. Also, the first and second games will be released on mobile platforms.

The first Doom will include Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed. It also has a split-screen co-op for 4 people. The second game, in addition to the classic levels, contains 20 zones from The Master Levels [consoles will include competition modes]. Doom 3 includes the Resurrection of Evil expansion pack and The Lost Missions.

The developer also demonstrated new features in BATTLEMODE for the next game. In it, the player in the role of the Doom Slayer and three other gamers, playing demons, encounter. At the beginning of the game, the Executioner has his entire arsenal and a bunch of cartridges available, and the monsters, in turn, have unique skills. For example, a revenant can take to the air and launch a missile strike at an enemy.

At the start, there will be 6 maps and 5 monsters available: marauder, archvil, revenant, mancubus, pain elemental. After the release, the bestiary will be replenished, as will the number of cards.

As a reminder, Doom Eternal will have a look at all current platforms this fall on November 22nd.

GTA Online users have found an Easter egg for Bully, they think this is a hint of the second part

We recently wrote that Bully 2 was canceled during development. However, people still believe they will see a sequel. Loyal fans are already flattered with hopes after they unearthed a reference to their favorite game in the new update for GTA Online.

In the update, they found an image called Canis Canem Edit with the Bullworth Academy crest drawn from the game. Canis Canem Edit is the slogan of this institution, which translates as "man to man wolf".


And everything would have gone much quieter, only Polygon spiked gamers and made a post on Twitter with this image and the caption "Announced Bully 2". They later posted an apology post and said the joke was bad and they regret it coming out.

This did not stop some users from building conspiracy theories that Polygon just made a drain, but they were pressured by Rockstar to delete the post, and now they are trying to cover their tracks.

Ray tracing will become mandatory for games in 2023 - NVIDIA scientist suggests

At the recent SIGGRAPH 2019 science conference, NVIDIA scientist Morgan McGuire predicted that the first game with mandatory ray tracing support will be released in 2023. It is by 2023 that all hardware will contain technologies that support ray tracing.


As a reminder, Sony and Microsoft have already announced that their next generation consoles will support this technology and therefore PCs will have to follow this trend.

According to the expert, from 2019-2023, rasterization [the current method of graphic technologies] will exist in parallel with tracing, from 2024-2035 they will be combined, and in the 2035 region will be replaced by an improved tracing technology.

Control Crazy Story Trailer

Site VG24 / 7 has published a new story trailer for Control, which shows that the game will be the most extraordinary project of Remedy. So, the video is crazy enough. Just what is the song, "An ordinary song about an ordinary girl", which one of the plot characters hums.

Recall that Control talks about the Bureau of Control, which controls the paranormal. The headquarters of this office is the Oldest House, inside which even stranger things began to happen than usual - a strange Hissing destroys the building and distorts the space.

We play as Jesse Fayden, who has to take on the role of director of the Bureau, and rake all this hell.

The game will be released on August 27th PS4, Xone and PC.

This was all news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned

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