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Top 20 Best Science Fiction Films of 2018. Part 1


Summing up the results of the past 2018, it would not be worthwhile to ignore such a popular genre as science fiction. In our age of advanced technologies, this topic is becoming not only the most pressing of all, but also the most interesting. After all, it becomes really interesting what science fiction writers can think of in this century, when almost everything they have invented in the past has actually come true?

This is what we'll check now.

1. Avengers: Infinity War. 7.88


If all the force majeure stories that previously happened in the universe of the "Avengers" could be dubbed as "local commotion", then the current commotion is a "Trouble" with a capital letter, since it is global in nature.

Somewhere, once upon a time, a big uncle named Thanos with cool abilities, a bunch of sixes, an exorbitantly inflated ego and universal ambitions decided that the local world was already beginning to suffocate from overpopulation. Like, on the planets of the universe, so many all kinds of green-, red-, yellow-, pink and other-faced humanoids have bred that I will not save them from them.

And he decided, having taken possession of all the Infinity Stones, to correct the current situation, destroying, overnight, 50% of the entire population of the universe. And he succeeded. How the events took place can be seen in the film.

And how the remaining 50% of the Avengers will fix this situation can be seen in the sequel, scheduled for this spring, called "Avengers: Endgame", the first trailer of which can be seen inthis thread.

2. Upgrade. 7.55

What to do to a mere mortal guy whose wife was killed by thugs, and his spine was broken so that he is now doomed to remain paralyzed for life? That's right, sing with a local cunning genius and inventor who will insert a microcircuit into your damaged spine that can make your body not only heal, but also function at a more advanced level.

Then what? Well, of course, revenge, revenge and revenge again! Just what will happen in the end, when the "severe revenge" is over? And that's where you'll have to be stunned with surprise!

3. Get ready for the first player. 7.42


One advanced programmer and, concurrently, a financial tycoon once invented OASIS, an infinitely inflated virtual reality, in which the local people of this time find not only rest and entertainment, but also work and, simply, life. Dying, the old genius dumbfounded the world by hiding in his digital world three funniest Easter eggs. Whoever finds them, and, moreover, collects all three of them in one hand, will become the copyright holder of the whole world.

Since then, every year there has been a struggle to become the owner of these Easter eggs. Only no one has yet managed to get even one. Until, of course, Wade Watts took the stage.

Each world should have its own pioneer, discoverer and the only chosen one who can handle what is beyond the power of billions. It is already clear that it is he who will become the one who will be able to find what is not found and collect the uncollectible.

But watching the process will still be interesting. Firstly, because Spielberg himself is at the helm, and, secondly, because the film features a bunch of different characters from the once sensational films and cartoons. And even though these are just player avatars, they will be just as interesting to watch.

4. Deadpool. 2 7.41


Deadpool, one of the heroes of the parallel Marvel universe, in which the X-Men and the specialists who hunt them, continue to worry about the sudden death of his beloved. For her, he blames not only those who actually finished her off, but also himself, who caused the gangster attack.

It is at this moment of mental self-digging that some cunning warrior from the future is declared in our time, just like Deadpool, who lost his family and wants to finish off the one who caused it.

But if you let him do this, undesirable changes can occur in the world, threatening with unpredictable consequences. Therefore, Deadpool will have to roll up his sleeves, enlist the support of new friends and try to arrange everything so that it will be good for both ours and yours.

5. Aquaman. 7.14


The hero of Jason Momoa, born from an underwater inhabitant of Atlantis Nicole Kidman and a simple lighthouse keeper, must become the king of all underwater living creatures by all means. Otherwise, if bad and not so uncles get to the throne, the final and unconditional kirdyk will come to the entire land population of the planet. Well, at least for those who live in relatively coastal areas - for sure.

And it is clear that land people from among those who remain on the hill, as usual, want to take revenge on the goats from the sea. And a bloody war will begin, threatening to wipe out all living things from the face of the Earth.

But this is only if the hero Momoa Aquaman does not get grandfather's golden "pitchfork" and does not become the president of the underwater world. And he will become, and how! That's why he and Jason Momoa!

6. Black Mirror: Brandashmyg. 7.00


There was once such a cycle of horror films - "Tales from the Crypt". At first, it also came out in the form of a kind of miniseries (collections of short films), recorded on one videotape. After that, feature-length films began to be released in its main line. Just like in the case of the TV series "Black Mirror".

Everyone was waiting for the next season to be released, and Netfliks limited itself to running a single feature film on its channel. And the idea was great when it comes to showing the movie on interactive TV, and lame when it comes to the regular digital version.

In the first case, you yourself could choose in which direction events would develop further. This was all the excitement. In the regular version, everything is recorded and shown in a row. Therefore, everything looks not so meaningless, but simply ridiculous and unnatural.

Parallel realities are driven by parallel realities and parallel realities. And if there are so many of them, as you, dear ones, say, why did they show us so few? There are countless numbers of them!

We demand to continue the banquet and show what was in the rest!

7. Ant-Man and the Wasp. 6.97


The endless running around with alternating decrease and increase of the laboratory building, the main characters and everything that came to hand had two main goals: first, to save the wife of the hero Michael Douglas, who had already settled there, from the quantum world, and, second, to leave in the quantum world, instead of her, the hero of Paul Rudd, that is, Scott Lang (aka Ant-Man), so that the beginning of the next tape about the Avengers, of which 50% disappeared from the face of the earth in Infinity War, was more interesting.

Further adventures of Scott Lang, as in the case of Captain Marvel, can be seen in Avengers: Endgame.

8. Han Solo: Star Wars. Stories. 6.94


Although fans of the Star Wars universe are still sharpening their teeth on the creators of this version of Han Solo's adventures, it takes a solid 8th place in the 2018 science fiction movie rating.

A young thief Han (not yet Solo) is trying to escape from the barbarian planet where he grew up and was raised by someone unknown, together with his girlfriend and, in combination, the Mother of Dragons from Game of Thrones. In this he is desperately put a spoke in his wheels by local bandyugans, but he manages to elude them in a completely idiotic way, enrolling in a military academy, whose recruiting station, for some reason, was located not in the city, but in the spaceport's landing terminal.

He lost his girlfriend, well, figs with her. He promised to return for her, but never came back. I met her, by the middle of the film, but it turned out to be not the same friend that was before. As it turned out later, she was affected by the pernicious effect of the aura of the dark lord of the Sith - Darth Maul, who it is not clear how survived after he was cut in half by the sword of Quaygon by young Obi Wan Kenobi.

In short, who are interested in the details of what we think about all this, can check outour article on this matter. The rest are invited to proceed further.

9. Bumblebee. 6.89

"The yellow machine that unfolds into a combat robot" is back in a separate sequel in order to lift the veil over how it originally appeared in our world.

Kinushka turned out to be very kind and naive, at once for kids from 6 years old. Those who expected a mess here in the style of serious "Transformers" will be disappointed. We have already seen a huge number of movies in this style. The same cartoon "Steel Giant", the movie "My Favorite Alien" or Spielberg's "Alien", like a bunch of other films, can be considered its kind of "harbingers".

There also something alien falls to the ground, after which everyone is chasing, but due to the help of some lucky and cunning locals, they cannot catch up. But you can still see it once. Especially fans of the Transformers universe.

10. Venom. 6.84


In this interpretation, a symbiotic evil creature named Venom, who flew to earth from distant cosmic distances, was not smeared over Spider-Man, but immediately snapped at a local journalist, who was excellently played by Tom Hardy.

The whole film was perfectly flavored with the dialogues of the Venom suit with its "carrier". Until at the end, Venom's ex-boyfriend wanted to pull him off Tom Hardy. And this, nevertheless, once he very much even succeeded. But, not for long.

The movie is very similar to the funny incident with Jackie Chan in the movie "Tuxedo". He also had an interesting suit there. Although not so gluttonous.

For those who are interested in knowing all the real ins and outs of Venom, you can familiarize yourself with this interesting material. And what we specifically think about the film itself, you can read in our first "Superspoiler".

Let's finish this for now. See you in part two next week, which will be just as interesting. In the meantime, all the best to you, and more superb films and TV series!

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Author: Jake Pinkman