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Twitter is up in arms against USAn-language messages, or new protection against trolls


A new Twitter algorithm has begun to massively identify messages written in Cyrillic as unwanted posts. As a result, user accounts that fall under the category of "USA-speaking trolls" are banned.

Twitter Punishment

The social resource has taken the practice of frequent blocking of personal pages, as well as deleting messages written in the Cyrillic alphabet. The "accused in the case" is the recently emerging Twitter algorithm aimed at limiting the actions of USA-speaking provocateurs. The new technology can perceive ordinary messages that are not even written in USA, but using Cyrillic characters, as political incitement and trolling.

The Twitter administration has made an official comment to explain the current events. The social network has recognized the problem and is taking the necessary measures to eliminate it. However, the service will still take certain actions to protect its own rules and limit the amount of spam.

What you can get banned for

Initially, users of accounts from Bulgaria complained about the massive bans. In this country, the Cyrillic alphabet is used. According to their observations, a message is deleted or an account is blocked if a popular resource is mentioned in a tweet in Cyrillic, for example, YouTube video hosting or adding a video to your blog. The original tweet may not be deleted, but further comments (again, in Cyrillic) will be hidden from the conversation.

The new Twitter algorithm does not "show respect" to the popularity and date of account creation - accounts created 8-9 years ago and having a large number of subscribers can get blocked.

Basically, users who fall under the distribution have the opportunity to quickly resolve the issue with the ban and prove their own innocence by returning access to their account. However, Twitter still hides certain messages in conversations, replacing them with the phrase “tweet unavailable”. After that, account holders are not able to send notifications. If the "victims" of such a kind of shadow blocking write to the support service, they receive a standard answer that there is no problem, because the account itself remains working.

Everything is new now

A few days ago, the Twitter administration announced big changes in the technology for evaluating tweets. Now the messenger will follow the comments more closely and remove more messages that are defined as insults. Tweets from individual accounts, which are most often reported and constantly banned, will be hidden throughout the resource. The service now uses more parameters for evaluating individual messages.

For example, it takes into account how many accounts were created by the author of a tweet, his personal IP-address, whether someone blocked him after posting a comment. Messages identified as suspicious may persist, but will be hidden with a "see more comments" flag. Twitter notes that the updated algorithm was able to reduce the overall number of abuse complaints by almost 10% during testing.

The positive side of the new algorithm is that it does not evaluate the meaning of the tweet's content, that is, there is no possibility of misinterpretation or author's message. The technology also processes messages in all languages. Experts believe that a lack of work is a possible misunderstanding, that is, if the system makes a wrong decision, it will most likely be completely incomprehensible to the user.

The Topic of Article: Twitter is up in arms against USAn-language messages, or new protection against trolls.
Author: Jake Pinkman