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Days Gone - A large collection of fresh details on Sony's new zombie survival game


New Sony exclusive - Days Gone promises not to be another Left 4 Dead clone, but to become a revolutionary game in the setting of a zombie apocalypse. At least such thoughts appear in light of new details about the game, which were published in the American magazine Game Informer. We will cite the most interesting facts about Days Gone, after which it becomes obvious that the project is worth waiting for even for those gamers who are cool about the zombie action genre.

Story and Development

The game will take place in the northern regions of the United States, which has been in ruins for several years after the spread of infection. To combat the infection, the American government created the NERO Corporation, which was responsible for the development of vaccines and preventive work to identify infected (phreakers).

In the game, we will be able to visit several destroyed NERO operating centers, but the developers of Days Gone immediately warn that the main theme of the game is survival in the conditions of the apocalypse, and not the search for a magic vaccine. Also promised several endings and the ability to influence the development of the game's plot.

Days Gone details

The main character will have a comrade named Boozer, from whom you can secretly pick up useful things, such as weapons or items for crafting. If Boozer notices the disappearance of objects, then he will express his claim to the player. Relationship with other survivors is generally one of the main components of Days Gone, and our actions will determine which of them will survive and who will become breakfast for freakers.

According to the plot of the game, you will have to visit 5 human settlements, which will be neutral or hostile to the main character - the biker Deacon. Settlements will be the main source of side and main quests in Days Gone.

Separately, tasks are noted that will take place in flashback format and will tell more about Deacon's personality and what kind of person he was before the outbreak.

Days Gone details

Days Gone has been created by a studio of 100 people for 5 years.

Days Gone Gameplay Details

Days Gone will feature several dozen types of weapons: from pistols to sniper rifles, fragmentation grenades and Molotov cocktails. At the same time, all types of firearms are gradually deteriorating, so it is recommended to take a spare weapon with you. Just do not forget that the game is primarily about survival, so there will be the very minimum of cartridges and they will be mainly in weapon boxes and safes of private houses.

In addition to the main tasks, Deacon will be able to carry out third-party assignments, such as killing the infected, groups of survivors, or hunting game in the forest.

The player will have only one vehicle - a motorcycle, but in Days Gone you can modify the iron horse at your discretion. Numerous improvements change not only the appearance of the motorcycle, but also its technical characteristics. So, for example, you can change tires depending on the weather, improve bike speed or fuel economy.

Days Gone game

SIE Bend Studios strives to create the most hostile and inhospitable world in which danger can lurk around every corner, literally. Survivors set up traps and ambushes, mutant animals in the forest will always be ready to feast on the Deacon, and big cities will become a real hive of the infected.

Flocks of phreakers can be really huge and 500 enemies at a time are still "flowers". In this case, even one hit of the infected will take away a third of the player's health. It is dangerous to head straight into Days Gone, so it is recommended that you first explore the area with binoculars, mark important items, and come up with a plan. You should always pay attention to gas cylinders or cans of fuel, which can be used to destroy the nests of the infected.

Days Gone game

The game is allowed to pump Deacon's characteristics: health, slow-mo mode and stamina reserve. Special vision is also subject to customization, which at the initial stages of the game is used to highlight important objects, and then allows you to detect opponents through walls.

SIE Bend Studios are striving to create a unique project that will be able to noticeably refresh already boring games that touch on the theme of the zombie apocalypse. Days Gone obviously won't be as big as the recent God of War, but the game will surely be a worthy addition to the collection of console exclusives and another reason to buy a PS4. We also recommend that you pay attention to our other article, where we talk about the main reasons to buy a console from SONY in 2018.

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